Stephen's conversation with God

"God, my grandfather always tells me that I must never tell a lie. But You know, God, he has told me many lies."

"What are the lies that he has told you?"

"Number one lie: he told me that You are much older than he is.

"Number two lie: You don’t need eyes to see like us.

"Number three lie: You don’t need ears to hear like us.

"Number four lie: You don’t need a mouth to talk.

"You are right in front of me. I see that You have two eyes, two ears and a mouth like me and also I see that You are very young and beautiful. You are not even as old as my father. How can my grandfather tell me that You are older than he is?"

"My child, you are right. Your grandfather is also right. His knowledge of Me is from the books. Your knowledge of Me is from your seeing Me face to face. Your grandfather takes Me as an idea. You see Me as a real Man, a loving Friend and a living Truth."

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol. 6, No. 3,4,5, Oct. — 27 Dec. 1970, AUM Centre Press, 1970
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