Six months ago I had a wonderful conversation with three Yogi-Friends of mine. I was curious to know what they thought of their disciples. I wanted to know if they were satisfied with their disciples.

My Yogi-Friend A said: “Well, I think that in this life, I have made only one serious, nay, irreparable mistake in accepting disciples. I really don’t know whether I am their master or they are my masters. I am mightily lucky that God has told me that this is my last incarnation."

My Yogi-Friend B said: “Well I don’t and can’t blame God for having such unfortunate disciples. It is I who wanted to have hundreds of disciples. Now each disciple of mine is a real headache, a serious problem and a heavy burden. I thank God that this is absolutely my last incarnation. No more shall I make friends with Mother-Earth.”

My Yogi-Friend C said: “Well, in no way can I blame my disciples. I have not been able to please them. How can I expect them to please me? I wish to come back into the world once again with more peace, more bliss, more light and more power so that I can please them, that is to say, illumine their stark bondage and abysmal ignorance. In this life I must say that I am a most deplorable failure.”

Now, my Yogi-Friends asked me what I thought of my own disciples. I was more than eager to tell my friends what I felt about my disciples, but my Supreme in no time sealed my mouth. Five minutes later on my behalf He said: “He does not have a single disciple. They are all My disciples. Since they are all My disciples, he has nothing to say about My disciples. Let Me tell you about My disciples. In the morning they cry for their realisation. In the afternoon they cry for humanity’s liberation. In the evening they cry for My full manifestation on earth.”

"My Lord, may I have the honour to tell You something on behalf of Your disciples?"

“Yes, you may. But don’t contradict Me, don’t embarrass Me, My son.”

"On behalf of Your disciples, To You, My Lord, I offer gratitude, constant gratitude and eternal gratitude."

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol. 6, No. 7, Feb. 27, 1971, AUM Centre Press, 1971
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/aum_51