The inner freedom1

The outer freedom is to see what we should. The inner freedom is to be what we must. We should see the golden face of Truth. We must be the flowing Life of God’s Vision and the glowing Breath of God’s Reality.

The mother of freedom is light. The father of freedom is truth. The wife of freedom is peace. The son of freedom is courage, The daughter of freedom is faith.

Freedom rings where light shines. Freedom rings when truth sings. Freedom rings if peace expands. Freedom rings because courage demands. Freedom rings hence faith blossoms.

Somebody said: “When there’s more freedom for mankind the women will have it.” This deplorable fact deplorably fails to breathe in the inner world. In the inner world woman and man have equal freedom to cherish the mind’s inspiration, the heart’s aspiration and the soul’s realisation. Furthermore, inspiration is woman. Aspiration is man. And realisation is both man and woman.

We fight for the outer freedom. We cry for the inner freedom. With the outer freedom we see and rule the four corners of the globe. With the inner freedom we see the Soul and become the Goal of the entire universe.

True freedom does not lie in speaking ill of the world, or in speaking ill of an individual or individuals. Again true freedom does not lie in mere appreciation and admiration of the world at large. True freedom lies only in our inseparable oneness with the world’s inner cry and its outer smile. The world’s inner cry is God the Realisation. The world’s outer smile is God the Manifestation.

Freedom is expressive. This is what the body tells me. Freedom is explosive. This is what the vital tells me. Freedom is expensive. This is what the mind tells me. Freedom is illumining. This is what the heart tells me. Freedom is fulfilling. This is what the soul tells me.

My outer freedom is my self-imposed and self-aggrandised obligation. My inner freedom is the birthright of my eternal aspiration and my endless realisation.

Now the paramount question is: whether my inner freedom and my outer freedom can run abreast or not. Certainly they can. Certainly they must. My inner freedom knows what it has and what it is: realisation. My outer freedom must know what it wants and what it needs: transformation.

When the freedom of my life without is soulfully and unreservedly transformed, it immediately becomes the mightiest might and the highest pride of the freedom of my life within.

My outer freedom is my life-boat. My inner freedom is my life-sea. My God is my Pilot supreme. Today I am my journey’s searching and crying soul. Tomorrow I will be my journey’s illumining and fulfilling Goal.

My soul of freedom is my God’s compassionate constant necessity. My goal of freedom is my God’s smiling and dancing transcendental surety everlastingly fulfilled.

AUM 679. This talk was given by Sri Chinmoy at Fairfield University Fairfield, Conn., 8 April 1970.

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol. 6, No. 8, 27 Mar. 1971, AUM Centre Press, 1971
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