Meditation — Self-Transcendence3

Meditation is self-transcendence. Self-transcendence is the message of the Beyond. The message of the Beyond is God the eternally evolving Soul and God the eternally fulfilling Goal.

The animal in man is proud of his self-aggrandisement. The human in man is delighted with his self-awareness. The divine in man is conscious of his self-realisation. The Supreme in man is fulfilled in His self-transcendence.

Material wealth man needs to enjoy a prosperous earthly life. Meditation man needs to live a peaceful heavenly life. Revelation man needs to live as a divine hero, to guide and serve and serve and guide as a divine hero. Heaven does not want a weakling. Earth does not need a weakling. Life is not an empty talk. Life is not the breath of illusion. Life is the action of aspiration. Aspiration is the action of man’s inner Pilot. Let us fight the battle of life within. Let us wake up consciously and devotedly to the reality of our world. Ours shall be the victory without. Forget we must not. Never. We are of God the Infinite and we are for God the Eternal.

Meditation means the evolution of the body and the soul. The body’s ultimate evolution is transformation and perfection. The soul’s ultimate evolution is the highest illumination and complete manifestation.

He who meditates consciously dedicates his life to God. He who dedicates his life to mankind soulfully meditates on the real God. His are the eyes that see heaven on earth. In him are triumphantly blended divinity and humanity.

Temptation and Meditation. Temptation, this is what an unaspiring man precisely knows. Meditation, this is what an aspiring man constantly is. An unaspiring man must needs descend in the scale of life and feel the very breath of ignorance. An aspiring man eternally ascends in the scale of life and lives in the very heart of God.

We have hundreds of secrets. But meditation has only one. “Competence is achievement.” Competence and achievement are the smiles of God’s unconditional Grace.

Sri Krishna meditated. He became God, the Love Divine. The Buddha meditated. He became God, the Light Divine. The Christ meditated. He became God, the Compassion Divine. Now God wants you to meditate. He wants you to become God, the Life Divine.

AUM 683. This talk was given by Sri Chinmoy at the Dag Hammarskjold Hall, the United Nations Secretariat Building, New York City, on 12 February 1971

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol. 6, No. 8, 27 Mar. 1971, AUM Centre Press, 1971
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