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Midnight. The sky was overcast with clouds. It was raining in torrents. I do not know why and what for a sweet surge of bliss entered my heart and awakened me from my sleep. I got up. After a while I began to look hither and thither. I found nobody and was unable to know from whom the sweet bliss had come. So with a heavy heart I was going to have my sleep again. All of a sudden someone in me cried aloud, saying, “Look to the sky, my dear, just have a look to the sky.” I looked to the sky. It was raining no more. No cloud was seen in the sky. The eternally pure face of the moon was shining brightly.

Soon I felt my bird of consciousness was dancing merrily in the bosom of the Moon. Thither I found a sweet and flower-like hand calling me with great love. Soon dancing with infinite joy my heart began to fly up to the blue sky from where my friend was beckoning me.

On the way only once I looked down on the earth. There I saw some earthly beings calling me with great affection and requesting me not to go to my Goal. While on the other hand some were saying, “Our loving friend, proceed on, onward. Hearken, our beloved is calling you.” I responded to the ardent wish of the latter.

I reached my Goal. The flower-like hand commanded me to go into the depth of my heart and see his whole creation. With what a joy I saw his entire creation in me. Soon the Hand touched my head lightly and transformed me into light, love and beauty.

AUM 934. 1 June 1949

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol. 8, No. 5, December 1972, AUM Centre Press, 1972
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/aum_73