Grace and compassion

We turn to the Lord for Grace; He looks to us for our sincerity.

A feeble prayer brings down God's omnipotent Grace. Such is the magnanimity of God's Compassion.

To a sincere heart, God's Grace is swifter than a weaver's shuttle. To an insincere heart, it is slower than laziness itself.

God may be unkindness to those who think, but He is All-Kindness to those who feel.

Blunders to commit is human obscurity. Blunders to forget is Divine blessing.

Although man frequently loses faith in God, He never loses His patience. For He knows well that His Grace is destined to save mankind from the tentacles of its own misery.

Our tears to God are our greatest strength to bring down His adamantine protection.

If one wants to be illumined by one word from the lips of God, then that word is Compassion.

Although we are accountable to God for all our conscious and unconscious actions, God, being the Father, finds no better way of dealing with us than to accept benignly our never-ending errors.

We may not see God personally. But if we can realise the relation between His Grace and His Power, it is as good as seeing Him.

God showers blessings on us from above. We offer our surrendered helplessness to Him from below.

God's Grace and God's Justice have been rivals right from the birth of creation. But it goes without saying that His Justice can never keep pace with His Grace.

Aspirant! If evil has an access to the mid-ocean and to the sky, God's all-pervading Compassion has a freer and more embracing access to these places.

Impelled by His strongest Compassion, God takes the feeblest man into His Omnipotence.

The world is partly conscious and partly unconscious of Nature's blessing. Nature is the conscious and direct blessing of God.

Easy is it for a man to say that God has become ruthless to him. Blessed would be he who could say that God has never been unwise.

In season and out of season we crack venomous jokes. And God simply smiles. But if ever God cracks a joke — and needless to say, He does so with a set purpose and with the most benevolent intention — we immediately shed bitter tears or become violently angry.

If we think of God's Justice before we think of His Compassion, our hearts will be mistaken. His Justice wants man to be fully exposed, but His Compassion wants to drop a veil over man's follies and misdeeds.

The universe is not vast enough for God's Grace to be buried. Hence It can never disappear.

Our enemy is anger. Anger's enemy is patience. Patience too has an enemy called ignorance. To be sure, eyeless ignorance also has an enemy, although unbelievable. What is it? God's Grace.

The purification of nature by personal effort is to cross over the Sea of Ignorance by a raft. The purification of nature by Grace is to cross over that Sea by an ocean-liner.

God's descending Grace and man's ascending delight are part and parcel of Earth's evolving consciousness.

God's Compassion is that which comes to all, being fully beyond the touch of human wickedness. God's Grace is nothing less than a universal panacea for all human ills.

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol. 1, No.10, 27 May 1966, Boro Park Printers -- Brooklyn, N. Y, 1966
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