AUM — Vol.II-3, No. 8, 27 August 1976

Liberty Torch Run completed

Liberty Torch Run completed

On Saturday, 14 August, the Liberty Torch Runners arrived at the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C., completing their historic 8,800-mile Bicentennial Relay Run. In a ceremony at the foot of the Monument the runners were honoured by Mr. Casey Conrad, the Presidents Advisor on Physical Fitness.

Sri Chinmoy, who also gave a brief speech at the ceremony, was given a letter of commendation from the White House and a Certificate of Appreciation from the President's Council on Physical Fitness for his role in inspiring and supporting the runners in their effort.

The speeches of Mr, Conrad and Sri Chinmoy and reproductions of the letter and certificate appear below.

Mr. Casey Conrad: We have a special award to make to Sri Chinmoy, Director of the United Nation Meditation Group. Sri Chinmoy, will you come forward, please. From the White House, Captain James Lovell, Consultant to the President on Physical Fitness and Sports, has given this Commendation to Sri Chinmoy. (Mr. Conrad read out the letter which appears on the next page.) That’s the message from Captain James Lovell, and it’s accompanied by a Certificate of Appreciation to Sri Chinmoy from the President’s Council on Physical Fitness “in recognition of services which have advanced the causes of dynamic health, physical fitness and sports participation.” It’s a great pleasure. Thank you, sir.

Commendation to Sri Chinmoy




It is a pleasure for me to cite you, Sri Chinmoy, for the inspiration and support you have given to the Liberty Torch Bicentennial Runners. This effort to re-emphasize the strong moral and physical qualities of the founders of our great country is a most noteworthy contribution to Bicentennial activities. The physical fitness of these runners serves as a good example and as good motivation for other citizens. Thanks to you, Sri Chinmoy, for an essential role in giving direction and leadership to the group and this contribution of the national physical fitness program.

Captain James A. Lovell, USN (Ret.)

Consultant to the President on Physical Fitness and Sports August 14, 1976


Certificate of Appreciation


Certificate of Appreciation

presented to


in recognition of services which have

advanced the causes of dynamic health,

physical fitness and sports participation.

James A. Lovell


Mr. Casey Conrad




Sri Chinmoy: I wish to offer my deepest gratitude to you, Mr. Conrad, and also to the White House. What I have done is next to nothing. This inspiration came from Above, and I just executed it with utmost reverence and devotion to the Soul of America.

Today 33 loving student-friends of mine have achieved something unprecedented. This achievement of theirs will forever and forever shine in the history of the freedom-loving world. These immortal runners have run 9,000 miles around the clock, and have passed through all the 50 states. It has taken them 50 days and 50 nights, but it has given them an experience which can only be felt and never be adequately expressed.

On the outer plane they have achieved a great victory. But today’s achievement is not only the achievement of 33 American runners. It is not only the achievement of America’s body, vital, mind, heart and soul. It is the achievement of each and every human being on earth. On the inner plane these runners have covered the length and breadth of the entire universe on the strength of their self-giving oneness with the Soul of America.

Most beautiful is the Soul of America. Most powerful is the Heart of America. May America’s eternal Soul-beauty bless these pioneer-runners of tomorrow’s Golden Dawn. May America’s infinite Heart-power guide these runners and pilot their life-boats to the ever-illumining and ever-fulfilling Shore of the Beyond. Finally, I wish to say that our Lord, the Beloved Supreme, is extremely proud of America’s Liberty Torch and the Liberty Torch Runners.

[Mr. Casey Conrad presents Sri Chinmoy with the Commendation from Captain James A. Lovell.]

— photo by Lelihan

Rather than end the run in Washington, D.C. as originally planned, the runners decided to continue on to New York City, where the run began. There, on Monday, 16 August, they were honoured by a parade through the busy Wall Street area and a ceremony on the steps of Federal Hall. Speakers at the ceremony were New York City Mayor Abraham Beame, Mr. Bernard Jackson, Special Assistant to Governor Hugh Carey, Police Chief Carl Ravens of Manhattan South Area and Sri Chinmoy. A military Colour Guard was present and the veterans of Foreign Wars Grand National Championship High School Band, from Milwaukee, played several pieces.

Following are transcriptions of the speeches that were delivered on the steps of Federal Hall.

Sri Chinmoy: America, the world salutes the beauty of your Soul. America, the world salutes the power of your Heart. O great and good Liberty Torch Runners, you are teaching the world how to appreciate, admire and adore the perennial Spirit of independence-light. You are telling the entire world that the true love of one’s dear country and God’s supreme Satisfaction-Smile are eternally one and inseparable.

(Sri Chinmoy then meditated for a few minutes, hands folded on his heart.)

Jeff Kamen (M.C.): Ladies and gentlemen, for the official greeting of the Liberty Torch Runners, Mayor Abraham Beame.

Mayor Beame: Thank you very much, Jeff. Sri Chinmoy, Chief Ravens, Mr. Jackson, David Gershon, and the wonderful team: aren’t they great? (Applause from the crowd.) It’s really a great privilege for me to welcome the Liberty Torch Runners back to New York City. This is a year in which it seems as though everybody is running for something. But the race run by these 33 fine young men was something unique and quite spectacular. They’ve run 9,000 miles non-stop through all 50 states, and they did it in 47 days and at their own expense.

They did it as a way of celebrating our country’s 200 years of expanding freedom. They wanted to show how America’s spiritual values have been rekindled. And by carrying a flaming Liberty Torch wherever they ran, they brought a message of confidence and faith in ourselves to every one of our 50 states. As Mayor of the City of New York I am proud of the fact that this super-marathon began here in Battery Park in sight of our Statue of Liberty; I am proud of the fact that most of the runners are New Yorkers; and I am proud of their nationwide achievement.

These New Yorkers took a message to every State in the Union and the District of Columbia, namely, that the residents of this city can determine their goals and accomplish them, that they deeply love this great country of ours and that they share the aspirations of people in every part of America. Day after day and night after night headlines in local newspapers and broadcasts on local radio and television stations paid tribute for more than a month and a half to the stamina, will and friendliness of the Liberty Torch Runners. In truth, this was a super Bicentennial event.

Mr. Gershon, New York is proud of you and of all your teammates. And now it is my great pleasure to read a proclamation which makes this day Liberty Torch Day in the city of New York. (Mayor Beame read the proclamation which appears on the following page.)

Jeff Kamen: Governor Carey had planned on coming today, but one emergency or another has caused him not to be able to come. So today we get to meet somebody new and terrific, Bernard Jackson, Governor Carey’s personal assistant on urban affairs. He’s got a special presentation to make to the Liberty Torch Runners from the Governor.

Mr. Bernard Jackson: Chief Ravens, Mayor Beame, Sri Chinmoy and Mr. Gershon: Mr. Gershon, on behalf of the Governor I will read these very brief remarks and make this presentation to you.

“The Liberty Torch will burn forever in the thoughts and dreams of the nation. The young men who carried it 9,000 miles have left a path of light in the hearts of all Americans. I greet you.” Signed, “Hugh Carey, Governor of the State of New York.” Thank you.

Jeff Kamen: One of the finest of New York’s Finest is with us here today: Deputy Chief of Police, Carl Ravens, in whose district you are right now — - Manhattan’s South Area. Let’s give a nice hand to Chief Ravens, a fine cop.

Chief Ravens: Thank you. Mayor Beame, Sri Chinmoy and Mr. Jackson: the flaming Liberty Torch and its runners have been preceded and followed by the flashing lights of police cars wherever they ran in the 50 states. The police were there, I believe, not only to ensure safety but also to show their oneness with the ideals expressed by this most ambitious athletic event of the Bicentennial. Police officers know the value of teamwork and the challenges of dedicated action. The Liberty Torch Runners have achieved both, and I salute them. Thank you.

Jeff Kamen: One of the Mayor’s friends has just sent us a note. We don’t usually read out notes from friends, not at public events, but take a listen anyway.

“Although my schedule does not permit my attendance today, I am delighted to have this opportunity to share this great event with you. The spirit of the Liberty Torch Runners is the same spirit that has carried this Nation for 200 years.” Signed, “Jimmy Carter.”


Office of the Mayor















The Liberty Torch Runners make their way through the huge crowd near Federal Hall.

— photo by Sarama

Mayor Beame and Nilaya holding the official Proclamation read by the Mayor.

— photo by Lelihan

From left: Jeff Kamen, Master of Ceremonies, David Gershon (Nilaya), Captain of the Liberty Torch Runners, Bernard Jackson, Mayor Beame, Chief Ravens and Sri Chinmoy.

—photo by Lelihan

The life of discipline

The life of discipline

Here we are all seekers. We are all members of the United Nations Meditation Group. As seekers, we have to know that it is our discipline — physical, vital, mental and psychic — that can bring about considerable improvement and progress at the United Nations.

How do we discipline ourselves? It is through discipline in the world within and in the world without. It is only through discipline that we can climb up to the highest, ever-transcending Reality. He who has not disciplined himself is a real failure in the inner and outer world. He who has true discipline is a great hope, a great success and a great promise, as well as God’s perfect instrument.

Discipline is at once self-observation and self-examination. In the outer life what we need is self-observation; in the inner life what we need is self-examination.

When we examine ourselves in the inner life, we have to be extremely sincere and careful. We have to know that there is a goal, although that goal is right now a far cry. But there is a goal, and we will reach that goal without fail. We have all started on our journey, but at times we forget the goal or we feel that we have reached the goal or that we are the goal. We want to relax; we want to sing and dance. But this is a mistake, for the goal is still a far cry for us as individuals and for us as members of the nations which make up the United Nations. If we have a goal, we should strive for that goal. Then, once we have reached the goal, we should strive for a higher goal, for the highest, ever-transcending Goal.

When we observe ourselves in the outer life, we have to observe ourselves as we are, not as we appear to be or want to be. We have to see ourselves as we truly are, even if we only see ourselves as we truly are on the surface level. Always we have to be alert so we do not try to add anything to our life or take away anything that we are. Here, our sincerity helps considerably. Sometimes when we are observing ourselves — our physical, vital, mental and psychic — we want to be something which we are not. We want to add something to our life. At that time, we do not hesitate to adopt foul means. We want to achieve our goal by hook or by crook. But when we adopt foul means, we go away from the path of Truth and Reality and we enter into the path of destruction.

Again, sometimes we try to make ourselves seem less than we are. We feel that if we do not expose or reveal ourselves, our achievements, to the outer world on the physical, vital and mental plane, we will be safe. When we are truly bad, we want to hide; we do not want to expose ourselves. We think the world will ridicule us, humiliate us and look down on us. And when we have something good and divine within us, we also try to hide for fear that it might be stolen by others. We act like a miser and we want to claim our good qualities, encouraging qualities, only for ourselves. At that time truth is not revealed; truth is not to be found in our lives. Bad qualities, discouraging qualities, we do not want to show to others; and good qualities we also want to hide.

But once we know how to examine and observe ourselves, we come to realise that we can get satisfaction in our lives only by transforming our bad qualities into good qualities, and by bringing our good qualities to the fore. And how do we do this? Through discipline. If we bring our bad qualities to the fore for illumination, then, if the world criticises us, at that time we will work harder, with more determination to perfect these qualities. If we bring to the fore our present imperfections and undivine qualities, world criticism will help us to acquire determination. And if we bring to the fore our good qualities, we will make the fastest progress.

One way to make progress is through constant aspiration and dedication; another way is to bring to the fore all our good qualities. For we have to remember that the Source of all our good qualities is God. God is our All; He has given us what He has and what He is. Because God has created us, He is more than willing to grant us capacity, vision and light. Then, if we share these good qualities with others, according to our capacity and willingness, our good qualities will increase. If we have good qualities in infinite measure and we share these with others, our heart expands right in front of us. Any good quality that we give in good faith is bound to increase because that good quality has a Source, which is God, the Author of all good.

Discipline is nourishment. Without nourishment we cannot fulfil God or ourselves; without nourishment we die. But we have to know that there are different kinds of nourishment.

Physical nourishment we know; every day we eat. Vital nourishment is when we spread our arms and say, “This is my home, my country, my world, my universe." This is how we enjoy our vital nourishment.

Mental nourishment is what we get when we read books or teach or learn from others. Mental nourishment is in the thought world. We get thought waves from others and give thought waves to others through our writings, paintings, songs and in many other ways.

Psychic nourishment is in the heart. Psychic nourishment does not mean reciprocal giving, in which we give to others and expect something back. It is not like taking a loan from the bank and then putting it back. In psychic nourishment we just give, and when our giving is pure, it becomes unconditional. In the beginning we just try to sacrifice ourselves. The mother makes sacrifices for her son, but in her heart of hearts, she has the expectation that when the son becomes great she will share in his greatness; she will get credit for it. But then she becomes spiritual and says, “Just because I am blessed with a child, I will do everything for him unconditionally.” She feels that in the course of time it is up to him to take care of his mother or to forget her. The mother has played her role in the son’s formative years and whether or not she gets something in return is up to him. So in psychic nourishment, we only give; and gradually it becomes unconditional.

When physical nourishment, vital nourishment, mental nourishment and psychic nourishment have played their role, there is still something called God-nourishment. That nourishment is conscious, constant and unconditional surrender to God’s Will. When we can make that kind of surrender, we nourish God and God nourishes us; we feed God in God’s own way and, while we are feeding God in God’s own way, we feel true satisfaction. True, God can feed us in our own way. But it is not until we please God is His own way that the real in us, the divine in us, can achieve satisfaction. So when we please God we please ourselves.

Here we are all seekers. We all can become perfect instruments of God and we all can discipline ourselves inwardly and outwardly. For inner discipline what we need is a constant inner cry; for outer discipline what we need is a constant soulful smile. The combination can make us perfect instruments of the Transcendental Truth, the Highest Reality, the Absolute Supreme.

6 July 1976

United Nations

The significance of a flower

On Saturday, 21 August, Sri Chinmoy conducted a 7-hour public meditation at All Angels Church in Manhattan. At the beginning of the second session he gave a flower to each disciple and seeker present, and during much of the remaining time everyone meditated on the flower according to Sri Chinmoy’s spoken instructions.

Following are the words he spoke on that day about the significance of a flower.

As we all know, the flower signifies beauty. Beauty is simplicity. Beauty is sincerity. Beauty is humility. Beauty is purity. Beauty is divinity.

Simplicity is the soul, and the soul is the direct representative of God. Now for a few minutes let us feel that we do not have a body, a vital, a mind or even a heart. What we have now and what we are is the soul alone, the direct representative of God. Please try to feel that you have become the soul. Do not give any form to this idea. Just repeat in silence, “soul, soul, soul,” and feel that you have become a conscious and direct representative of God.

Sincerity. We all know what sincerity is. On the physical plane, vital plane and mental plane, telling the truth is the highest form of sincerity. It is an action in the outer world. In the inner world, sincerity is seeing the Truth through God’s Eye, feeling the Truth through God’s Heart, growing into the Truth of God’s transcendental Vision and universal Reality. This is inner sincerity. Now let us feel that we have grown into inner sincerity and that we are seeing everything through God’s Vision, feeling everything through God’s Heart and growing into God’s transcendental Vision and universal Reality. Let us become inner sincerity.

Humility. There are many roads that lead to God-realisation, to the ultimate Truth, but the path of humility is the short-cut. We started on the road of our desire-life. That is the longest road. Then we became half spiritual — half desire and half aspiration. This road is not as long as the road of desire alone. The next road is the road of aspiration only. That road is a very short one, and humility will shorten it still more.

In the inner world, humility always reminds us of what we were previously, of what we are now and of what we are going to become. It was by virtue of our humility that we accepted the spiritual life. Humility has the eagerness to complete the game.

Each individual has two existences or two realities: the higher and the lower. The lower cherishes a sense of separateness, whereas the higher feels that without the lower it is incomplete. But it is the lower that has to grow into the higher. When we want to grow into the higher reality, we immediately see how far away we are. But if we are really humble in the inner world, then we make immediate progress. Then, when we dive deep within, we see how far we were six months ago and how much nearer we now are to divinity. We also see how different we are from our friends of the past. We are not criticising them, but we see that our friends have not cultivated the inner cry to grow into divinity, into a higher consciousness.

It is humility that cultivates within us the eagerness to know and to grow into higher realities. Everything is within us. But just because we are humble, the higher realities get the opportunity to fulfil themselves through us. The moment we lose our humility, we feel that we have nothing worth showing, that we have nothing that can be of any use to God. Let us meditate on our sincere inner humility for a few minutes.

Purity. In a broad sense, physical purity is cleanliness, vital purity is an open heart and mental purity is the absence of undivine and unhealthy thoughts. Inner purity is our gratitude-heart. If we really want to know what purity is, our gratitude-heart can tell us what it is. In the inner world, gratitude is the only purity. It is through gratitude, constant gratitude to the Supreme in us, that we expand our consciousness and come to know our higher vision and reality. If we can sow a seed of gratitude which will germinate and grow into a tiny plant and then into a banyan tree, then under this huge banyan tree in our gratitude-hearts thousands of seekers will be able to take shelter and grow into divinity.

Our gratitude-heart is the pioneer-seeker. It is the path-finder and the God-server. For a few minutes let us feel that what we are and eternally will become is nothing but a gratitude-heart.

Finally, the flower signifies divinity. What is divinity? It is the Supreme form of art. It is the Supreme art within each individual, created for God’s sake. Unless and until we have discovered this truth, we shall not be able to become inseparably one with God. If we do not become one with God’s Will constantly and incessantly, then the animal and the human in us may forgive us, and God Himself will undoubtedly forgive us, but the evolving divinity within us will not forgive us. Our own soul inside us will not forgive us. Our inner mounting flame, our utmost sincere cry, will not forgive us. It cannot forgive us, for to it, forgiveness is nothing short of siding with ignorance.

The animal in us and the human in us are very clever. They do not consciously, soulfully or constantly care for divinity. At times they become one with divinity, but at other times they want to preserve the sense of separativity. But the evolving divinity within us will never find any satisfaction unless and until we can become inseparably one with God’s Will, and because of this the evolving divinity is very, very strict.

God is all Compassion; therefore, He forgives us. The animal and the human in us are clever. They can forgive us because they are not constantly crying for divinity. They say, “You tried and you failed. It is a difficult task, so whatever you can do is enough. Whatever divinity you have attained is more than enough for us.” But the evolving divinity in us is very strict with our spiritual life or inner life, which is our real existence. Our soul will not forgive us when we don’t consciously and incessantly obey God’s Will, because it knows that each human incarnation is the golden opportunity to manifest God in and through the physical, vital and mental consciousness. These are subordinate realities. The soul is the most important.

The vital, the mind and the body are the younger members of the family. The soul is the eldest member, and God has asked it to take care of the younger members of the family. It is the soul’s bounden duty to take care of the members of the family, but they do not listen to it. When they do not listen to the soul, the soul cannot manifest its divinity, and it has to come into the world-arena again and again to manifest God's Will.

The soul cannot forgive the little members of the family when they do not listen to it because the soul has a task to accomplish for God. If the soul allows its family to be careless, then the soul will not be able to fulfil God’s Vision on earth. God, out of His infinite Bounty and because He deals with Eternity, will forgive us. He will forgive the body, vital and mind. But the soul knows that at each second it misses an opportunity. Then it feels that God-manifestation is a far cry and the road, instead of becoming shorter, is lengthening itself. Therefore, the evolving soul within us, the inner divinity in us, is always strict with us. It knows that each second the little members take the side of truth and light, a new world of higher truth, brighter divinity and more illumining Immortality dawns on earth.

To all seekers I wish to say that the spiritual life is the life of the soul. We have to become consciously one with our soul. Why? Because it is only when we feel our oneness with the soul that true satisfaction can dawn in our lives. We can never be truly satisfied with our own outer satisfaction. True satisfaction is to be one with the soul. We can only be permanently happy with God’s Satisfaction in God’s own Way. God is our own highest Reality. The more we listen to the soul within us, the more we grow into the Highest within us. And only then can we be eternally satisfied.

Now let us meditate on divinity, our own highest inner divinity.

Birthday ceremony

Sri Chinmoy Day in Queens

On the morning of 27 August, Sri Chinmoy's birthday, a ceremony presided over by Councilman Morton Povman marked the official proclamation of “Sri Chinmoy Day” by Queens Borough President Donald R. Manes, “in recognition of the teachings, leadership and contributions of Sri Chinmoy.” In addition, Sri Chinmoy received a letter of official appreciation from Mayor Beame for his many dedicated offerings to the city.

The proclamation and letter appear oh the following pages.

Councilman Povman: It is with a feeling of great joy and deep humility that I am with you today to celebrate the 45th birthday of Sri Chinmoy. I believe very strongly in what Sri Chinmoy stands for. He offers the people of the world a great understanding and insight into things which we have not really dedicated ourselves to: namely, a greater feeling in each of us for our God, a greater feeling in each of us for the world about us, a greater feeling in each of us for one another and a greater feeling for what we are to ourselves. Sri Chinmoy is a great teacher, a poet, an artist. He offers to the entire world a greater hope of what this world can aspire to.

I have been following his career for the last four or five years. I have attended some meditation sessions and some of his events that have taken place, and I feel that he has done a yeoman’s service on behalf of mankind, particularly right here in Jamaica. This area, which was once decaying, is now a place of birth, a place of joy, a place of happiness. If we can take the experience of Jamaica and spread it throughout Queens, the city of New York, the state, the country and the world, we could change the entire world.

On this very auspicious occasion, I bring to you a Proclamation that is signed by your Borough President, Donald R. Manes. (Councilman Povman read the Proclamation which appears on the following page.)


Borough of Queens

City of New York




WHEREAS, Sri Chinmoy of Jamaica is a renowned spiritual leader, poet, artist, musician and lecturer; and

WHEREAS, Sri Chinmoy has travelled and lectured extensively throughout the world and is Director of the United Nations Meditation Group; and

WHEREAS, Sri Chinmoy has been a leader in many beneficial community efforts and was instrumental in organizing the Liberty Torch program to help celebrate our Nation's Bicentennial; and

WHEREAS, August 27th is the birthday of Sri Chinmoy and he will be honored on this day,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD R, MANES, President of the Borough of Queens, the City of New York, do hereby proclaim

Friday, August 27, 1976


in Queens in recognition of the teachings, leadership and contributions of Sri Chinmoy.

Done at Borough Hall, Kew Gardens, in the City of New York, on this the twenty-seventh day of August, in the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-six.





Sri Chinmoy: Dear Mr. Povman, dear friend, dear seeker, dear spiritual brother, in you I have found for the last few years a true friend who has been trying in various ways to help us to make our philosophy clearer not only to the Queens community but to the whole world. Therefore, my student friends and I shall remain eternally grateful to you. In this world everything good must needs increase. In our case, our best quality is our soulful gratitude. Our soulful gratitude will increase every day, and this gratitude-heart of ours we will offer to you, dear Councilman Povman. I also wish to offer my most sincere gratitude to Borough President Manes. It was extremely kind of him to grant us this signal honour.

We are all in two worlds: a large world and a small world, larger than the largest and smaller than the smallest. Both worlds are of paramount importance. A child’s world is his parents, his little family, his intimate friends. When this child grows up, his world becomes very big. He embraces the entire humanity as his own. God Himself is both finite and infinite. He enjoys His infinite Delight when the child grows up and claims the entire world as his very own. A few minutes ago I told Mr. Povman that I am not a teacher; I am a member of a spiritual family. God alone is the Teacher, and we are all His sweet student-children. We love one another, and our love for one another pleases God most. This love itself is the supreme Teaching that we have learned from our Eternal Father.

Here we are gathered together for one cause, and that is service, to serve God. Many seekers have come here from all over the world; therefore, I can safely and easily say that the world is vast, very vast. But again, when we stand here at this soulful, aspiring, illumining and fulfilling place, we see that although Jamaica, Queens is a tiny place, it is in no way inferior to the vast world. Each child’s little home is to him sweeter than the sweetest. Similarly, our little home — Jamaica, Queens — is sweeter than the sweetest to us, for here we are growing soulfully, divinely and lovingly. Little sweet Jamaica is our home. Here our sweetness will grow, our love will glow, our service and dedication will flow constantly.

I am extremely grateful to all the seekers who are here to celebrate my birthday, but to be very frank with you, it is not my birthday, it is the celebration of oneness that we are observing. Many hearts have become one. Many souls have become one. Many aspiring earthly existences have become one. So what we are having is not the celebration of an individual birthday but the celebration of a oneness-heart.

Every day I offer my constant gratitude to my Beloved Supreme, for He has chosen me, out of His infinite Bounty, to be of service to the seekers who are present here and to all of humanity. Today, since it is a most auspicious occasion for me and for all those who love me, I wish to offer my most special, most soulful and eternally increasing gratitude to the Supreme, for quite recently He has chosen me as His humble instrument to inspire the Liberty Torch runners and the runners of Canada’s Oneness-Heart. Liberty Torch and Canada’s Oneness-Heart shall eternally be a most outstanding achievement in our life of aspiration and dedication. To the Soul of America and to the Soul of Canada I offer my soulful gratitude for having given me the opportunity to be of service to my sweet and loving children. Two brothers, America and Canada, have both welcomed me. I stand in between and I become one with them. Then I become the hyphen, the connecting link between two brothers. Finally, I become the third brother. Canada’s “Oneness-Heart” and America’s “Liberty Torch” have blessed me, a blessing that I shall try to deserve every day on the strength of my prayerful meditation.

To each member of the Jamaica community, to each member of the world community, I wish to offer two gifts: one is my ever-undying gratitude, one is my ever-aspiring dedicated service. These are two gifts I wish to offer to the residents of Queens, and to the world body. I have been given the golden opportunity to serve at the United Nations where the comity of nations meet together, where the little world and the big world have become one. Because of His infinite Compassion, the Supreme, the Author of all Good, has given me the opportunity to serve Him there. Each member nation also deserves my special gratitude for the opportunity it has granted me to be of service.

As I began with prayerful service, even so I wish to conclude with the same prayerful service. That service is my gratitude-heart. What I have done is nothing; what I will do is nothing. But you claim me as your very own, and that is more than enough, infinitely more than enough for me. Your oneness-heart with me is everything. We shall grow in our oneness-heart; we shall glow in our oneness-heart. My body, vital, mind, heart and soul bow to Queens. My body, vital, mind, heart and soul bow to each member of our world-family. Finally, I bow to the Source, the Absolute Supreme, for what He has done for us and what He will do in and through us. His Vision we are; His Manifestation we are. What we need is a life of satisfaction, which can be found only in our gratitude-heart.

Councilman Povman: Sri Chinmoy, at this time I have the honour of presenting to you personally the Proclamation which I read to your followers here today. And I just wish to add this: that each of us is born anew on our birthday, and that we look forward to having many, many rebirths of Sri Chinmoy in the future so that we may once again next year and each year thereafter renew our own spirits, our own hearts and our own dedication on each of these rebirths.

Sri Chinmoy: I am all gratitude to you today. Today is not only my birthday but also the day of my infinite gratitude for your heart's magnanimity.


The City of New York

Office of the Mayor

New York, N.Y. 10007

August 27, 1976

Mr. Sri Chinmoy


United Nations Meditation Group

United Nations Secretariat Building

New York, N.Y. 10017

Dear Mr. Chinmoy:

It gives me great joy to extend the official appreciation of the people of the City of New York to you on this, your 45th birthday.

During the 12 years you have been a resident of our City, you have selflessly offered hundreds of public meditations — attended by thousands of New Yorkers of every age, race and religion —- conducted dozens of free concerts and opened your art gallery to the people, and never have you charged a fee.

I enjoyed meeting you at the official city welcome home for the Liberty Torch Runners and look forward to seeing you again as each of us continues to do our very best to serve the needs of New Yorkers.

With best wishes to you on your Bicentennial year birthday,


Abraham D. Beame



Councilman Morton Povman presents the Proclamation to Sri Chinmoy.

— photo by Sarama

Questions and answers

The following questions were asked at the New Jersey Centre on 13 July 1976.

_Question:_ How far away is my constant aspiration?

Sri Chinmoy: Your constant aspiration is the distance between your doubting mind and your all-giving and all-loving heart. If that distance can be covered, you will get constant aspiration.

_Question:_ What are the violations of the Cosmic Law?

Sri Chinmoy: Everything that is unprogressive, everything that stands in the way of harmony and peace, is a violation of the Cosmic Law.

_Question:_ What is the highest offering that I can give to you?

Sri Chinmoy: Your highest offering is constant gratitude to the Inner Pilot.

_Question:_ How can I embody both true humility and divine self-confidence?

Sri Chinmoy: There is no difference between true humility and divine self-confidence. What is true humility? True humility is the constant awareness of what the highest part is and what the lowest part is.

_Question:_ Although I am all light, why is there darkness?

Sri Chinmoy: Your inner being is all light, but your outer self is all darkness, just as a house may be beautiful inside while the outside is not at all beautiful. You have to bring your inner light to the fore to illumine your outer darkness. Your inner light is the soul, the true self.

_Question:_ What will inspire me not to love sleep?

Sri Chinmoy: Constant awareness of the highest divinity will always inspire you not to indulge in unnecessary sleep. You get joy from sleep, but you will get greater joy from the highest awareness. We all hanker after happiness. If something gives us more happiness, then we will pursue it.

_Question:_ How can I make faster spiritual progress?

Sri Chinmoy: Just love the spiritual life more than you love inner and outer sleep.

_Question:_ Why is my husband undergoing this terrible suffering at this time?

Sri Chinmoy: Your husband is undergoing this terrible suffering because of an attack of the undivine forces and also because of his own unaspiring past.

_Question:_ How can I remain vigilant over my thoughts?

Sri Chinmoy: You can remain vigilant over your thoughts by exercising your will power, your adamantine and indomitable will power. When you exercise your will power, your thoughts will be transformed, illumined and perfected.

_Question:_ Why have I never felt part of humanity?

Sri Chinmoy: If you do not feel that you are a part of humanity, then your heart is not large enough. Each heart must become magnanimous. If it does not expand, it will not feel a part of humanity.

_Question:_ How can I patiently await God's chosen Hour?

Sri Chinmoy: In order to wait for God’s chosen Hour you have to feel that God is thinking of you more than you are thinking of Him. But instead, your mind turns to other things. You become jealous, insecure or frightened, and when you get time to think, you think of yourself, or you think of others with all your jealousy, envy and hatred. At that time God is not your God but someone else’s, and it is your friends or enemies who claim all your attention. That is why patience does not enter into your life.

_Question:_ How can I invoke spiritual power to radically transform my life?

Sri Chinmoy: You can invoke spiritual power by invoking peace in your mind, joy in your heart and purity in your body.

_Question:_ How can I overcome the feeling of repression and understand true freedom?

Sri Chinmoy: True freedom is not an isolated or independent thing. True freedom is oneness with the Infinite; it cannot be something separated from others. God is both universal and individual, both unity and multiplicity. Just because we do not feel oneness with others, we do not have true freedom.

_Question:_ How can I sing the "Invocation" more soulfully and sincerely?

Sri Chinmoy: You can sing the “Invocation” more soulfully and sincerely by feeling the significance of each word as you sing it.

_Question:_ How can we distinguish between the different inner voices?

Sri Chinmoy: You can distinguish between the different inner voices only when you become spiritually great. You have to be a spiritual expert, a Yogi of the highest order.

_Question:_ Will humanity ever fully accept the Light of the Supreme?

Sri Chinmoy: Definitely, humanity is bound to accept the Light of the Supreme. And when humanity is consciously aspiring, then the Light of the Supreme will manifest here on earth.

_Question:_ Why do I have trouble coming to the meditation on Tuesday night?

Sri Chinmoy: You have trouble coming to the meditation on Tuesday nights because you feel that there are more inspiring things at home than in the meditation hall. You like to play and do things that give you joy. So also try to feel joy here. If you try to get more joy from meditation, then you will have no trouble about not wanting to come here.

_Question:_ How can I become receptive to God's Love and Compassion?

Sri Chinmoy: You can become more receptive to God’s Love and Compassion if you can feel your eyes inside your heart and your heart inside your eyes. If you look in your heart, what you see is not humanity but the Heart of the Supreme. When you try to feed humanity, try to feed it with your cosmic vision, your all-seeing eye. Then you will see God’s Love and Compassion.

_Question:_ How can I more soulfully give and accept help from the disciples?

Sri Chinmoy: If you can think that the disciples are your own arms, your own legs, and part and parcel of your own reality, you will not have any problems. If the right hand offers the left hand a gift, the left hand gladly takes the gift. It does not feel that it is beneath its dignity, because they are one. When you can see others as part of your own existence, this will be easy for you.

_Question:_ Does God love ignorance if He loves everything?

Sri Chinmoy: God does love ignorance, because He loves you. If God loves you, then He is bound to love ignorance. What we call ignorance is not totally dark in God’s Eye. It will someday grow into God’s all-illumining and all-fulfilling Light. For us, seeing ignorance is like standing in front of a mirror. When we look in a mirror, we see only the outside of things. But God can easily see the inner existence as well. For Him the inner existence and the outer existence go together.

_Question:_ Why has God not revealed and manifested Himself before humanity?

Sri Chinmoy: God has revealed and manifested Himself through great spiritual Masters and through each individual, but we are blind. God is right in front of us all the time, but we are not aware of it.

_Question:_ How can I overcome fear of other people?

Sri Chinmoy: You can overcome fear of other people the moment you think that other people are not other people but extensions of your own existence. In your life you pay attention not only to your eyes, but also to your nose and other parts of your being. But in this case you give importance only to your personal existence, and don’t feel that other people are part and parcel of your existence. The moment you cherish a feeling of separativity, then you are afraid.

_Question:_ How can we tell when we are sincerely aspiring and when we are just exploiting your compassion?

Sri Chinmoy: If you are sincerely aspiring, you will never expect anything from God, even in your imagination, because your sincere aspiration will tell you that God loves you infinitely more than you can understand, and that God, out of His infinite Love and Compassion, has already provided you with everything. If you go deep within, you will see that God has already done everything for you. (continued next issue)

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol.II-3, No. 8, 27 August 1976, Vishma Press, 1976
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