AUM — Vol.II-4, No. 6, 27 June 1977


Eternity's Beyond Within

— photo by Bhaswar

A seeker is a singer1

A seeker is a singer. Unlike other singers, he sings only two songs. These two songs are his song of self-giving beauty and his song of God-becoming duty. His heart’s soulful cry is his self-giving Divinity-song. His life’s fruitful smile is his God-becoming Immortality-song.

When a seeker says to the Supreme, “O Beloved Lord, I am for You only,” he sings his song of self-giving. When he says to the Supreme, “O my Beloved Lord, You are my ever-transcending vision’s height and my ever-increasing reality’s depth,” he sings his song of God-becoming.

When a seeker says to the Supreme that his life is constant dedication to the eternal Source, he sings his song of self-giving. When he says to the Supreme that he is devotedly and unreservedly one with his Infinity’s Goal, he sings his song of God-becoming.

The seeker’s inner resolution is his song of self-giving. The seeker’s inner revolution is his song of God-becoming. Inner resolution is an art. Slowly, steadily and unerringly the seeker learns the art of divine love, divine devotion and divine surrender. Inner revolution is also an art. Slowly, steadily and unerringly the seeker learns the art of realisation, revelation and manifestation.

The inner resolution is nothing short of inspiration in action. The inner revolution is nothing but aspiration in action. Inspiration is a bird. This bird carries the seeker on its wings to show the seeker the Face of his Beloved Supreme. Aspiration is a ladder. The seeker climbs up this ladder and reaches the ultimate Height. There he becomes one with Infinity’s Height and Immortality’s Life. God is supremely pleased with him. God descends on the same ladder. He comes down and makes the seeker His faithful, devoted and unconditional instrument.

God offers Himself here on earth completely, and His devoted seeker-singer sings with Him soulfully and unconditionally. While singing the song with his Beloved Supreme, the seeker increases his realisation-power, realisation-peace, realisation-light and realisation-delight. While singing the song with the seeker-singer, the Beloved Supreme manifests His Divinity, His Immortality and His Oneness-Reality here on earth devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally.

Trinity Church, Boston, Massachusetts, 21 June 1977

No more the desire-life2

No more the desire-life, no more. The lure of yesterday’s desire-life has sunk into meaningless insignificance today. Aspiration, the real reality of the seeker in me, begins to triumph today. Aspiration, my heart’s inner cry, is hastening the arrival of my Beloved Supreme. From now on I shall always remain devoted to my life within. No difficulty, no sorrow, no worry, no anxiety will be able to assail me. I shall not fall. I shall not stumble. Onward I shall march. Mine will be the life of an eternal journey, the journey that has neither beginning nor end. It is an ever-transcending journey, the journey that beckons humanity’s cry and divinity’s Smile. From now on my body shall sing and sing, my vital shall smile and smile, my mind shall fly and fly, my heart shall dive and dive, my soul shall spread and spread.

The teeming troubles and tribulations of the past are no more. Now at every moment unceasing opportunities are looming large. I am in front of an unhorizoned reality. I shall avail myself of all these opportunities. From now on my life of surrender to God’s Will will be my infallible guide. My life of devotion to my Beloved Supreme will be the supreme feast to satisfy my hunger of millennia.

My selfless love of God shall transform the dwarf-seeker in me into a giant spiritual figure. I shall become a devoted, faithful, soulful, unreserved and unconditional instrument of my Beloved Supreme. To manifest Him in His own way my soul-bird flew down into the earth-arena. I have become one with my soul’s promise. My soul’s promise and my life of love, devotion and surrender will fulfil our Beloved Supreme throughout the length and breadth of the world.

Cape Cod Community College, Hyannis, Massachusetts, 18 June 1977


I like, I love, I adore


I like

The unbarred flow of the mind.

I love

The soulful glow of the heart.

I adore

The fruitful Blow of my Beloved Supreme. ```

Surrender-song and satisfaction-dance


Deep down in my human heart

I sing the song of surrender.

High above my divine soul

God dances the Dance of Satisfaction. ```

Swing the pendulum


Swing the desire-pendulum


You will see your inconscience-night.

Swing the aspiration-pendulum


You will see your God-discovery-day.


Open your pure heart


Do you want to see

The face of hell?

Then do one thing:

Open your sure eyes.

Do you want to see

The soul of Heaven?

Then do one thing:

Open your pure heart. ```

I pledge myself


I pledge myself

To the service

Of man’s aspiration-poverty.

I pledge myself

To the service

Of God’s Compassion-Infinity.


Two visions


The desire-life

Sees all around

A night of fathomless darkness.

The aspiration-life

Sees within and without

A star-vast hope and promise.



A father's oneness-heart

An elderly gentleman named Ramesh went out early one winter morning to get some fresh air. It was extremely cold. When Gokul, a friend of his, happened to see him, he said, “Ramesh, what are you doing? You are not wearing winter clothes! You are wearing spring clothes! You will suffer badly from this cold! Why are you acting like a fool?”

Ramesh thanked Gokul and said, “Yes, you are right, you are right. I am going home.”

He returned home and said to his son, who was a businessman and had amassed vast wealth, “Son, I went out this morning, but my friend Gokul asked me why I was wearing spring clothes in winter, why I was acting like a fool.”

The son said, “He was right, Father. Let me go and get you some warm winter clothes.”

“Wait,” said Ramesh. “You know that thousands of people who live right around our house are so poor that they cannot afford to have warm clothes and shoes. My heart will not permit me to wear winter clothes and shoes unless I see them also warmly clothed.

The son said, “Father, I know you have a big heart, and since I am your son, I shall without fail fulfil your desire.”

Ramesh blessed his son, saying, “I am so proud of you.”

The son went out and, in a few hours’ time, brought home winter clothes and shoes for 25,000 people. He said to Ramesh, “Father, I don’t think you will need more, but if you do, I will give them to you.”

Then Ramesh said to his son, “Son, now you have to invite all the poor Brahmins, since I am a Brahmin.”

But his son asked, “Why only Brahmins?”

Ramesh said, “You are right; I should not discriminate. It should be first come, first served.”

Soon thousands of people belonging to different castes started pouring in, about 25,000 people in all. They were delighted and, at the same time, extremely grateful to receive this unexpected gift.

Ramesh blessed his son from the very depth of his heart, and the son said to him, “I am so proud that I have a father who could be so kind to the poor.” Father and son mutually appreciated each other like anything. Finally the son said to his father, “Now that I have fulfilled your desire, Father, will you now take your own winter clothes and shoes?”

Ramesh said, “My foolish son, am I not wearing winter clothes and shoes through these 25,000 people? Why do I need one extra? Do they not represent me, and do I not represent them? I do not need winter clothes or shoes. In their happiness is my happiness. In their comfort is my comfort. I assure you, I will not fall sick, for my oneness-heart with them will definitely keep my body warm."

His son shed profuse tears of gratitude and pride that he was blessed with such a divine father.

The Core of India's Light

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The breath of life

In the spiritual life the breath of life is purity, and what does purity do? It expands the finite, and sets it in tune with the Infinite.



The demon

The worst possible demon is within us and not without us. The name of this demon is suspicion-night. This demon ruthlessly strangles us, kills us and destroys us.




If we want to escape from the body’s prison and become part and parcel of the bodiless reality, then what we need is a constant friendship with the soul’s divinity-beauty.



Beyond the reach of the senses

As long as you are within the reach of the senses, you will try and cry. Once you are beyond the reach of the senses, you will fly and fly. But how can you be beyond the reach of the senses? You can be beyond the reach of the senses the moment you declare that your senses are for God to use, and not for you to use.




Self-giving is the matchless soul-force. This soul-force awakens the dormant human in us, liberates the bound divine in us and fulfils the unfulfilled God in us.



Self-vision in everything and everyone

Perfect perfection does not remain a far cry when we cultivate self-vision in everything and everyone.

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To-morrow's dawn

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Oneness-satisfaction is a zoom lens which we can focus at our sweet will.


A world-laughing mouth should always be replaced by a world-loving heart.


God’s Will means divine Perfection on earth. God’s Will means supreme Satisfaction in Heaven.


Aspiration-cry prepares. Wisdom-smile waits.


Eternity’s cry I was. Infinity’s smile I shall be.


There is another world, but my constant frustration and I are perfect strangers to that world.


In life we belong to Infinity’s Sound. In death we belong to Eternity’s Silence.


The heart of illumination is bound to guide when the mind of confusion seeks its light.


A oneness-heart is not the end. It is only the beginning of an ever-transcending and ever-fulfilling life.


I adore my transcendental Vision. I love my universal Reality.


My heart tells me to dream.

My mind tells me to plan.

My soul tells me to proceed. [To be continued in next issue]

Long Island Spectrum

[Continued from previous issue] The following interview was broadcast 21 May 1977 over WBAB-FM on "Long Island Spectrum."

Long Island Spectrum

Joel Martin: Sri Chinmoy, can you sing something for us?

(Sri Chinmoy sings Tumi je amar devata eka)

Sri Chinmoy:


O Lord Supreme, I do not know who You are,

And what You are,

But I do know that You are my eternally

Beloved Supreme.


Joel Martin: That is very restful and very beautiful. The music that you were accompanying yourself with as you sang was from a small hand organ, a harmonium. And the music, is it Indian?

Sri Chinmoy: It is a Bengali song written in my mother tongue.

Joel Martin: This will be a good place to talk about the relationship between music and meditation. I know you love music and have composed many songs. What is the relationship between music and meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: Music is a universal language. Meditation also is a universal language. They are good friends; they are intimate friends. One does not have to learn a particular language in order to understand music. Music is something that we feel. Now you are speaking English and I am speaking English. But if I had not known English and you had not known Bengali, then it would have been impossible for us to communicate. But when we meditate, no matter which country we come from, we establish an inner connection. And music also serves the same purpose. Soulful music and meditation are two brothers. They serve the same purpose. Music helps meditation.

Joel Martin: When you were playing your esraj earlier, were you meditating at the same time, Guru?

Sri Chinmoy: I was meditating. I have to say that I was in a very high state of consciousness, but not in my highest. I was in a very deep, meditative consciousness while I was playing. I was playing and, at the same time, I was praying and meditating. These two things I do when I sing and play. I try to communicate with my Beloved Supreme and offer Him what I have and what I am.

Joel Martin: Well, when you play that music as a spiritual Master, a Guru, your music is therefore spiritual. But if I did not know you were a Guru, how would I know if your music were spiritual?

Sri Chinmoy: We all have a heart. You have a heart, I have a heart. Spirituality means softness, sweetness, kindness, sympathy and, finally, the feeling of oneness. If anybody plays or sings a spiritual song, there will be something inside the heart that is bound to feel an inner connection with the music proper. The individual does not have to see the singer or the musician. But the music immediately establishes a kind of friendship with the person because the heart has already received; it has already become receptive to the music. So you don’t have to know what the music represents, as long as you can become one with the essence of the music. You don’t have to know which language it belongs to, no. If you can establish oneness with the music, then you will derive immense joy, light and delight from it.

Joel Martin: In other words, can we come in contact with the Supreme Being through music?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly.

Joel Martin: How do you feel when you play the music?

Sri Chinmoy: When I play the music, I personally feel an inner adoration for my Beloved Supreme. I become like a flower. A flower is meant for worship. This flower we place at the Feet of our Master, the Supreme. I feel that I have become an object of devotion, a flower. The petals are fully blossomed and now they are ready to be placed at the Feet of the Lord Supreme.

Joel Martin: We talked before about knowing if someone’s music is spiritual. But if I wanted to, how would I make my music spiritual or help create a more spiritual kind of music?

Sri Chinmoy: If we enter into a new place, a new home, and we see something totally new, then we try to bring that very thing into our system. If we pray and practise meditation, then our whole nature will become spiritual. If we did not pray and meditate, then our consciousness would have been totally different. Spirituality is something that we can practise. Meditation is something that we can practise. If we practise meditation soulfully, and if we become part and parcel of this soulful meditation, then naturally we are bound to be helped in our outer life, whether we are becoming a musician or something else.

The inner life has to accept spirituality first. Then the outer life will become an expression of the inner life. So if we pray and meditate and become spiritual, and then start playing, then naturally we shall express the things that we have received from our prayer and meditation. Before we play, if we can meditate for even two or three minutes and acquire an iota of peace or bliss, then this peace and bliss will definitely enter into our music, into our instrument, into our voice. Then our music will automatically become spiritual and divine.

Joel Martin: When we think about music, of course, we think about sound. And when you think about meditation, you think about that inner world of peace, of silence. Is there any conflict between music and silence?

Sri Chinmoy: There is no conflict at all, for our Creator Himself is at one with silence and sound. He is the Possessor of cosmic Silence and cosmic Sound. Within is His Silence; without is His Sound. In the beginning, He was all Silence. He was His own transcendental Silence. At that time He was one. Then, He wanted to become many, so He transformed Himself into the universal sound. Previously, before the creation, He was the transcendental Silence. Once He created the universe, He became the universal sound. There can be no conflict between the Creator and the creation. The creation is the sound and the Creator within us is the Silence.

Joel Martin: Sri Chinmoy, as well as a musician and a songwriter, I know that you are a prolific writer and poet. How are you able to create so many thousands of poems?

Sri Chinmoy: I myself am the first person to doubt this achievement. If I say that I create, then it will be a mistake; it will be a falsehood. But if I say that I become an instrument of my Inner Pilot, this is absolutely true. I am just executing the Will of my Lord Supreme by becoming a humble instrument of His. He executes His Will in and through me. At that time there is no such thing as impossibility. Of course, I pray to Him and meditate on Him. But it is not I who create. It is He who creates in and through me and, on the strength of my own receptivity, I offer His creation to the world at large. But the creation that we see is actually done by the Lord Supreme within me. I am not the creator; I am just a mere instrument of His.

Joel Martin: I notice that when I ask a question, you look at me and your eyes are open. Yet when you answer a question, your eyes are closed, as if you are, well, in meditation, or in a restful state. Is there some reason for that?

Sri Chinmoy: Thank you, thank you. This is a most interesting question. I do not actually close my eyes totally. I keep them half-closed and half-open. I try to communicate with two worlds at once. When you ask me a question, first I dive deep within in order to get the answer immediately. But again, I have to live here on earth; I have to communicate with you on the physical plane; therefore, I keep my eyes a little open. I must have a free access to both worlds — the inner world and the outer world. When you ask me a question, immediately I dive deep within to get the answer, and when I give the answer, I keep my eyes just a little open. This is the way I operate. In my case, this is the easiest and, at the same time, the most effective way to answer soulfully and adequately the questions that are asked.

Joel Martin: You are a man of the world. You have been to many countries, you have met the leaders of great religions. I know you have met Pope Paul VI. With your practise of love and meditation and your belief in God, how do you feel when someone asks you a question that is unpleasant or even impolite? Do you become angry?

Sri Chinmoy: No, I do not become angry; only I feel sorry for that individual. About a month ago I was on the radio and people called in questions on the telephone. From the telephone I got quite a few nasty questions. I told those individuals that I fully sympathise with their feelings, but only I feel sorry that they have not yet seen the light within themselves. If they had seen the light or if they had felt something inside their hearts, then they would not have asked unpleasant questions like: “Why did you leave India? India is so poverty-stricken, and here you have come to become a multimillionaire.” These kinds of questions they ask. So I tell them that there is no such thing for me as India and America. For me there is only one place, one country, one creation. Today my Lord Supreme has brought me to the West, to America. Tomorrow, if He asks me to go back to India, I will do that. For me, there is only oneness-heart, and in oneness-heart there is no such thing as America and India.

Then they ask me, “How much money have you made here?” So I tell them to enquire with the Marine Midland Bank.

Joel Martin: Well, as a matter of fact, I happen to know that you live in Jamaica, Queens, and as almost everyone listening to us knows, Jamaica is hardly a community of affluence or wealth. Why have you, in fact, picked such a modest neighbourhood to live in?

Sri Chinmoy: Again I have to tell you with utmost sincerity that it is not my choice. I have my Inner Pilot. My Inner Pilot took me to Jamaica, Queens. Again, there was a time when my Inner Pilot sent me to live in Brooklyn. I always abide by His supreme Will. Wherever He wants me to go, I will go faithfully, devotedly and soulfully.

Joel Martin: Forgive me, Sri Chinmoy, I am from Brooklyn, and my Inner Pilot directed me out of Brooklyn some time ago, hopefully not to go back, but for other reasons.

Sri Chinmoy: So, we are sailing in the same boat.

Joel Martin: I suppose. But you are happy living in Queens, in New York City, and you are not a man of great material wealth, but a man of spiritual wealth.

Sri Chinmoy: Yes. And I don’t want to become a man of outer wealth. I didn’t come to America to become a rich man. I came to America to be of service to the seekers here. If one seeker sees something in me, feels something in me, then I am more than rewarded.

Joel Martin: Yes, I understand that. Much of what you say about how God directed you to come to the United States in 1964 makes me think perhaps of someone who is psychic, or someone who is a seer. And in one of your books you talk a great deal about the psychic world. Are you, Guru, a psychic or a seer?

Sri Chinmoy: Here I have to be very frank with you. I have realised God. Now, many will not believe it. But even if nobody believes it, I shall not suffer. I am not a psychic, I am not a seer. God, out of His infinite Bounty, has made me far superior to the psychics and the so-called seers. He has made me a Yogi. A Yogi is one who has established conscious, constant and inseparable oneness with the Inner Pilot. I have a free access to my Inner Pilot, consciously and constantly. This is what I am.

Joel Martin: There are many people who believe in ESP and mental telepathy and similar things. Do you believe in some of these things?

Sri Chinmoy: I do believe, but at the same time I do not encourage my students to indulge in these kinds of things, for they take the sincere seeker away from Truth. If the seeker is at all sincere, then he will depend only on his own inner cry. These other things only fascinate us and arouse our curiosity. Out of curiosity we want to see many things, but God-realisation is not a matter of curiosity; it is a matter of sincere inspiration, dedication and surrender to God’s Will. Many people waste time indulging in this kind of psychic phenomenon. But I tell my students only to pray and meditate and reach the Highest. If you have a goal, then reach the goal. Do not stop along the way. If you are on a road that has beautiful trees and flowers, if you start appreciating the trees and the flowers and sitting at the foot of each tree, then you will never reach your destination. These psychic phenomena will fascinate you and, at the same time, puzzle you; whereas if you are earnest and sincere, you will run fast, faster, fastest, towards your goal.

Joel Martin: How many of us can strive to become as disciplined as you are in your spiritual life? Is that a realistic goal for disciples?

Sri Chinmoy: Spirituality is not the sole monopoly of any individual. God is our Father. We are His children. If we are sincere, then He is bound to grant us inner Peace, inner Love and inner Joy in boundless measure. If I say that only I am entitled to reach the Highest, and that you are not entitled to reach the Highest, that will be the height of my stupidity. If you have a sincere cry — which you have — and if you utilise this sincere cry, then like a flame mounting high, higher, highest, eventually you also will reach the Highest.

Joel Martin: Because you are an artist, because you have your paintings on exhibit in a gallery in Manhattan, I want to ask you a question about art. Are there different forms or planes of art — higher forms of art?

Sri Chinmoy: Just as there are many planes of consciousness, so in the artistic world also there are many worlds. On the strength of our inner inspiration and aspiration, we enter into these worlds. If you have deeper inspiration, then naturally you will enter into a higher plane, a higher artistic world.

Joel Martin: How many paintings do you do a day? Is that okay to ask, or it doesn’t work that way?

Sri Chinmoy: It does not work in that way. Only when I am inspired, I do it. Recently I have not done any; I am paying attention to music. Otherwise, sometimes I have done a few thousand in a day. On one particular day last year, I did over 16,000 in 24 hours.

Joel Martin: I am so curious as to what inspired you on that day. What did you feel like when that happened?

Sri Chinmoy: I became an instrument. As I told you before, there is no such thing as impossibility when the Supreme guides the seeker. It is He who painted in and through me, and according to my inner receptivity, I tried to offer my dedication to the world.

Joel Martin: But admittedly, there are days when you are not as creative as other days?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, yes, it is absolutely true. It is because I don’t get the inner inspiration and, at the same time, I have quite a few responsibilities. I have to think of my spiritual students.

Joel Martin: Can meditation be used to increase creativity? I know that a number of your disciples are people who work in the creative arts. I have met several.

Sri Chinmoy: Meditation definitely helps the seeker-artist to increase his creativity.

Joel Martin: What about healing? Do you have the power to heal?

Sri Chinmoy: I do have the power of healing, but in my case I do not heal people the way a healer does. I leave it up to the Will of God. If it is God’s Will, if God wants me to be of service to a sick person, then I do help that person spiritually and occultly. But not the way a healer does.

Joel Martin: What about reincarnation and death? How do you view the ultimate passing from this plane?

Sri Chinmoy: I do believe in reincarnation. This is absolutely true. The soul cannot complete its task, which is God-manifestation, in one incarnation. It is like an individual who has promised the world at large that he will do something very great. In order to achieve that greatness or offer that greatness to mankind, it takes a long time. In one incarnation the soul cannot complete its promise, fulfil its promise to God. So reincarnation is absolutely necessary.

Joel Martin: I understand about reincarnation and this earthly world, but what happens to your disciples when you leave this earth?

Sri Chinmoy: If they are sincere and devoted, then they will not have any difficulty, for they know that I have an inner connection with them. I have the capacity to guide them inwardly. Right now I have students, disciples, all over the world. They only see me on the physical plane once or twice a year. But they have an inner connection with me. So they can easily maintain the same inner connection when I leave the body. There are many spiritual Masters who have left the body, but their disciples are still living on earth. They do communicate. How do they communicate? On the strength of their concern. The Masters have concern and the disciples have aspiration. If the disciples maintain their inner aspiration, and if the Masters maintain their concern for the disciples, then naturally they will feel each other’s presence.

Joel Martin: Do you ever meet with other spiritual Masters?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, I do meet them quite often. They are my friends. They are my most intimate friends.

Joel Martin: And they are here in this country?

Sri Chinmoy: They are everywhere. In the inner world they do come to me and they do help me, because they know that I am doing the same thing that they are doing.

Joel Martin: What about the phenomenon of karma? Will what we do on this plane somehow be reflected when we come back in another incarnation?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly. We often say, “tit for tat,” or “as we sow, so we reap.” If an individual has done quite a few undivine things, then he has to pay the penalty. But again, there is something called Grace, divine Grace. Divine Grace can easily nullify the misdeeds of an individual. A child has done something wrong and he is to be punished. But then his father will come to his rescue. So the divine Grace serves the purpose of the father. If the father wants to protect the son, he can.

Joel Martin: You might also understand the relationship of children and parents in this country. You know, of course, that many young people have become involved with drugs, and with some other problems. And is meditation perhaps the answer for them also?

Sri Chinmoy: Meditation is the only answer. Meditation is the only answer for the children to go back to their parents and for the parents to come back to their children. If both parents and children meditate, then once more they will be able to create a happy family.

Joel Martin: What is your opinion about some of the commercialisation of meditation? For example, I am sure you have heard of a movement called Transcendental Meditation. How do you feel about that?

Sri Chinmoy: Transcendental Meditation is like a different room. I know what I have in my room. You know what you have in your room. But how am I going to say what you have in your room, when I don’t live in your room? My room is love, devotion and surrender. I am entitled to tell only what I have in my room. If I say something about your room also, then it will be a mistake. So I am not entitled to say anything about Transcendental Meditation. But about the commercialisation of meditation I can say this: If money-power could buy God-realisation, then there would be millions of God-realised people on earth. All rich people on earth could have realised God by virtue of their wealth. If material wealth could conquer the spirit within us, then there would be many, many people who would by this time have realised God. But this is absurd. Commercialism and money-power are not the answer. The heart-power, the inner cry, is the only answer.

Joel Martin: We are just about out of time. Do you believe we will ever reach that goal we are striving for?

Sri Chinmoy: Definitely we shall reach the goal, for the One who has created the Goal is also with us and within us. It is He who is at the Goal and, at the same time, He is with us in our inner journey. He is inside us to guide us and lead us to our destination.

Joel Martin: We talk a lot on this station about the proper diet, and what people should eat for proper health. You meditate for several hours a day? Is that correct?

Sri Chinmoy: Many, many hours a day.

Joel Martin: What about your diet?

Sri Chinmoy: I am a strict vegetarian. We have to know why we are strict vegetarians. If we eat meat, then we become restless and aggressive. Animals have restless and aggressive qualities, and if we eat meat, we take in these qualities. But if we eat vegetables, then we take in the mildness and softness of the Mother Earth. Restlessness and aggression are the worst things in our spiritual life.

Joel Martin: I feel more comfortable with you now and I feel as if I could ask you some questions right now that perhaps at the very beginning of our time I would not. Do you, Guru, feel perhaps that our relationship is somehow different because I am not a disciple?

Sri Chinmoy: No, no, not in the least.

Joel Martin: Because I feel very comfortable with you.

Sri Chinmoy: I am also quite comfortable. There are some times when I have great difficulty with some of the interviewers. But in your case, you have been extremely, extremely kind; therefore, I am offering you my heart of love and gratitude. I didn’t have any difficulty in answering your questions. You don’t have to become my disciple. As long as an individual has a pure heart, and a divine concern and sympathy, I share immediate rapport with him. In your case, while I have been talking with you, I have felt perfectly at home.

Joel Martin: Well, thank you. That is a wonderful compliment. I accept it in the spirit in which it is given. In the few moments that remain I would love it if you would be able to sing a little more or play a little more on the esraj.

I genuinely enjoyed this hour, and I have asked everything I wanted to ask. But if I haven’t asked you anything the way other interviewers have asked, it is because deep inside I don’t feel I have to. You have answered all the questions to my satisfaction. And if a man is a man of love and peace, why probe to find out what is not right? We have become too cynical these days. We always look to ask questions to see if the person who says he is of love and peace is really telling the truth. We have become too cynical perhaps.

Sri Chinmoy: In your case it is different. In your case, you have shown me your heart of sympathy and oneness. Cynicism is totally out of the question.

Joel Martin: Well, I thank you again. And now, the music of the esraj by Sri Chinmoy.

(Sri Chinmoy played on the esraj)

Questions and answers

The following questions were asked at the New York Sri Chinmoy Centre on 6 February 1977.

_Question:_ What three qualities are most needed for survival on our spiritual path?

Sri Chinmoy: Most people want to know how to run the fastest, and you want to know how to survive. All right. There is only one quality that we all need. Three qualities are redundant. Only one quality can solve all your problems — everybody’s problems — and that quality is called gratitude-heart. Just think what you were before you accepted our path, and what you have become. Immediately you will see the difference between night and day. Again, you will see that the day can also become bright, brighter, brightest. Now it is dawn. Soon there will be proper morning. Then there will be the brilliant noon. The earthly day is followed by night, but the inner day does not have any night. There is only the infinite effulgence of ever-increasing Light. After the inner dawn comes the inner day. When dawn is over, you enter into the eternal, infinite Day that is filled with infinite Light and Delight.

You are so happy when you think of what you were and what you have now become. Now you are entering into the eternal Day. Think of what you are going to become. What you have already become you know, and that is satisfying to you. When you look around, you see that your old friends are still wallowing in the sea of ignorance. You have already become something; therefore you are grateful. Now you can say that you want to become something else. So God has given you something to become constantly, and that is your gratitude-heart. He brought you into this world from the soul’s world, and He has given you the opportunity to manifest Him. There are still countless souls in the soul’s region, but He has brought you and given you the golden opportunity to serve Him and manifest Him. You can easily offer Him your gratitude-heart for what He has already done for you, for it is not by virtue of your own will that you entered into the spiritual life.

Every day count the petals of your gratitude-heart. Every day open another petal. If you want to name the petals, they are simplicity, sincerity, purity, humility and so on. Constantly offer your heart of gratitude. That is the only quality that will help everyone solve their problems. And they will not only solve their problems but also run the fastest. Gratitude embodies all the divine qualities in God’s creation. If we are grateful, it is enough. When a child offers a smile to his parents, it is his gratitude-heart coming to the fore. Sometimes when adults smile at a spiritual Master, they may not know what the actual reason is for the smile, but I wish to say that it is their gratitude-heart. Yesterday Casey’s mother came to the meeting. I was smiling at her and all of a sudden she smiled back. Casey asked her, “What do you feel?” She said, “I don’t know. I just smiled.” Actually, all of a sudden her soul came to the fore and offered its qualities, but she did not know it. She thought it was just a smile. I smiled at her, so she smiled at me.

You do not need three qualities to survive; you need only one quality to survive and to run the fastest, and that is a gratitude-heart.

_Question:_ You have told us that the planet Saturn has a powerful relationship with us. Is there also a relationship between us and other planets, or are they just beautiful manifestations of the Supreme's multiplicity?

Sri Chinmoy: Very good question. Now, not only Saturn has a connection with us. Other planets also have a connection. Somebody can be more influenced by one planet than another, but each individual has some connection with the planets. Some souls are very powerful or very receptive or very fortunate, and the Supreme is extremely affectionate to those particular souls, so planets become more friendly with those souls. It is like pleasing the manager of a factory. If the manager is pleased with someone, then the subordinates all try to be kind, nice and pleasing to that person because the boss likes him. So if the Supreme Boss is pleased, all the planets make it a point to be kind and affectionate, and to offer their good qualities to the individual soul.

Ordinary people will be afraid of Saturn because Saturn is renunciation. Ordinary householders invoke Saturn so that he will not come to them. They pray to Saturn: “Please do us a favour. Don't come near us.” But when a spiritual person invokes Saturn, he says, “Please come and give me the message of renunciation. I don't want to wallow in the pleasures of ignorance any longer. I want only God. I am wearing millions of ignorance-garments. Please take them away.” At that time Saturn is a great help to the sincere seeker. That is the traditional Indian way. We renounce the things that are not essential to our spiritual life, that are of no use to us in realising God. At that time we invoke Saturn to take away the things that give us no help, such as earthly desires. But people who want to fulfil their earthly desires ask Saturn not to come to them.

Each soul is connected with some planet. Each planet has some influence on the soul, but it cannot be the same for each person. Sometimes it is very little, sometimes very much. But when the seeker becomes spiritually advanced, on the verge of God-realisation, he or she can easily enter into the planet worlds. But some seekers are fortunate because the Absolute Supreme is fond of them. So the planets give them everything in order to make the Absolute Supreme happy. Again, some seekers want to become highly advanced. At that time all the planets may come to help them.

_Question:_ What causes clothing to be uncomfortable? Sometimes I can't stand the feel of clothing against my skin.

Sri Chinmoy: Your clothing may have accepted wrong vibrations from the house or from the atmosphere. Even while you are driving inside your car, it may happen that somebody else throws their wrong vibrations at you. Clothing has a magnetic way of receiving vibrations. You are quite comfortable but something or someone undivine passes by and his atmosphere, his vibration, enters into your coat or sari or anything that you wear. When wrong vibrations enter into your clothing from anybody undivine, those forces will try to attack you. Again, if you are in a wrong consciousness, your clothing may be an outer manifestation of the wrong forces. Or it may happen that others are attacking you, or wrong forces inside you are trying to attack you. The last obstacle for these forces is your clothes. Then you find your clothes uncomfortable. If someone else is attacking you with wrong forces, then clothing is protection for you. The clothing becomes an obstruction to the forces trying to enter into you from the outside. For them it is an obstruction, and for you it is protection. Your clothes take the first attack. So when the first attack comes, you please try to be conscious. Then let all your inner purity come forward and permeate the length and breadth of your clothes. Then this problem will be solved.

_Question:_ Is it possible to be in your consciousness but not be conscious or aware that we are in your consciousness? If so, is it better to be consciously in your consciousness?

Sri Chinmoy: If you are unconsciously staying inside my consciousness, something is better than nothing. But if you are consciously staying in my consciousness, it is infinitely better, more meaningful and more fruitful. If you remain unconsciously inside me, in my heart and in my boat while I am taking you to the Golden Shore, a problem may arise. When you reach the Shore, you will first deny the Shore. How many storms the boat has weathered while coming to the destination, how much obstruction there has been, you will not know because you have not kept your eyes wide open. If you had been conscious of the difficulty, you would know how to value the destination properly.

Another thing is that, if you have watched the pilot, then you will know many, many things. In a thousand years or ten thousand years, each seeker, each disciple, will eventually have to do the same thing, according to his capacity. If you are not an ocean liner, you will have to become a small boat to carry others to the Golden Shore. If you are not conscious while I am carrying you, then you will not know how I cope with the water, with storms and with inclement weather.

It is always better to be consciously aware. If you are in the boat, that boat will eventually take you to the Shore, but you will not know how to come back to take others. Always, at every moment, be consciously aware of my presence inside your heart. Either I am inside your heart or you are inside my heart. Then you will make the fastest progress, and this progress will constantly help you, me, the Supreme and the entire universe. If you can become conscious of my presence inside your heart and your presence inside my heart, then you will be pleasing the Supreme in His own Way, which is absolutely the best way.

_Question:_ Several times during each broadcast I consciously offer my gratitude to you. Is there any other or additional thought or prayer I should do during the very brief time just before the broadcast or during commercials?

Sri Chinmoy: This is an excellent thing. When you offer gratitude to me, try to feel that that gratitude is a world. Your gratitude is tinier than the tiniest, like an ant. But you will try to increase that gratitude into a huge elephant. If you feel that the gratitude-power which you are offering to me is very tiny, absolutely negligible, your feeling is the essence of humility or modesty. But you have to try to grow and expand it. You have to increase your capacity from the tiny ant to the elephant. Then you will be happy. When your gratitude becomes an elephant, try to have other qualities also. Once it is very huge, vast and strong, inside that powerful elephant try to have all the divine qualities: simplicity, sincerity, purity, humility and so forth. At that time feel that you have all these things inside you. Feel the necessity of making your gratitude quality big. Then, when you feel that your gratitude has become an elephant, try to see all the divine qualities that you have inside it. All the divine qualities are inside your gratitude-heart. Then you are bound to feel that you are growing into an exemplary instrument of the Supreme. This is how to bring forward all the good qualities that you have. First a tiny ant; next moment a huge elephant. Then you can maintain the highest and best consciousness all the time you are on the air.


They love your compassion heart


They love your compassion-heart.

You love their blossoming soul.

They love your God manifesting role.

You love their God-realising goal.


Swapan tari


/Swapan tari swapan tari/

/Kothai tumi thako/

/Alor desher kripa tapan/

/Kothai tumi rakho/

/Swapan tari swapan majhi/

/Amar hiya nadi/

/Dake toder mukta paran/

/Dake nirabadhi/

O my dream-boat, O my dream-boat,

Where do you abide?

Where do you keep the compassion-sun

Of the world of light?

O my dream-boat, O my dream boat-man,

The river of my heart

And my liberation-life

Ceaselessly and unconditionally call you.


From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol.II-4, No. 6, 27 June 1977, Vishma Press, 1977
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