AUM — Vol. 4, No. 1, 27 August 1968

Guru's birthday message to his disciples —- 27 August 1968

O Sweetest Children of the Supreme: Today you declare my body's birth. And my Soul asks me to tell you that it observes your birthdays, heavenly and earthly, every day when it enters into you with a new hope's light, a new inspiration's delight and a new aspiration's flight to pilot you to the Supreme's Golden Shore of the Beyond.

Love, devotion, surrender

Love is action. Devotion is practice. Surrender is experience.

Love is realisation. Devotion is revelation. Surrender is manifestation.

Love is the meaning of life. Devotion is the secret of life. Surrender is the Goal of life.

In my love, I see God the Mother. In my devotion, I see God the Father. In my surrender, I see God the Mother and God the Father together in one body.

Love without devotion is absurdity. Devotion without surrender is futility.

Love with devotion was my journey's start. Devotion with surrender is my journey's close.

I love the Supreme because I came from Him. I devote myself to the Supreme because I wish to go back to Him. I surrender myself to the Supreme because He lives in me and I in Him.

There was a time

There was a time when I prayed to God for all the things I wanted.

God heard me and gave me a soulful cry.

There was a time when I prayed to God for all the things I needed.

My God heard me and gave me a soulful smile.

There was a time when I prayed to God only for the Truth.

He heard me and gave me a soulful embrace.

There was a time when I prayed to God neither for Realisation nor for Liberation, neither for Infinity nor for Eternity, but for the Fulfilment of His own Will.

My God heard me and gave me His Breath.

There was a time when God wanted me to be His Desire.

I touched His Feet and I became.

There was a time when God wanted me to be His Aspiration.

I touched His Heart and I became.

There was a time when God wanted me to be His Realisation.

I touched His Soul and I became.

There was a time when God wanted me to be nothing but Reality

I touched His Dream-Boat and I became.

My acceptance of God and God's acceptance of me

Away with my halting and doubting mind! My implicit acceptance of God will invariably be able to meet the teeming needs of my aspiring soul.

Him I have accepted, my God, the Lord Supreme. No more can my world fall. My age-old fear's torture is now being transformed into my heart's rapture. How? Just by virtue of my purest acceptance of God.

Happy I was because He implanted in me His Message of Hope. Happier I am because He is shaping me into His own Image. Happiest shall I be because He will awaken in me His Eternity and reveal through me His Infinity and fulfil me with His Immortality.

Perfect I am not, far from it. I make Himalayan blunders day in, day out. But my sweet Lord is neither severe nor unforgiving. Stern justice He is not. All Compassion He always is.

God has accepted me. Something more. He has assumed my human nature so that He can be fully conscious of my wants and needs. He is freeing me from the world marred with ignorance. He is freeing me from the life eclipsed by the shadow of ruthless death.

My earth is linked with His Heaven through my loving surrender and His unconditional concern. Through my personal effort I can never better myself; it is like trying to straighten the tail of a dog for good. I have come to God just as I am. I know that what I do not consciously overcome will mercilessly overcome me. But my Lord out of His infinite Bounty says that He will overcome it, the wildest ignorance, in me and for me.

In my acceptance of God I have overcome all that would separate me from Him. 1 In His acceptance of me, He has given me a new world and His breath entire.

AUM 329,7. In the original magazine it was printed as "In my acceptance of God I have sign up all that would separate me from Him"

God's Will and my will

When God's Will is my will, I have not to give up anything, for He is with everything and in everything. When I act contrary to God's Will, I injure my body, torture my life and encage my soul-bird. When I am in perfect slavery to venomous doubts, my will becomes empty of God's Will. When I am absolutely obedient to the Truth inevitability, I grow into God's adamantine Will. When I live the life of faith, God's Will transforms my earthly dreams into heavenly Visions. When I live the life of proud self-assertion, God's Will forgets me, earth hates me and Heaven disowns me.

I encircle the Supreme in the arms of my utter helplessness. He encircles me in the arms of His all-sheltering Protection. I squander His Blessings and Compassion. He grows His Hope in me and feeds His Promise to me.

My will is the opening of my aspiring heart to the Supreme. I meditate, not because I want Him to know that I meditate on Him, but because I want to enable myself to receive Him in an infinite measure. During my meditation, when I swim in the sea of love and devotion, He comes down to me. During my meditation, when the sun of wisdom and peace dawns within me, He lifts me up to Him.

I silently pray. He secretly hears. My heart's mounting flame rises up and touches the Throne of His Compassion.

The Supreme never demands my belief in Him before He has given me evidence, infinitely more than necessary, upon which I can found my implicit faith. If I want to doubt Him, He has given me abundant opportunity to do so. Verily, here lies the magnanimity of His Compassion-Light for me.

My will and God's Will. When my will is approved by God's Will, my pure heart does not have an abiding inner bliss. But when my heart unreservedly and soulfully obeys God's Will and I accept it as my own will, infinite joy grows within my heart and eternal joy flows through my heart.

My and I

I have infinite opportunities to go to God. I have unthinkable possibilities to go the King of Ignorance.

When I live in material realities, I am a natural human being. When I live in spiritual realities, I am a supernatural divine being.

I possess and I am possessed by a fast-moving world. Although I myself am a colossal problem, I can solve considerably the countless problems of the world. How? Just by becoming a faithful servant to God's Will and by surrendering my expectations to God's guidance and assurance.

My fear of God is a roadblock to my life's peace. My love for God is a foretaste of the joy of God's cosmic creation.

To achieve my Goal was difficult. I have done it. To maintain my Goal was more difficult. I do it. To become my Goal is most difficult. I shall do it and I shall do it with my heart's mounting cry, with my soul's searching light, with my mind's sublime silence, with the forceful dynamism of my vital and finally with my body's absolute surrender.

I pray to God to transform my life into one long effort, fearless and egoless, so that I can derive the most fulfilling achievements from the most unpromising situations.

Every second is an open door to unparalleled opportunities. Let me be long on heavenly performance and short on earthly talk.

I not only have a soul. I am the soul. I am not the ego. Neither do I need one. He that is not with me in my soul's endeavour is against me. But I must know that my God is also his God. No compromise, no compromise with the world's threatening Night and unaspiring Day.


What is patience? It is a divine virtue. Unfortunately we are not only badly wanting in this divine virtue, but neglect it most foolishly.

What is patience? It is an inner assurance of God’s unreserved love and unconditional guidance. Patience is God's power hidden in us to weather the teeming storms of life.

If failure has the strength to turn your life into bitterness itself, then patience has the strength to turn your life into the sweetest joy. Do not surrender to fate after a single failure. Failure, at most, precedes success. But success once achieved, confidence becomes your name.

Have patience in the body; you will be able to accept the whole world. Have patience in the vital; you will be able to hold the whole world. Have patience in the mind; you will neither forget or lose the world. Have patience in the heart; you will feel that the world is not only with you and in you, but for you.

Time is a flying bird. Do you want to capture the bird and encage it? Your fondest dreams will be transformed into fruitful realities if you just know the secret of growing the patience tree in your heart.

Patience is your sincere surrender to God's Will. This surrender is by no means the effacement of the finite self which you now are, but a total transcendence of your finite existence to the Infinite Self.

In silence patience speaks to you: "Try to live the inner life. You will not only see and reach your goal, but become the Goal."

Patience can never be imposed on you from outside. It is your own inner Wealth, Wisdom, Peace and Victory.


Joy is the inner light that illumines my darkest night.

When I am in Joy, God feeds me. And I feed God only when I share my Joy with others.

When I have inner Joy, I will always be blessed with an abundance of spontaneity and creativity.

When I look up with Joy, I will have God as my Employer.

When I look around with Joy, I will have God as my Supervisor.

When I look forward with Joy, I will have God as my Paymaster.

Joy is my dynamic oneness with the Supreme. Since my soul is integrally one with the Supreme, there is no challenge too great for me. Absolutely none.

My Joy is my established faith in the Supreme. Unlike others who do not have faith in the Supreme, I do not think and feel that I am always wrong, meaningless and useless. To be sure, those who are wanting in faith are the victims of frustration. To them, life is a barren desert, God is a colossal daydream, death is a roaring lion right in front of them.

Before my heart's Joy calls upon God, His omnipotent Grace will answer. It is a true truth.

To try to explain Joy is to fail always. Because it is dubious. To try to taste Joy is to succeed always. Because it is obvious.

Joy is the peace embodied. Joy is the power revealed. The embodied peace is the masculine aspect of the Divine. The revealed power is the feminine aspect of the Divine.

My heart's Joy fathoms the Deepest. My mind's Joy reaches the Farthest. My soul's Joy achieves the Highest.


Emotion is a gift of God. It fills our days with loving thoughts and glowing deeds. Owing to our confused thinking, we misuse emotion. Emotion is the dynamic fulness of Completion.

Emotion tells us that the ever-increasing life-energy is constantly flowing through us, renewing and revitalising our inner being. Emotion not only sweetens and intensifies our life, but it awakens our outer life to experience perfection in every field of manifestation.

In emotion there is a creative urge. This urge is eternal. The creative urge finally has to enter into the God-ideal which is Immortality embodied and Perfection revealed.

Emotion has an inner perception of the Divine Unity. The knowledge of the intellect secretly loves emotion. The understanding of the mind silently loves emotion. The wisdom of the heart openly and soulfully loves emotion.

We must endeavour to uncover within ourselves the deepest depth of emotion so that we can become the widest channels for the divine expression of Beauty, Joy, Power and Truth.

Emotion is not the confusion of experience. It is the reality that grows in perfection.

When inspiration and aspiration are supported by our psychic emotion, we come into conscious contact with the Supreme. The perfect Reality then prevails in and through our outer existence.

Emotion is not the victim of frustration. Emotion is not demonstration. It is the inner spontaneous joy through which we express ourselves in the world we live in.

The psychic emotion is the Fountain of Abundance. And with this Fountain we enter into the world of revealing thought, fulfilling action and transforming realisation.

Is the world an illusion

The world is not an illusion. True illusion can never be comprehensible, whereas the world is easily comprehensible when we go deep within and look at it with our inner eye. It is the illusion that is unreal and not the world of ours.

As my body is real, even so is my God's Body, the world.

Nothing comes out of an empty void. God has projected the universe out of His Existence-Consciousness-Bliss. He has created the world. He has become the world. He wills and He becomes. He smilingly unveils without what He is silently within.

God gave me but I have lost

God gave me Joy. But I have lost it. I have lost it because I have made friends with suffering, consciously and wholeheartedly, without His approval.

God gave me Peace. But I have lost it. I have lost it because I have welcomed the restless vital horse to carry me to the worlds beyond. This, too, I have done without God's permission.

God gave me love, His soulful Love. But I have lost it. I have lost it because, to my utter stupidity, I have discovered and embraced the human love, to be the goal of my life. This great discovery has been made by me, by me alone. God has not been invoked to participate in my grand discovery.

God gave me the Truth, His highest Truth. But I have lost it. I have given it, God's Truth, to Falsehood unreservedly. Alas! After having greedily accepted God's Truth from me, Falsehood mercilessly hates my stupidity, my helpless ignorance. Now I am all alone. My existence is neither in God nor in Falsehood, but deep inside my roaring self-annihilation.

My prayer

My prayer can smile only twice. Once when I silence my outer senses, once when I open the portal of my soul.

My prayer lies in loving God for His own sake. My prayer is the destroyer of errors, born and unborn.

The reality is determined only by one thing: prayer — prayer in its embodiment, prayer in its dynamic operation.

Prayer is best expressed in my day to day life when my prayer has become a spontaneous, self-giving surrender to the Will of God.

Seeking is the plane fare in the realm of spirituality. Striving is the ticket. When seeking and striving have played their respective roles, 'surrendering' leads me to my seat in the plane.

Eldorado can no longer hide from me when my genuine prayer enables me to see my soul in life and my life in the soul.

Audible prayer is often a self-satisfying solemnity. Silent prayer in lone self-poise is the fulfilment of Eternity.

Prayer is struggle when I want to be an all-knowing mind. Prayer is nectar when I want to be an all-dedicating life.

They say that prayer is the daughter of suffering. But I say that prayer is the Mother of Delight.


A man with no spirituality is a pitiful victim of circumstances. A man with spirituality is God’s smile of victory. A true seeker is not ridden by anxiety. His future abides in the present. His moments are wedded to constant opportunity. His dictionary does not house the word “postponement”. His opportunity transforms itself into reality. His reality transforms itself into practicability.

As a plant cannot live without the sun and air, even so a seeker cannot live without spirituality. Spirituality is its inner urge to achieve absolute Peace, Light and Bliss. Each seeker has a particular temperament of his own, hence his way of spiritual discipline must have its own uniqueness. Confusion and conflict run riot when I invite others to enter into my path or when I myself enter into others' paths.

There are people who cherish the idea that spirituality is no longer alive. A genuine seeker cannot see eye to eye with them. Spirituality has not died and it can never die, for God has made spirituality as the sole necessity of humanity to enter into his Eternity, Infinity and Immortality. And the same spirituality is also God’s necessity to enter into humanity, its stark bondage and wild ignorance.

Spirituality and science

Spirituality needs God. It has God. Science has no God. Neither does it need one.

The funniest thing is that science is constant and perpetually challenged by science itself. The scientific discovery of yore pales into insignificance before the scientific discovery of today, whereas the realisation of Krishna, Buddha and the Christ defy the strength of challenge, outer or inner. It is true that science offers man all his practical needs. It is also equally true that spirituality reveals to man the meaning of his life and the significance of his earthly existence.

Science condemns the seeker by accusing him of being afraid of the Unknown. The seeker blesses the utter stupidity of science and calmly says that he is not at all afraid of the Unknown. He is just enamoured of the Unknown and he cannot help embracing the Unknown.

Science depends on outer experiment. Spirituality depends on inner searching and seeking. A scientist discovers the power that very often threatens even his own life. A spiritual seeker discovers the power that guides and moulds his life into a life of divine fulfilment.

Now what should be the relation between science and spirituality? It should be a relation of mutual acceptance and true understanding. It is an act of folly on our part to expect the same truth, the same knowledge and the same power from both science and spirituality. We must not do that. Neither must we set up the same goal for science and spirituality.

Let us listen to the message of Matter through the voice of science. Let us listen to the message of the Spirit through the voice of spirituality. Finally, let us not forget that spirituality is the soul and science is the body.

Mother Earth and Her Son

O my Mother-Earth, my usefulness has ended.

"O my son, your ignorance has ended."

O my Mother-Earth, I have sung my swan song.

"O my son, but you have not sung God's Song and my song."

What are your songs?

"My song is aspiration and God's Song is inspiration. If you and I sing the song of aspiration, God will welcome us."

"If you and God sing the song of inspiration, I shall welcome both of you."

"When I welcome you and God, I know you will offer me your God, your Goal, and from God I shall also get you, His Soul."

"When God welcomes us, you and me, I shall give Him the breath of my existence and you will give Him the soul-flames of your liberation."

From:Sri Chinmoy,AUM — Vol. 4, No. 1, 27 August 1968, AUM Centre Press, 1968
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