Introduction and award presentation3

Professor Mandakranta Bose (Chair and Co-ordinator, Cross-Cultural Literary Studies in Asia Group): Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. It is a pleasure and delight to welcome Sri Chinmoy to the University of British Columbia.

[Reading the text of the "Dreamer of Peace" award] "Sri Chinmoy is a fervent and tireless dreamer of humanity's most cherished dream, the dream of peace amongst all peoples of the world family. It is to this sterling vision that Sri Chinmoy has sleeplessly and undauntedly dedicated his life. His service to peace includes an enormous body of creative offerings that uplift and ennoble the human spirit. These include poetry, plays, essays, paintings, drawings and musical compositions. Through his artistic works as well as his Peace Concert series, the international Peace-Blossom programme, and the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run, countless men and women worldwide have gained the inspiration to serve the cause of world peace. By sharing his peace-vision in myriad ways, Sri Chinmoy has abundantly revealed the wisdom and beauty of a life consecrated to higher ideals. May his peace- dream and peace-service grow into an abiding and universal reality for all humanity."

As a token of appreciation from the programme in Inter-Cultural Studies in Asia at the Institute of Asian Research, I am deeply honoured to offer this award to Sri Chinmoy.

Sri Chinmoy: I wish to offer gratitude from the inmost recesses of my heart to our esteemed Professor Mandakranta Bose for so lovingly and compassionately inviting me to this august university and for blessingfully honouring me today with this signal honour, the "Dreamer of Peace" award.

Professor Bose, I am deeply moved by your personal concern and powerful determination to arrange my entire visit. My admiring mind applauds and applauds you for your many significant official responsibilities which you so capably carry. My aspiring heart unmistakably and proudly feels the teeming divine qualities — inspiring, aspiring and self-giving qualities — which you have, and from your Bengali heart, you are sharing so lovingly and unreservedly with all, near and far.

BI 12. Chan Centre, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 2 June 1998.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Blessingful invitations from the university-world, Agni Press, 1998
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