Question: Does a beautiful soul always choose a beautiful outer being?

Sri Chinmoy: All souls are beautiful in origin. But if a certain soul is a special soul, then naturally in its outer manifestation also we will observe sweetness, beauty, serenity, purity and all other divine qualities. What we are within, we are without. But some people have very fine souls, wonderful souls; yet in their outer manners they are unfortunately very crude, unlit and uncivilised. Why is this? It is because the mind and the vital have not been properly touched with the soul’s light. These individuals do not care for the soul’s light and want to remain very crude, so their lives are lacking in harmony. In their outer manifestation they are absolutely unfortunate and miserable. There is another reason for disharmony between the outer life and the inner life. If we sow the seed of the mango tree, then naturally we will get mangoes. But at times there are other trees around this tree which ruin its beauty. Similarly, if the members of the family do not care for the spiritual life, if they are absolutely unlit, unaspiring, then they can simply crush the finer qualities of a child. How is it that this wonderful child has come into such an undivine family? That is his fate. But generally if one has a beautiful soul, then the outer expression of the soul will also be beautiful.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Beyond Within — A collection of writings 1964-1974, Agni Press, 1975
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