Question: I don't understand why God's Love doesn't enter into me even though I keep the doors shut.

Sri Chinmoy: If God’s Love enters into you when you are not receptive to it, then you will regard it as a foreign element. You will not appreciate it or care for it. If somebody brings most delicious food right in front of you but you do not appreciate it, then why should he bring it to you? It would be a waste of time. You will just discard it and feel that it has no value.

An unaspiring person, a desiring person, will wallow in the pleasure of ignorance. Is it God’s bounden duty to come down and offer His infinite Peace, Light and Bliss to this type of person? No! But if one is crying and struggling to get an iota of Peace, Light and Bliss, then God will feel that that one deserves it.

We know how to cry at every moment. We cry for the things that desert us and disappoint us; for the ego and its children: fear, doubt, anxiety and worry. We cry for name and fame, for money, wealth and possessions; but we do not cry to God for His Light and Delight. We do not cry for that which we are meant to cry for; we do not cry for the wealth which we all had once upon a time.

We cannot just play games with the eternal Truth and the highest Reality; we have to value them. In this world, if we value something, then we work very hard to acquire it. If we don’t work hard, we get nothing. If we don’t value wisdom, will wisdom dawn on us? Only when we have worked hard for it does wisdom dawn. For everything we get, we have to offer something of ourselves; but we see that what we give is next to nothing in comparison to what we get. It takes a second to open the door; and the person who comes in, the Eternal Guest, brings us Eternity. But if we don’t take the trouble to open the door, then why should He come? We won’t value Him; we will feel that He is bringing us rubbish and things that we don’t need.

At every moment in the spiritual life we have to value Peace, Light and Bliss and cry for them. Then only we can expect to get them from God. Otherwise, even if He brings Peace, Light and Bliss in abundant measure, we will say that we don’t need it. We will feel God’s Grace operating through our prayer and meditation, but we won’t want to accept it. If we don’t appreciate what God gives, God is not displeased with us. He just waits until we are ready to receive His Inner Wealth.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Beyond Within — A collection of writings 1964-1974, Agni Press, 1975
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