Man and God

The aim of life is to become conscious of the supreme Reality. The aim of life is to be the conscious expression of the eternal Being.

God is not something to be obtained outside of ourselves. God is that very thing which can be unfolded from within.

In the ordinary life, each human being has millions and millions of questions to ask. In the spiritual life, a day dawns when the seeker feels that there is only one question worth asking: “Who am I?” The answer of answers is: “I am not the body, but I am the Inner Pilot.”

How is it that a man does not know himself, something which ought to be the easiest of all his endeavours? He does not know himself precisely because he identifies himself with the ego and not with his real self. What compels him to identify himself with this pseudo-self? It is ignorance. And what tells him that the real self is not and can never be the ego? It is his self-search. What he sees in the inmost recesses of his heart is his real self, his God. Eventually this seeing must transform itself into becoming.

What is the relationship between God and man? God has a living Breath and that living Breath is man. Man has a Goal and the name of that Goal is God. In God is man’s satisfaction, achievement and fulfilment.

Man’s necessity is God. God’s necessity is man. Man needs God for his highest transcendental realisation, and he will have it in God. God needs man for His absolute manifestation here on earth. We need God to realise our highest truth or highest existence. God needs us to manifest Him here on earth totally, divinely and supremely.

God and man are eternally one. God is man yet to be fulfilled in His Infinity and man is God yet to realise his divinity. Like God, man is infinite; like man, God is finite. There is no yawning gulf between man and God. Man is the God of tomorrow; God, the man of yesterday.

I have to grow and God has to flow. I grow as a human being into His highest Consciousness and God flows into me and through me with His infinite Compassion.

God’s Dream-Boat is man: man the aspiration, man the experience, man the realisation, man the total oneness with God the Omniscient and Omnipotent, God the all-loving Father.

Man’s Life-Boat is God. Man’s life is God; man’s very existence is God. Man realises God, man embodies God and man finally will manifest God here on earth.

God’s Dream is man. God fulfils Himself in man, with man, through man and for man. What does it mean when we say that man is a Dream of God? First, we have to know that God’s Dream is not like a human dream. There is a great difference between human dreams and God’s divine Dream. Earth’s dream is mental fantasy; God’s Dream divine is the precursor of Reality. Each second God’s Dreams are immediately being transformed into reality. Human dreams are often pensive thoughts and ideas which we sometimes try to realise. Very often when we dream, we feel miserable because our sweet dreams are never fulfilled. Sometimes we become victims of hostile forces which make us dream about all kinds of horrible incidents taking place in our life. Again, sometimes we create our own fantasies during the day and they come out at night in the form of a dream.

In God’s case He does not have these kinds of dreams. His Dream is more like the lid on a box. If you just lift the lid, there is the world, there is the goal. So in God’s Drama, today’s Dream is tomorrow’s Reality. When we become one with God, we see that everything in God’s Dream already embodies the Reality itself. That is to say, when the Divine dreams in the seeker, then Reality is going to be manifested immediately in his life.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Beyond Within — A collection of writings 1964-1974, Agni Press, 1975
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