II — The Guru


The man-Guru shows you the Throne of the Infinite. The God-Guru makes you sit on the Throne.

The Guru is at once the sigh of unaspiring disciples and the ecstasy of aspiring disciples.

A real Guru is the selfless, dedicated and eternal beggar who begs omnipotence and omnipresence from God to feed his unconsciously hungry and consciously aspiring disciples, in perfect conformity with their souls’ needs.

The Guru has only one compassionate weapon: forgiveness. The disciple has three naked swords: limitation, weakness and ignorance. Nevertheless, the Guru wins with great ease.

A man may have hundreds of companions. But a spiritual seeker has only one companion: his Preceptor.

The Guru is the one who closes the Door at the Will of God and opens It to the tears of the disciple.

Who can show a disciple his true Motherland? The Guru. What is the name of that Motherland? Consciousness: Consciousness infinite, Consciousness all-pervading.

To achieve realisation by oneself and alone is like crossing the ocean in a raft. But to achieve realisation through the Grace of a Guru is like crossing the ocean in a swift and strong boat which ferries you safely across the sea of ignorance to the Golden Shore.

When you go to a doctor, you must tell him all about the disease you have been suffering from. Otherwise he will not be able to help you fully. Likewise, you must make a clean breast of your errors and misdeeds to your Guru. Mere acceptance of a Guru, while you secretly move and act at your sweet will, can be of no avail.

There is no better way for a disciple to serve his Guru than to listen to his advice.

The Guru is at once the source of his disciple’s achievements and a most faithful servant of his disciple’s love.

The Guru and the disciple must test each other sweetly, seriously and perfectly before their mutual acceptance. Otherwise, if they are wrong in their selection, the Guru will have to dance with failure and the disciple with perdition.

The Guru is the consolation for the disciple’s despair; also is he the compensation for the disciple’s loss, if there be any, during the seeker’s endless journey towards the all-fulfilling Goal.

The Guru’s love for his disciple is his strength. The disciple’s surrender towards his Guru is his strength.

The Mother aspect of the Guru is sacrifice.

The Father aspect of the Guru is compassion.

The real work, if there be any, of a Guru is to show the world that his deeds are in perfect harmony with his teachings.

The Guru is not the body. The Guru is the revelation and manifestation of a Divine Power here on earth.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Beyond Within — A collection of writings 1964-1974, Agni Press, 1975
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/bw