The father fulfils the uncle's request

This maternal uncle was closer than the closest to Ganapati’s father. When he was alive, so many times he had begged Ganapati’s father to give up smoking for the sake of his health. But Ganapati’s father did not listen to his repeated requests. Ganapati’s mother also used to smoke the Indian hookah, but less than his father. Then when the father used to come home on the weekends, the mother was a saint; she never smoked. She was afraid of her husband, so she never smoked on Saturday and Sunday. She did not want her husband to know that she smoked, but he knew. The day that the uncle died, Ganapati’s father said to himself, “What kind of love do I have for him if I cannot give up smoking?” On that day he gave up smoking for good. He never touched cigarettes or Indian hookahs again.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Compassion-affection versus deception-destruction, Agni Press, 1996
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