Question: Is it possible to use lower forms of power, say, vital power, for a divine purpose?

Sri Chinmoy: Vital power can be used, physical power can be used, mental power, psychic power and, of course, divine power, can easily be used, and must be used, for a divine purpose. But before vital power and physical power are used, they have to be purified, illumined. Physical power as such is a blind elephant. Vital power as such is a blind elephant. Mental power as such is a monkey. They are all undivine. But if they are illumined, then these powers can and must be used most effectively.

Why do we give so much importance to the physical: sports and circus and all that? It is because the physical power is necessary. Physical, vital and mental power are all necessary, but only if they are being used for a divine purpose. If they are being used for an undivine purpose, then it is all a waste of life’s energy.

So first the physical power, the vital power and the mental power have to be transformed and illumined; then they have to offer their might, their capacity, to their eldest brother, the soul, who is already anxious that they become one. The eldest brother has much more money than the younger ones, but together they all want to buy something for the whole family. So the eldest brother gives a hundred dollars. Then the physical power comes with one dollar, the vital power with three dollars and the mental power with ten or twelve dollars. They combine their wealth and buy something for the whole family, the family of the Supreme. What is their wealth? It is their power of aspiration. This power goes up and brings down Light from above.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Creation and perfection, Agni Press, 1976
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