Children's conversations with God

Miguel's conversation with God

“God, do You have a minute? I have to ask You something. My mother says that I have to love You every single day. Is she right?”

“Yes, your mother is right.”

“How can I love You when I don’t know You very well?”

“Let Me tell you what to do. It is true that you don’t know Me well, but you know your mother pretty well. From today on, try to love your mother more. The amount of love that she needs from you she will keep for herself, and the rest she will give to Me. We shall share your love. O.K.?”

“Thank You, God.”

Edward's conversation with God

“God, my mother constantly bothers me. She tells me that I have to pray to You every morning and evening. She also says that if I do that, I shall be able to see You every day. She has told me something else. She has told me that You are very kind. If it’s true, will You please do me a favour? Can You tell me how I can see You every day without praying to You?”

“I shall let you see Me not once, but twice a day. But you have to pray to Me a little. Wait, I have a nice idea. I am telling you secretly that I am going to give you the easiest prayer. You must not tell it to anybody; this is all between you and Me, a top secret.

“Every morning, you stand in front of the large mirror in the living room and keep your eyes half open. Look at your eyes in the mirror and smile and smile. You are sure to see Me in your eyes. First you will see Me in your right eye, and then in your left eye.”

“Will it always be like that? Can I not see You first in my left eye and then in my right eye?”

“Yes, but to do that, you have to keep both eyes closed and repeat My Name seven times, and then open your eyes. You are bound to see Me in your left eye first.”

“God, do You mind if I do it the other way around? I hope You won’t mind if I keep my eyes half open and smile until I see You. I think that will be easier. Do You mind?”

“No, not at all. I must say that you are wiser than I! I wanted to show you the easiest way to see Me. I wanted you to stand in front of the mirror and keep your eyes half open. You don’t want to take even that much trouble. You just want to keep your eyes half open and smile until you see Me! You have discovered a way which is even easier! You are really clever and great, Edward, and that is why I am fond and proud of you.”

“Thanks a lot, God.”

Stephanie's conversation with God

“God, how old are You?”

“I am one year old.”

“Only one year old! Then I am much older than You. I am four years old.”

“I am so happy to hear that. Now tell Me, sweetest Stephanie, do you love Me?”

“Yes, I love You, but I also love my Guru.”

“That is fine. I love your Guru too. He and I are one. He is My son. Shall I tell you a secret, Stephanie?”

“Please, please tell me!”

“Your Guru loves you more than you love him.”

“Never! I won’t believe You, God. I love my Guru more than he loves me.”

“All right, will you believe Me if I say that I love you more than you love Me?”

“Never! I love You more than You love me.”

“You are wrong, Stephanie.”

“No, God, You are wrong. God, You know that I pray to my Guru every day. He comes to see me only two times a year. So You see, I love him more than he loves me. I pray to You every day. But You have come to see me only today for the first time. So You see, I love You more than You love me.”

“My sweetest child Stephanie, every night your Guru and I come to see you while you are fast asleep.”

“Every night You and my Guru come to see me! I am going to tell my Mommy! Mommy!”

With His proudest Smile, God disappears.

Christine's conversation with God

“God, Chinmoy is my Guru. I wish to know the name of his Guru.”

“Chinmoy’s Guru’s name is God.”

“That means You are his Guru.”

“Yes, I am his Guru.”

“That means You know more than Chinmoy does.”

“Yes, I know much more than Chinmoy.”


“Yes, I know much more than Chinmoy does.”

“Let me see: God, I wish You to smile exactly the way Chinmoy smiles.”

God smiles.

“Yes God, really Your smile is exactly like Chinmoy’s smile. Now I want You to make Your Eyes as big, powerful, and frightening as Chinmoy’s eyes.”

God shows His big, powerful and frightening Eyes.

“Yes, I see. You have the same eyes as my Guru Chinmoy has. God, tell me frankly, is it true that You know much more than my Guru?”

“Yes, I know much more than your Guru Chinmoy, and I have much more than he has. He has learned everything from Me, and I have given him everything that he now has. I also have the power to take away everything from him if he wrongly uses it.”

“God, don’t be so nasty. Chinmoy is so kind to me, so nice to me. I love him. We all love him. God, don’t You ever take away anything from him, please, please!”

“I will never take anything away from Chinmoy, I promise to you, Christine.”

“God, I thank You. I thank You, I thank You. My mother also will thank You deeply if You keep Your Promise.”

God offers to Christine His Smile of sweet Delight and Compassion.

Melanie's conversation with God

“Can You help me, God?”

“Certainly I can. What is bothering you, Melanie?”

“You know my Guru is very nice, he is very kind to me; yet I feel shy to speak to him. My brother has no shyness. He speaks to our Guru without any shyness. He even looks into our Guru’s eyes.”

“So, you want to get rid of your shyness?”

“Yes, God. That is what I want.”

“Tell Me, do you have a doll?”

“Yes, I have many, many.”

“Then today you give a special name to one of your dolls. You will call that particular doll by the name Guru. Every day you talk and talk with your doll Guru. Then, when you see your man Guru, you will have no shyness, for your doll Guru and man Guru are one and the same.”

“Thank You, thank You, God.”

Max's conversation with God

“God, what is Your real name?”

“My real name is Max.”

“That’s my name. I won’t give You my name.”

“Then what name do you want Me to have?”

“I want You to have the name Water.”

“Water! That’s a fine name. From now on, if you can call Me by that name, I shall respond.”

“God, I'll tell You a secret. My mother has taught me that the other name of Water is Life.”

“Now My child, I'll tell you another secret. The other name of Life is God.”

“Can I tell my mother Your secret?”

“Certainly you can.”

“God, I really thank You for telling me a top secret.”

Andrea's conversation with God

“God, my Guru is very, very nice and kind and sweet to me. Every day I speak a lot to him inwardly. But when I see him once a month, I forget to ask him even one single question. Why am I so stupid?”

“Andrea, you are not stupid at all. When you see your Guru, you become so happy and delighted and excited. Your Guru, does he not answer all your questions inwardly?”

“Oh yes, he does. He answers my questions most kindly and lovingly. God, tell me frankly, is my Guru pleased with me?”

“Yes, he is.”


“Because you think of him, you pray to him, and you love him. Also, this morning he has told Me that he is very pleased with you.”

“God, when you see my Guru next time, please tell him that I love him.”

“Yes, I shall without fail.”

Julian's conversation with God

“God, my father is a very big musician. Can I be as great as he is?”

“Certainly you can. You can be greater than your father.”

“God, You know my father has an Indian teacher. He calls his teacher ‘Guru’. I saw the Guru the other day here in England. He blessed me. He gave me an Indian name.”

“What is your Indian name, Julian?”

“My Indian name is Mahadeva.”

“It is a wonderful name. It means the Great Lord Shiva. Do you know that your father also has an Indian name?”

“No, I don’t. Please tell me, what is my father’s name?”

“Your father’s name is Mahavishnu. It means the Great Lord Vishnu.”

“God, I have forgotten to ask You one thing.”

“What is it? Tell Me.”

“While Guru was blessing me, I saw a beautiful woman standing beside my father. Who was she?”

“She is your new mother. Her name is Mahalakshmi, the Great Mother Lakshmi, the Great Goddess Lakshmi. She is the Mother of Love, Concern, Joy, Beauty, and Harmony. Soon you will see and feel that she is all love and all concern, and all pride for you.”

“God, You have told me so many nice things, now I want to tell You one nice thing.”

“What is it? What is it, please tell Me?”

“God, I really want to go to America to stay with my father and my new mother and our Indian Guru.”

God sheds tears of joy.

Nichole's conversation with God

God says, “Nichole, you are so happy. What makes you so happy?”

“God, today my Guru has come to my house. He has blessed me. That is why I am so happy.”

“Where does your Guru live?”

“He lives in America. He comes to Jamaica two or three times a year. My Guru has come to my house! My Guru has blessed me today! My Guru!”

“What do you feel Nichole, when your Guru blesses you?”

“When my Guru blesses me, I feel that I have become as good as he is. When I look at myself, I feel that I have become as great as my Guru is.”

“I am so proud of you, Nichole. Now tell Me, do you want to be always as good and great as your Guru is?”

“Yes, yes, please tell me how I can be always as good and great as my Guru is.”

“Then every day when you meditate before your Guru’s picture, try to feel that your Guru constantly speaks to Me about you.”

“God, that is extremely easy. From today I shall feel that my Guru constantly speaks to You about me.”

“Then I tell you for sure that you can be as good and great as your Guru.”

“Oh God, I thank You, I thank You.”

Peter's conversation with God

“God, I am sick of my father and my mother. I am only seven years old. You know I am just a child. My mother tells me that I have to leave my room clean and tidy. My father tells me that I have to take a shower every day. And You know, God, that my mother uses the biggest word in the dictionary. She uses the word ‘immaculate’. God, do You know what that silly word means?”

“I think I do.”

“Then tell me what it means.”

“It means ‘spotless’.”

“Oh, I see. Thank You, God. Oh, I forgot to ask You God, if my parents are right in making me take a shower and leave my room clean and tidy every day.”

“Yes, they are right.”

“I see that You are also no good. You and my father and my mother are all the same. Tell me, did my father take a shower every day when he was a little boy? Did my mother clean her room when she was a little girl?”

“No, your father did not take a shower and your mother did not clean her room daily when they were of your age.”

“Then why do they want all that from me? It isn’t fair.”

“You know, that is why I did not like your father and mother for a long time. I only began liking them when they started taking showers and cleaning their rooms daily.”

“But I want You to like me right from the beginning, God.”

“I shall not only like you, but love you, if you take a shower and leave your room clean and tidy every day. More than that, I shall be proud of you.”

“Thank You, thank You, thank You, God.”

Mark's conversation with God

“God, I have a real problem. My mother tells me that I must spend more time in my praying to You. My father tells me that the time that I spend in my praying to You is more than enough. God, who is right, my mother or my father? Or are both of them wrong?”

“The more you pray, the more you please Me. So your father is wrong. Again, when you pray, if your heart is not in your prayer, then you are simply wasting time. So your mother is wrong if she insists on your praying when you have no sincere feelings in your prayer. Let Me give you a new prayer. This prayer will give you everything you want:

‘God, I pray to You to make me Your sweetest and dearest child. I pray to You to make me as kind as You are. I pray to You to make me listen to You every day. I pray to You to make me think of You always. I pray to You to give me the capacity to please You every day, every hour, every minute and every second.'”

“God, it is a terrific prayer. Can I add a few words?”

“Certainly you can, by all means.”

“God, I wish to add this: ‘I love You, God. I worship You, God. I adore You, God.'”

“Amen. Wonderful, wonderful!”

“God, a million thanks. For sure I shall say every day the prayer that You have given me.”

Stephen's conversation with God

“God, my grandfather always tells me that I must never tell a lie. But You know God, he has told me many lies.”

“What are the lies that he has told you?”

“Number one lie: He told me that You are much older than he is.

“Number two lie: You don’t need eyes to see like us.

“Number three lie: You don’t need ears to hear like us.

“Number four lie: You don’t need a mouth to talk.

You are right in front of me. I see that You have two eyes, two ears and a mouth like me, and also I see that You are very young and beautiful. You are not even as old as my father. How can my grandfather tell me that You are older than he is?”

“My child, you are right. Your grandfather is also right. His knowledge of Me is from the books. Your knowledge of Me is from seeing Me face to face. Your grandfather takes Me as an idea. You see Me as a real Man, a loving Friend, and a living Truth.”

Burnett's conversation with God

“God, I am a bit puzzled. My grandmother says that You are inside my heart. My mother says that You are inside my eyes. My father says that You are around me. Who is right, God?”

“All of them are right.”

“Impossible, God. How can everybody be right? Please tell me frankly, who is right?”

“I tell you frankly, My child, your grandmother is right, your mother is right, your father is right.”


“I live inside your heart. That is why you are so soulful. I live inside your eyes. That is why you look spiritually beautiful. I live around you. That is why you are always so careful.”

“God, You deserve my thanks.”

“I don’t deserve your thanks. It is your grandmother, your mother and your father who deserve your thanks. Go and thank them.”

“I will. God, before I leave You, I wish to tell You one thing. Since You have always been very kind to me, You deserve my special thanks. My grandmother, mother and father will get ordinary thanks from me.”

God smiles and cries with joy.

Ramana's conversation with God

“God, I wish to tell You something. Two thousand five hundred years ago there lived on earth a very, very great spiritual Master. His name was Buddha. I do think that You have heard his name. My father is a spiritual man. He follows the Buddha’s path.”

“Ramana, please tell Me, which path does your mother follow?”

“God, my mother follows many paths. She follows Buddha’s path, Krishna’s path, Ramakrishna’s path, Ramana Maharshi’s path, and at times, she follows Sri Chinmoy’s path. By the way God, these are all good and great spiritual Masters. They have many, many disciples and followers. God, I am now in a serious difficulty. I do not know which path I should follow. If I follow my father’s path, the path of Zen, my father will be very pleased; and if I follow my mother’s path, that is to say, many paths all at once, I shall please my mother.”

“I wish you to follow My Path.”

“What is Your Path, God?”

“Every day pray and meditate; I shall soon let you know what My Path is.”

“God, I thank You from the bottom of my heart.”

Gary's conversation with God

“God, I wish to tell You a secret. Tell me that You won’t tell it to anyone.”

“Yes, Gary, I promise to you that I will not tell a thing to anybody about your secret.”

“Sure? Will You keep Your Promise?”


“God, my Guru has told me that in my last life I was the father of my grandfather, and that is why my grandfather and I love each other so much. God, can You tell me like my Guru, who I was in my last life?”

“Your Guru has already told you about that. Since I have to tell you the same thing, I shall get no credit from you. I wish to surprise you by telling you about your future. I wish to tell you that you will become a very good friend of your Guru’s. He will be your best friend on earth.”

“Will he be my best friend?”

“Yes, he will.”

“God, You have told me such a nice thing. I thank You not once, but one hundred times.”

Aaron's conversation with God

“God, You have asked me to give away my toys to others. Not only my toys, but also many things, do I give away to people; and they take things from me gladly, but they do not say even one ‘Thank you’ to me.”

“My child, I am so sorry to hear that. Don’t worry, I shall scold them. But Aaron, I thank you twice every day.”

“God, when? Please tell me when You thank me.”

“I thank you, Aaron, in silence through your father, when you give him a most beautiful smile before you go to bed at night. I thank you in silence through your mother early in the morning, when you give her the most beautiful smile before you leave your bed.”

Mark's conversation with God

“God, I don’t like this rotten life. Chinmoy says that many, many years ago I was a very powerful cat. He has also told me that before I was a cat, I was a turtle. God, even in this life I am so fond of cats and turtles. Frankly, I am really and truly fond of turtles. Chinmoy has also told me that turtle means ‘Immortality’. I want to be immortal like turtles. God, perhaps You do not know the meaning of Immortality. After all, it is a very big word. It means ‘a life that forever lasts’.”

“Oh, I see I have learned something new from you today, Mark. Thank you.”

“God, can I go back to my turtle life?”

“No, you cannot. I shall not allow you to do that. Actually, what you want and need is an immortal life which will please you most, and for that you have to pray to Me, and listen to Chinmoy.”

Lewis' conversation with God

“God, my mother has told me not to make any complaints against anybody. But I am sorry, I have to. You know God, my mother scolds me very often and my sister strikes me almost every day. I am sure they are not doing the right things. What do You say, God?”

“Tell your sister and mother to speak to Me before they strike or scold you.”

“Yes, yes, I shall do that. That means my sister will never be able to strike me. Neither will my mother be able to scold me.”

“My child, it is not exactly so. Let Me tell you My secrets. When they ask Me for My permission to strike or scold you, I shall see first whether you deserve it or not. If you don’t deserve it, I shall strike and scold them badly. But if you deserve their scoldings and strikings, I shall give you enough strength and cheerfulness to eat the fruits of your wrong actions. I want you to be nice, good, perfect and divine.”

“God, I shall be. Thanks and thanks, God.”

Jhardine's conversation with God

“God, I do not like our Guru.”

“Why do you not like him, Jhardine?”

“I don’t like him because he does not like me.”

“Whom does he like?”

“He likes my younger sister, Tara.”

“How old is your sister?”

“She is two years old.”

“How old are you?”

“I am five years old. Anyway, I do not like our Guru. You know why? I hate him because he likes Joanna very much.”

“How old is Joanna?”

“I think she is four months old.”

“Jhardine, you are jealous of the two girls who are much younger than you. Your parents, who are much older than you, are not jealous of you. When your Guru smiles and smiles at you, you don’t even look at him. You don’t look at your Guru’s picture with love and joy, whereas Joanna and Tara get much joy when they look at their Guru’s picture. If you want to get joy and love from your Guru, then look at his picture with all love and joy.”

“God, I shall do that.”

“Then you are going to feel that your Guru likes you and loves you.”

Veronica's conversation with God

“God, I am only five months old. I am my Guru’s youngest disciple. He has given me a most beautiful Indian name.”

“What is your Indian name?”

“My Indian name is Vani. It means message, divine message.”

“I see. Thank you.”

“God, I have a problem.”

“What is your problem, Veronica?”

“My problem is that when I see my Guru, I start crying bitterly. You know, God, I am so fond of his picture. I love his picture much more than I love him. Can You tell me, God, why I do this?”

“Veronica, every day you see your Guru’s picture with such joy and love, whereas you see and will see your Guru physically on rare occasions. Naturally you will love his picture more than you love him.”

“God, You have truly solved my problem. Thank You.”

God offers to Veronica His most affectionate Smile.

Charles' conversation with God

“God, I am in serious trouble. Please help me. You know that my mother and my father have gone crazy. They have an Indian Guru. First of all, I have to tell You what ‘Guru’ means. It means ‘spiritual teacher’. My parents go to his house very often. I must say he is a nice guy. What I want to tell You is that my parents want me to get an Indian name from their Guru. I tell them, ‘What is wrong with my own name?’ God, don’t You like my American name?”

“Certainly I do.”

“Then why do my parents tell me that I need another name, a silly Indian name?”

“You are right. And now I ask you one thing. If I have two ripe, delicious mangoes for you, would you care to have both the mangoes, or would you be happy and satisfied with only one?”

“God, do You think I am a fool? I would immediately grab both of them.”

“It is just the same with your name. If you have two names instead of just one, you will enjoy yourself more.”

“Oh God, I forgot to tell You that my father’s Indian name is Ramakrishna and my mother’s Indian name is Parvati. The other day my father told me that his name means two gods. Rama is one god, and Krishna is another god. I told him that he was wrong. There can be only one God. The Father in the church has taught us that. My own father knew he had made a mistake and he kept quiet. The same thing happened with my mother. The other day my mother told me that her name, Parvati, is the name of a goddess. I told her right away that she was all wrong. The only goddess is our Virgin Mother. That is what the Father at our church always says. My mother knew that she made a mistake, so she kept quiet like my father.”

“What else did the Father at your church tell you?”

“He told me something very important. He told me that only God knows everything. God, I tell You that he is a nice Father. He told me that he himself does not know everything; but he says God knows everything.”

“So you know that I am that God. I want to tell you that your parents were not wrong. They told you the right thing. There are as many gods and goddesses as there are men and women on earth.”

“That means that the Father in the church was completely wrong.”

“No, he was not completely wrong. Let Me explain it to you. Just look at that tree. It has thousands of leaves. When you look at the countless leaves, you know that it is a tree. Again, just by looking at only the trunk of the tree you can also tell that it is a tree. So, you can see that God is one, and at the same time, He is many. The same thing is with the Goddess. She is one and at the same time, She is many.”

“God, thank You very much. I shall tell my parents all that You have said to me just now. I am sure they don’t know a thing about gods and goddesses. Now, before You run away God, tell me one thing more. Is it necessary for me to have an Indian name?”

“Yes, you should and must. Tell your parents’ Indian Guru that I have given you your Indian name. It is Ranajit. It means the Conqueror in the Battlefield. This name will give you Victory in the inner battlefield of your life, as Charles gives you Victory in the outer field of life.”

“God, what are the things that I have to conquer in the inner battlefield of life?”

“You have many enemies in your inner life. Among them, fear and doubt are extremely dangerous. When you conquer them, I shall be deeply pleased with you, and be highly proud of you.”

“I promise, I shall do that. Thank You God.”

From:Sri Chinmoy,Children's conversations with God, Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse, New York, 1971
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