Chandelier, part 1

My Beauty


My beauty

Is immortal in Heaven.

My duty

Is immortal on earth.

My aspiration

Is immortal in life.

My surrender

Is immortal in God.


To See Her Is to Own Her


Each of her spiritual children

Thought of her differently,

Spoke of her differently,

Saw her differently,

Loved her differently,

Judged her differently.

To each she represented

Something else.

But one sweet fact they all affirmed:

“To see her is to own her.”




Although I teach, I am the cap of fools;

Although I love all souls, a fiend am I.

I am not strong, yet for the weak I fight;

At will I sell myself and myself I buy.

At every pause my life I contradict.

To me are ever the same all truths and lies.

To me the earthly beings and He are one.

We fly in His Bosom vast, in us He flies.


Body, Be Not Impure


Body, be not impure.

Vital, be not restless.

Mind, be not obscure.

Heart, be not insecure.

Life, be not hopeless.

Death, be not so sure.


The Golden Flute


A sea of Peace and Joy and Light

Beyond my reach I know.

In me the storm-tossed weeping night

Finds room to rage and flow.

I cry aloud, but all in vain;

I helpless, the earth unkind!

What soul of might can share my pain?

Death-dart alone I find.

A raft am I on the sea of Time,

My oars are washed away.

How can I hope to reach the clime

Of God’s eternal Day?

But hark! I hear Thy golden Flute,

Its notes bring the Summit down.

Now safe am I, O Absolute!

Gone death, gone night’s stark frown!


A Hundred Years


A hundred years from now

My highest Goal shall bow

To me, to me, to me.

A hundred years from now

My Silence-Breath shall cow

Dark earth’s ignorance-sea.

A hundred years from now

My single Eye shall plough

The soil of Eternity.

A hundred years from now

I shall, I shall endow

My Lord with my Spirit’s Key.


I Am a Fool


I am a fool, they say.

Am I, am I a fool?

I go to my inner School;

God’s Eye my eternal Day.

To serve my Lord in His Play,

To found His Smile on earth,

My divinely human birth.

Yet I am a fool, they say.


I Am a Thief


I am a thief; I steal every night.

Each theft of mine kindles a thrill

On the Supreme’s all-fulfilling Eye.

What do I steal? His Grace, my meal.

Why do I steal? He compels me so.

Perhaps He finds no other way

To feed my Spirit’s hunger stark

With the Nectar of His shadowless Ray.


I Cry, I Smile


I cry, I smile to be Thy Vision-dove

Within, without, my Lord, below, above.

Mine is the life of the selfless, soulful cry.

Mine is the heart of Beauty’s rainbow-sky.

Always with Thee, my soul of love-delight

Shall sing and dance, to clasp Thy Victory-Height.


I Shall Not Sleep


I shall not sleep, I shall not sleep

In the sea of vast ignorance deep!

I shall now run and dive and fly.

I shall now touch my freedom-sky.


I Sit Alone


I sit alone with a throbbing moan.

I cry alone with flowers dry.

I eat alone with the rat of the church.

I fly alone in the earth-bound sky.


Into the World I Came, Not for Enormous Fame


Into the world I came,

Not for enormous fame.

Into the world I came,

To see Thy earthly frame.


My Body Sleeps


My body sleeps, my vital sleeps,

Also my mind and heart.

Alas, my soul of suffering

Keeps crying in bondage-mart.


My Ego and My Soul


My ego needs.

My soul has.

My ego tries.

My soul does.

My ego knows the problem that is.

My soul becomes the answer that is.

I am not alone;

Within my unlit self

My ego, my naked death.

I am not alone;

Within my snow-white heart

My soul and my Spirit’s flame.


At Last I Know


At last I know my name.

My name is God’s eternal Game.

At last I know my name.

At last I know my age.

My age is Infinity’s page.

At last I know my age.

At last I know my home.

My home is where my flame-worlds roam.

At last I know my home. ```

My Task


I ask, my Lord Supreme, I ask:

What is my task, what is my task?

“My child, try and cry to change thy face,

And tell the world My Name is Grace.”

Shall I succeed, can I succeed?

“Why not, why not? My Breath shall feed

Your life of love, devotion pure,

Victory all-where when surrender sure.”


No Good


No good, no good, no good!

Eat not ignorance-food!

Always desire-delight

And pure perfection-height.


The Supreme


Father, I have seen.


Father, I have known.


Father, I have felt.


Father, I have become.


Father, I Am.



O United Nations


O United Nations, O U.N.,

You are the world-body

Crying for the world-soul,

And you are the earth-life

Longing for oneness-goal.

In the heart of your glowing dream,

Big brothers and brothers small

Shall smile, sing and dance,

O Vision-Perfection in all! ```

O Wilson's League of Nations


O Wilson’s League of Nations pure,

No more your dream remains obscure.

Behold your tree, its fruit and flower,

Dancing in the world of oneness-hour! ```

The Absolute


No mind, no form, I only exist;

Now ceased all will and thought.

The final end of Nature’s dance,

I am It whom I have sought.

A realm of Bliss bare, ultimate;

Beyond both knower and known;

A rest immense I enjoy at last;

I face the One alone.

I have crossed the secret ways of life,

I have become the Goal.

The Truth immutable is revealed;

I am the way, the God-Soul.

My spirit aware of all the heights,

I am mute in the core of the Sun.

I barter nothing with time and deeds;

My cosmic play is done.


The First Woman


The first woman


The first man

To eat.

The last woman

Shall inspire

The last man

To be divine,

To be perfect,

To be supreme.


I Am an Idiot


I know I am an idiot true.

In the growing clouds my hopeful feet,

Hands flung skywards for the blue stars.

My throes no sun, no moon, shall greet.

I had a dream, a real dream:

God would bury Himself to live

In human ignorance hungry and black,

To human death His Soul He’ll give.


I Know Now


I know now what my soul can be.

My soul can be my Guru’s food.

I know now what my life can be.

My life can be my Lord’s childhood.

I know now what my mind can be.

My mind can be my Master’s joy.

I know now what my heart can be.

My heart can be the Light Chinmoy.


I Say, I Say


I say, I say!

I nothing know, I nothing see.

Yet with me You play,

In me You glow

With Compassion free. ```



What is marriage?

The smile of love

That allows two souls

To soar above.

What is marriage?

The curse of night.

A tug-of-war,

No escape to Light.

What is marriage?

God’s fulfilment true.

In Silence and Power

His Vision’s due.


O, Come and Sing With Me


O, come and sing with me,

I shall give you my love

And all my beauty free.

O, come and dance with me,

I shall give you my breath

And my life of nectar-sea.

O, come and cry with me,

Cry with me,

Cry with me.

O Beloved, O Lover sweet,

We shall shine, we shall shine

Through Eternity!


To Think of Her


To think of Her

Is to become a chosen instrument of God.

To meditate on Her

Is to reach the heights of Paradise unchallenged.

To see Her

Is to sit on Infinity’s Transcendental Throne.

To feel Her

Is to become Immortality’s Bliss.


Supreme Bhagaban Supremo Gott








Ishwara ```

Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest


Sweet is my Lord.

Him I have realised as the Eternal Truth.

Sweeter is my Lord.

Him I have realised as the only Doer.

Sweetest is my Lord.

Him I have realised as the Enjoyer Supreme. ```



Tears, idle tears,


Tears, soulful tears,


Tears, helpless tears,


Tears, determined tears,



Heaven Is Afraid of Me


Heaven is afraid of me.

What can I do?

I fly beyond its glee,

Piercing the Blue.

Earth is afraid of me.

What can I do?

I fell its Ignorance-tree

To plant the True.

Hell is afraid of me.

What can I do?

My compassion frees its pangs

From the racking screw.

My soul is afraid of me.

What can I do?

My body’s Eternity

I needs must hue.


O Dream of God


O dream of God,

O dream of man,

Your soul smiles with


O love of Truth,

O truth of Love,

I see your flood

Of dance above.


I Pray for You, O U.N. Soul


I pray for you, O U.N. soul.

I pray for your Victory’s golden crown.

Your sun shall burst our bondage-frown.

No cry, no sigh, no darkness-role.


O Body of the World (2)


O body of the world,

O soul of the world,

In you the nest

Of cosmic oneness-rest.

Yours is the nectar-role;

Our souls desire to grow

In your duty’s vision-glow. ```

I Know You Surely Can


U.N., U.N., U.N.!

I know you surely can

Transform the human face,

Illume the earthly race,

And strike the Hour Supreme

To clasp your Promise-Dream.


With You Began


U.N., U.N.!

With you began

A fulness-cry

In oneness-sky.

For you I see

A flood-ecstasy.


Our Ascending Hope


U.N., U.N., U.N.!

You are our ascending hope,

You are our spreading scope.

The meteor-speed of your boat

Is touching the shore remote.

Your victory’s flower-light

Shows us the Silence-Height. ```

The Lord's Sun-Vision-Plan


U.N., U.N., U.N., U.N.!

You are the Lord’s Sun-Vision Plan.

We know your soul, its beauty’s flow,

A world-body’s translucent glow. ```

Our U.N. Soul


We know our U.N. soul

And its God-decreed role.

We know our U.N. life

That braves ignorance-knife.

We know our U.N. cry:

A quest for the oneness-sky.


O Great U.N.!


O great U.N.! O good U.N.!

You own Eternity’s sure ken.

Your soul-love shall never die.

All-where it soon will multiply.

You are our sun-vast promise-surprise

And God-Waves high beyond surmise.


They Say


They say, U.N. is puny, weak and poor.

I say, have they measured its sky-heart door?

They say, feeble is the U.N. voice.

I say, U.N. our Father’s constant Choice.





O mother and child, O sweetness-sea,

O beauty-flower and duty-tree!

You are your glowing eyes of light,

You are your loving oneness-height,

You are your soaring fulfilment-dream,

A true triumph of the Lord Supreme. ```

O Human Rights


O Human Rights Divine!

In harmony-world you shine.

You are the voice of Light

And blue Perfection-Height.

Yours is the supreme role

To change the cosmos-dole.

You are the only strength

Of Heaven’s Vision-length.

Division, bondage, doom,

No more —

All oneness-bloom. ```

U.N. Meditation


U.N. meditation: a soulful cry

To reach the vastness of oneness-sky.

United Nations Meditation Group:

A simple, Truth-serving, all-loving troop.

United Nations Meditation Room:

To stop for good the birth of cosmos-doom.


O World Gratitude Day


O World Gratitude Day!

I pray for you, I pray.

Man’s feeble climbing ray

Is one with God’s Vision-Play.

Compassion: highest gift.

Gratitude: fastest lift.

Only satisfaction-seed

Can feed man and God’s need.




Oneness-earth, oneness:

A life of fulness.

Division-mind dies,

Oneness-heart flies.

Heaven’s God-length:

Oneness-earth’s strength.

Today’s Vision-Plan:

Tomorrow’s God-man.


O Diplomat, O Delegate!


O diplomat, O delegate!

You change your country’s fate.

Sorrows and joys in fulness

You bring to the U.N. oneness.

Long live your country’s height;

Long live its pure delight.


We Believe


We believe and we hold that each man has the

potentiality of reaching the Ultimate Truth. We

also believe that man cannot and will not remain

imperfect forever. Each man is an instrument of

God. When the hour strikes, each individual soul

listens to the inner dictates of God. When man

listens to God, his imperfections are turned into

perfections, his ignorance into knowledge, his

searching mind into revealing light and his

uncertain reality into all-fulfilling Divinity.

[Motto of Sri Chinmoy: The Peace Meditation at the United Nations]


The United Nations


The United Nations is the Supreme Law of the world.

[Words of Trygve Lie, Secretary-General of the United Nations]


May I Be Offered


May I be offered to that in the offering which will be offered. . .

God took the form of man in the victim who chose to be sacrificed.

[Words of Dag Hammarskjold, Secretary-General of the United Nations] ```

In the Wake of the Most Catastrophic War


In the wake of the most catastrophic war in the

history of mankind, humanity had a new Vision:

it saw the glimmer of dawn of a warless world.

[Words of U Thant, Secretary-General of the United Nations]


Gone Are the Days


Gone are the days when each Nation was an island unto itself.

[Words of U Thant, Secretary-General of the United Nations]


I Know That the World


I know that the world cannot do without the United Nations.

[Words of Kurt Waldheim, Secretary-General of the United Nations]


We Are Men and Women


We are men and women from many lands,

representing a rich variety of cultures. And

we have been brought together to work in

a great common cause: the survival and

progress of mankind.

[Words of Kurt Waldheim, Secretary-General of the United Nations]


Forward, Upward, Onward, Together


Forward, upward, onward, together.

[Motto of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas]


Honour, Justice and Liberty


Honour, Justice and Liberty.

[Motto of the Republic of Panama]


The League of Nations


I am rarely enthusiastic about what the

League of Nations has done or not done,

but I am always thankful that it exists.

[Words of Albert Einstein]


Make a Peace


Make a peace that does not conceal a future war.

[Words of Albert Einstein]


Nothing I Can Do or Say


Nothing I can do or say will change the structure

of the universe. But maybe, by raising my voice,

I can help the greatest of all causes: good-will

among men and peace on earth.

[Words of Albert Einstein] ```

Our Physical Separateness


If it were not for our physical separateness, we would

more clearly perceive our psychic interdependence.

[Words of Elliot Richardson] ```

My Fellow Inhabitants


My fellow inhabitants of this planet: let us take

our stand here in this assembly of nations. And

let us see if we, in our own time, can move the

world towards a just and lasting peace.

[Words of President John F. Kennedy] ```

In Order to Have a Free Access


In order to have a free access to the integral planet,

you will have to be integral in yourself, to resonate

with the same inner process of realisation and

transformation. Planetisation of mankind requires,

ultimately, the self-transcendent man.

[Words of Donald Keys]


All Men Are Created Equal


All men are created equal. Not some men.

Not white men. All men. America, rise up

and come home.

[Words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.]


I Have a Dream


I have a dream. Today, with this faith we will be able

to work together, to pray together, to struggle together,

to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together,

knowing that we will be free one day.

[Words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.] ```

The Threat of Self-Extinction


Mankind is now, as never before, faced by the

threat of self-extinction, from which there is no

retreat and no escape. There is only one way out,

that leading up to the brotherhood of man.

Humanity will have to follow it or perish.

[Words of Ambassador Zenon Rossides of Cyprus]


We Are Confident


We are confident that the time is near when the Member States

of a great international Organisation will bring to it their voices

and their influence, not governed by self-centred pursuits or

their particular interest, but in terms of the common good of

humanity in its progress towards world peace based on freedom.

[Words of Ambassador Zenon Rossides of Cyprus]


We Come with an Open Mind


We come with an open mind and an open heart.

We are not unaware of our limitations. We are a

small country, one of the smallest units of the

United Nations, and we command no material

power or influence; our strength will depend

wholly on the moral content of our stand.

[Words of Ambassador Zenon Rossides of Cyprus] ```



It is co-existence or no existence.

[Words of Bertrand Russell]


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