Question: You were doing quite well, too.

Carl Lewis: It is a matter of body movement and pelvic position. The reason somebody like Alberto Salazar can’t sprint has only a little bit to do with his muscles. Fast twitch or slow twitch accounts for, say, ten percent of the reason. The rest is because he doesn’t know the mechanics of sprinting. The mechanics of sprinting always require the hips to be in front of the centre of gravity. Most people think you have to lean over, but you stand up on your toes, tilt your hips forward and run. You can’t run on your toes unless your hips are forward. If they are not forward, you run on your heels. We tape every competition. For the first year, in 95 percent of my workouts we found mistakes. I'm still working on them. But I don’t make mistakes that much in practice. You practise, you review and work for the next time.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Carl Lewis: the champion inner runner, Agni Press, 1991
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