Compassion-sea and satisfaction-waves


A true spiritual Master is he whose self-giving compassion and God-becoming love are bound to pass into the heart-currency of the human race, not only for humanity’s total perfection, but also for divinity’s complete satisfaction.


To be the standard-bearer of the human race, what my life needs is perfection in the thought-world and satisfaction in the action-world.


Do you really love God? If so, then speak like God compassionately and act like God unconditionally.


The human in us desires patronage.

The divine in us desires fellowship.

Man appreciates patronage. God treasures fellowship.


Obstructions loom large within and without. Nevertheless, like a kite I shall rise without fail against the wind.


Because of your constant and unconditional love for God, nobody can inspire you to do anything wrong.


Even an adventitious meeting with a spiritual Master can totally transform the seeker’s life.


Impurity is destroying the entire world.

Do you know the name of its main accomplice?



O my idle body, accelerate, accelerate! How many more years do you expect the goal to wait compassionately for you?


O my impurity-vital and insincerity-mind, if you dare to abscond with my satisfaction-life, sooner than at once you will be caught by my purity-soul and sincerity-heart.

My soul and heart are eager to help you.

Just give them a chance. They will transform you not only radically but also unconditionally.


God loved you, loves you and will always love you. But you will feel His Love infinitely more than you feel it now if you can soulfully say only once that you are of Him and for Him alone.


The human heart is an ascending hope. The divine soul is a descending rope.


Happy I am with my Lord’s Compassion-Feet. But happy I am not with my aspiration-heart, dedication-body and realisation-life.


My mind does not know that it abides in its opinion-slavery. My heart does not know that it dwells in its aspiration-discovery.


My sweet Lord, I am grateful to You because Your Justice-Light is channelled to me. I am grateful to You because Your Compassion-Height is channelled through me.


My sweet Lord, I was happy because You forgave me.

I am happier because I value Your Forgiveness.

I shall be happiest because I shall try to deserve Your Forgiveness when I make serious mistakes in the palace of my desire-life and in the heart of my aspiration-life.


A doubting mind resists so that the aspiring heart can conquer it.


Hope feeds the future in us.

Remembrance feeds the past in us.

Cheerfulness feeds the present in us.


In the spiritual life the fear of the doubting mind is worse than the fear of the devouring lion.


Perfection is the satisfaction of the divine in us. Satisfaction is the aspiration of the human in us.


In the morning you are expected to pray.

In the evening you are expected to wait.

At night you are bound to achieve and smile.


When doubt ends, satisfaction begins, truth continues, God smiles.


Do you want to be the victim or do you want to be the victor?

If you want to be the victim, then go and possess the world.

If you want to be the victor, then stay where you are and renounce the world.


Better to love than to be loved.

Better to serve than to be served.

Better to dance the dance of oneness than to sing the song of togetherness.


Hesitation has to surrender to necessity. Necessity has to surrender to God’s dispensation.


What I need is self-discovery.

What my life needs is self-harmony.

Self-discovery will bring God down to me. Self-harmony will bring me up to God.


If you think that my happy face is a mask covering my true unhappiness, then you may be right.

If you think that our Beloved Supreme’s happy Face is a mask covering His true unhappiness, then you are totally wrong.

But if you want to see His happy Face, then you have to become first a happy heart. There is no other way.


The entire world may not change.

The entire world cannot change.

The entire world even will not change.

But your tiny world you can and will change forever at this very moment with the help of your confidence-heart.

Yours will be the unparalleled victory.


Can you imagine, can you dare to imagine, that every day my dear Supreme, my sweet Supreme and my Beloved Supreme comes to me seven times?

The first time He comes to examine my willingness.

The second time He comes to examine my readiness.

The third time He comes to examine my newness.

The fourth time He comes to examine my oneness.

The fifth time He comes to examine my fulness.

The sixth time He comes to examine my perfection. The seventh time He comes to examine my satisfaction.


My mind and my heart lived together for a long time. Once they got separated, my mind entered into the confusion-wilderness and my heart returned to its satisfaction-home.


I can say something nice to myself and I can do something good for myself only when I am completely convinced that my earth-bound desire-life has said nothing nice to me and will say nothing nice to me, has done nothing good for me and will do nothing good for me.


Either the undivine in me can conquer the divine in me, or the divine in me can conquer the undivine in me.

But once I have accepted the spiritual life, the divine in me — in the long run — conquers the undivine in me totally, for good, forever and forever.

What do we mean by the spiritual life? The spiritual life means God’s Love-Cry in man and for man and man’s gratitude-smile in God and for God.


No, not a precarious chance, but a glorious choice and an auspicious peace can carry us to God’s Feet for His infinite Compassion, eternal Love and immortal Peace.


Surprisingly great is the beauty of self-expression. Surprisingly good is the duty of self-control.


An earthly rich man has many things to live on, but he has practically nothing to live for. A Heavenly rich soul lives only on one thing — God’s Compassion — and lives only for one thing — God’s Satisfaction.


O my Eternity’s Beloved Supreme, do bless me with two blessingful opportunity-boons which I shall treasure for the rest of my life.

“Granted, My child, granted.

Now let Me know, My child, which are the opportunity-boons that you need from Me.”

O my Eternity’s Beloved Supreme, a silence-mouth and a sound-heart.

Do keep my big and proud mouth shut.

Do keep my tiny and pure heart open.

These are the two blessingful boons I need from You, and nothing else.


Alas, alas, the human life is all deception.

It expresses perfection infinitely more than it has achieved.

It offers satisfaction infinitely more than it feels.


My Lord, my Lord, my Lord, Your Indifference-Blow has awakened me, Your Compassion-Flow has saved me, Your Justice-Light has taught me and Your Concern-Might has liberated me, my Lord, my Lord, my Lord.


A lamp of God is the master key to open all our heart-doors.


Wisdom-light can and shall solve all human problems. To achieve wisdom-light we must all pray for surrender-delight.


My mind’s impurity and my heart’s purity are two neighbours. But they have never met and perhaps will never meet, for each is afraid of losing its own precious qualities.


My Lord, my Lord, my Lord, my life is empty.

“My child, if your life is empty, then keep a dedication-flower inside your life.”

My Lord, my Lord, my Lord, my heart is empty.

“My child, if your heart is empty, then keep an aspiration-flame inside your heart.”


My Lord, my Lord, yesterday I competed with the rest of the world.

Today I am competing with my own self.

Tomorrow I shall compete with Your eternal Compassion and infinite Forgiveness.

My Lord, my Lord, do You ever compete with anything or anybody?

“Yes, My child, I do.

I compete every day with your unbelief and disbelief that you are another God.

You feel that you are not another God.

So I must compete daily with your ignorance-unbelief and disbelief.”


Silence, silence, silence.

Silence awakens the sleeping seeker in me.

Silence enlightens the aspiring seeker in me.

Silence fulfils the self-giving seeker in me.

Silence, silence, silence.


My Supreme Lord, do take away from me my two old enemies: submission and domination.

Submission-enemy compels me to submit to the strong in me.

Domination-enemy compels me to dominate the weak in me.

I do not want to submit.

I do not want to dominate.

What I need is illumination.

What I need is perfection.

My Supreme Lord, I need Your Illumination to illumine the weak in me.

I need Your Perfection to perfect the strong in me.


My human life has countless questions.

But there are only two answers, the inner and the outer.

The inner answer is illumination and the outer answer is perfection.


Communication in complete silence is the supreme art.

Only God and Truth have mastered this art.

Let me send my pure heart to learn this supreme art from God and Truth. Communication in silence is not only the supreme art but also the everlasting Satisfaction.


My Supreme Lord, the evening has set in.

At this hour please tell me how I can please You most soulfully.

“My sweet child, you can please Me most soulfully at this beautiful hour if you can pray to Me for the beauty of eternal peace, if you can meditate on Me for the beauty of inner peace, if you can contemplate on Me for the reality of eternal peace, peace, peace.

“Evening is all peace.

I want your entire life to be inundated with peace, and for that what I need from you is a powerful smile and a powerful cry. A powerful smile I want to see in your soulful eyes and a powerful cry I want to see in your cheerful heart.”


A pure heart can enjoy God’s Love for a fleeting second, but God’s Love enjoys a pure heart forever and forever.


What each seeker needs in this world is the reality-existence of peace that passes beyond the unkind misunderstanding-barriers.


How can there be real peace in our inner and outer lives when God is not invited into our hearts even once a day?


Peace won by compromise is a bird that flies away. Peace that comes from the inner awakening is the peace everlasting.


Peace does not live in a pill.

Peace does not live in an injection.

Peace lives in self-cultivation. Peace lives in conscious God-possession.


A confusion-mind and an unrest-vital have taken away the peace of the silence-heart.


To seek peace within myself is the only wisdom-light that I need.


Wait and see.

There is no peace.

See and wait.

There is no peace.

Cry and become.

There is all peace.

Become only to cry. There is all peace.


Since I do not know what to do, can I not at least try to know who I am?

Who am I?

I am at once God’s representative and man’s representative.

On earth I represent God’s Compassion.

In Heaven I represent man’s perfection.


It is true that I have lost confidence in my prayer and meditation.

But can I not at this very moment start to restore my confidence in my prayer and in my meditation?

I can restore my confidence in my prayer and meditation just by repeating a soulful message to myself: mine is the heart that always prays; mine is the life that always meditates.


By this time I must realise that there are certain things in life that are not mine.

Again, there are certain things which are entirely mine.

The things that do not belong to me, how can I claim them?

The things that do belong to me, how is it that I do not claim them?

Insecurity and impurity do not belong to me.

How can I claim them?

Security and purity, right from time immemorial, have been with me.

How is it that I do not claim them as my own, very own?


My sweet children, do not hide anything from me.

If you want to increase my faith in you, do not hide anything from me.

My children, you have many, many, many desires, but I have only one desire, only one desire, and that desire is to make you supremely chosen instruments of my Beloved Supreme.

This is my only desire. Do help me fulfil my only desire.


My sleeplessly soulful dedication develops two invisible forces. Eventually these two invisible forces become totally visible, and then they are known as man the perfection-force and God the Satisfaction-Force.


You want to know how I have changed my past in such an astonishing way?

I wish to tell you that it was very, very simple.

It was an easy task.

I just made a life-transforming decision, and that is all.

And what was that life-transforming decision?

At dawn and early in the morning I shall always feel that I am in my Beloved Supreme.

At noon and in the afternoon I shall always feel that I am with my Beloved Supreme. In the evening and at night I shall always feel that I am for my Beloved Supreme.


Cheerfulness is not excitement.

Cheerfulness is my inner poise, and it is also God’s complete Faith in me.

Another name of my inner poise is God’s unreserved Confidence in me.


It is a very happy day for me today, for today I have decided that I shall not continue to live with my false confidence — my false confidence that I can destroy the world, the entire world.

From today on I shall live only with real confidence.

My real confidence is this: I shall serve my Beloved Supreme to transform this world into perfect Perfection — a world that will not see the faces of insecurity and impurity, two unforgivable forces that are not allowing this beautiful world of ours to be absolutely perfect.

When insecurity captures my heart, I shall immediately declare: “Larger than the largest am I.

Larger than the universe am I.” When impurity captures my life, I shall immediately declare: “I am oneness, universal oneness, within and without.”

From:Sri Chinmoy,Compassion-sea and satisfaction-waves, Agni Press, 1992
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