Question: When you put a force on someone, do you throw out light? Like when M got accepted into the mountain climbing team against all odds?

Sri Chinmoy: It is done with will-power. I see which way that will-power will be accepted. There are many ways in which will-power can work; it is very clever. It will enter into the individual who is the boss and then take the form of compassion. It is tremendous will-power, but it will enter into that person as compassion. He will say, “Poor fellow, let me accept him.” Five minutes earlier he was in an undivine consciousness, but now he is feeling extremely sorry. Occultists may create fear. They make the individual think, “If I don’t take this person, our whole expedition will be ruined. O God, let us take him; otherwise we will fail.” But I don’t do this. I always try the positive side, so that the boss will see something which he never saw before. When you are in a cheerful frame of mind, you are ready to give everything. When you are happy, you are ready to empty your heart, empty your pockets. But when you are unhappy, you don’t give even a cent. Here it is a matter of happiness. But when we use will-power, this is infinitely more powerful. It goes much faster than a bullet. Like a rocket it works.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Conversations with the Master, Agni Press, 1977
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