Act II, Scene 8

(Aurobindo is asleep. It is far into the night. It is the eve of his departure. Enter Bharatmata. Hair dishevelled, face overwhelmed with sorrow, old sari with many holes.)

BHARATMATA: My son, I am come at last. India demands your express arrival. For you will awake the slumbering nation. Darkness has begun to thicken in front of me. It will serve no use to lengthen my story by fruitless emotional gestures. Make me free, make me free, my son.

AUROBINDO: Mother, I offer my heart and soul to abide by your high command. No more shall you utter the wail of misery. I shall turn the wind of Swadesh into a gigantic tornado.

BHARATMATA: I am so happy, I am so happy, my son, for your face shows a thunder-willed determination.

(Enter the presiding deity of Britain.)

DEITY: My son, I have brought you up for the last fourteen years with kindly love and affection. Have I no claim?

AUROBINDO: Certainly, you do have. But our India must have freedom to save all humanity from peril. In the years to come, India and Britain will cherish a unique amity. No futile wrangling — the flood of peace shall inundate both countries.

DEITY: My sole request to you is that you will not do away with my language and literature. Nothing more, nothing less I ask of you.

AUROBINDO: To you I am immensely indebted. My pen shall ever serve your language and thus I shall as well serve you.

(Enter the World-Mother on tip-toe. She looks intently into his face.)

MOTHER: Do you recognise me?

AUROBINDO: I have seen you time and again in the world of dream. But shall we ever meet in the physical world?

MOTHER: Why not, why not? At the divine hour I shall go and stand beside you in India. Down to earth we shall carry our highest Truth. You and I shall be the harbingers of a new humanity. I know, but you do not yet know that you are the new Sri Krishna of India. You are my Lord.

From:Chinmoy Kumar Ghose,The Descent of the Blue, Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse, 1972
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