Act III, Scene 6

(Lunch. Aurobindo, Ramesh Dutta and Dinendra Kumar. Keshta serves them.)

RAMESH: Mr. Ghosh, does your cook serve you with such dishes daily?

AUROBINDO: No, no. These are special dishes for you.

DINENDRA: Good Heavens! Special dishes, indeed! (Looks daggers at Keshta.) Keshta, how incorrigible you are! You have spoilt everything. Your very sight is repugnant to me. Barmecide covers were better far than your concoction. What a burning sensation from mouth to gullet!

KESHTA: Sir, excuse me this time. I am extremely sorry. I shall be very, very careful next time.

DINENDRA: And where is your ghee? You have given us so much water for our bath, you fool!

AUROBINDO: How is it that I was quite unaware of all this? I wonder how I could eat without feeling anything!

(Dinendra and Ramesh burst into laughter.)

DINENDRA: Aurobindo, my young friend, you do not belong to this earth. You remain in your own world.

KESHTA (looking at Dinendra Kumar): Sir, next time I shall prepare a grand dish.

AUROBINDO (with a compassionate look): Keshta, it will be quite nice of you if you can.

KESHTA: Sir, I promise, I shall be no fool again.

From:Chinmoy Kumar Ghose,The Descent of the Blue, Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse, 1972
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