Act VIII, Scene 7

(Bagbazar. Nivedita's residence. She is poring over the latest issue of the Karmayogin. Sudhira is standing by the table.)

NIVEDITA (raising her head): Listen, Sudhira, and tell me who could write like this? (She reads out.) "All great movements wait for their Godsent leader, the willing channel of His force, and only when he comes, move forward triumphantly to their fulfilment... Our ideal of Swaraj involves no hatred of any other nation nor of the administration which is now established by law in this country. We find a bureaucratic administration, we wish to make it democratic; we find an alien government, we wish to make it indigenous; we find a foreign control, we wish to render it Indian. They lie who say that this aspiration necessitates hatred and violence. Our ideal of patriotism proceeds on the basis of love and brotherhood and it looks beyond the unity of the nation and envisages the ultimate unity of mankind..."

SUDHIRA: Who but Mr. Ghosh?

NIVEDITA: Right. These words will pass into history and materialise in the life of India. Mr. Ghosh is not simply India's glory. He is the glory of God in the world.

SUDHIRA: It is a thousand pities that the Government should think of him as a menace to their existence.

NIVEDITA: Menace, no doubt, to a ruthless engine of repression that the Government are. I am, however, strongly persuaded that Mr. Ghosh's present letter to his countrymen will do the job. It is as clear as it is outspoken and well within legal bounds. Aurobindo is the Truth that is India. And the Truth will triumph.

From:Chinmoy Kumar Ghose,The Descent of the Blue, Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse, 1972
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