Act IX, Scene 8

(Shanker Chetty's house. K.V. Rangaswamy Iyengar, the zamindar of Kodailam, comes to meet Aurobindo.)

K.V. IYENGAR (bowing down): I have come to place myself at your feet.

AUROBINDO: How do you mean?

K.V. IYENGAR: My Guru while leaving us for his Heavenly abode advised me to take spiritual help from you.

AUROBINDO: Me! How could he know of me?

K.V. IYENGAR: His words have come literally true.


K.V. IYENGAR: He said to me that a Purnayogi from the North would be coming to the South seeking refuge. Now that you are no more in the vortex of the country's politics and have come here for a life of seclusion, I am sure that you are that very Purnayogi.

AUROBINDO (giving a smile): Is it so?

K.V. IYENGAR: I will come to you again with whatever help I can afford for your service. Pray give me your blessings. (Bowing down he looks up at Aurobindo's face.)

AUROBINDO: My blessings are already with you.

From:Chinmoy Kumar Ghose,The Descent of the Blue, Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse, 1972
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