Act XI, Scene 3

(1923. Pondicherry. Sri Aurobindo's residence. Enter T.V. Kapali Sastri, an eminent Sanskrit scholar of South India.)

KAPALI (bowing his head to Sri Aurobindo): Sir, six years back when I first came to you I asked you about India's possibilities and you gave me an inspiring answer, "not possibility but certainty". This time you are giving me another inspiring thing — your golden complexion. It is no longer deep brown as before. In you, Yoga incarnate carries now its true complexion.

Now I have come, my mind made up once for all, to throw myself at your feet and upon your Grace for ever. Pray, how should I proceed in the first step of your Yoga?

SRI AUROBINDO: My Yoga aims at transformation of the whole being, not excluding the physical.

KAPALI: How and where to begin?

SRI AUROBINDO: One has to bring the Divine Consciousness right down into the very cells.

KAPALI: Too difficult even to think of. But I cannot try the too-hard so soon. I repeat, I throw myself at your feet and upon your Grace, now and for ever. Do with me as you please.

(Sri Aurobindo gives a gracious smile and a nodding assent. With a parting pranam Kapali leaves the Master's presence, profoundly happy.)

From:Chinmoy Kumar Ghose,The Descent of the Blue, Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse, 1972
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