The cosmic gods

The cosmic gods and goddesses are noble beings. They do not enter into a body and go through the same earthly process as human beings do. At the beginning of creation, the cosmic gods and goddesses started participating in God’s cosmic Drama in a different way. They got abundant Power, Light, Peace and Bliss from God. They got their own divinity in a special way. This divinity is composed only of inner Illumination, inner Power, inner Light and Bliss.

Cosmic gods and goddesses do not care for liberation. Since they do not come into the world, they are not bound in the same way that human beings are. He who is bound must cry for liberation, but he who is not bound may not feel the necessity to cry for liberation.

Only on rare occasions have there been cosmic gods and goddesses who have wanted liberation. But if they want liberation from the earthbound consciousness, if they want to realise and manifest the Highest, then they have to come into the world as a human being. A soul enters into the human stage and, in the process of evolution, becomes fully liberated and fully realised. There is nothing greater than Self-realisation. Now we are caught by ignorance; we are wallowing in the pleasures of ignorance. But a day will dawn when we will cross the sea of ignorance and death and, at that time, we will be freed from ignorance. The moment that we are freed from ignorance, we are liberated for good. Unless and until the cosmic gods enter into a human form and go through the process of reincarnation, they cannot have the Self-realisation or liberation that we human beings have. That is why we say that man is superior to the gods, because man gets Self-realisation, whereas the so-called gods do not care for liberation or Self-realisation.

The cosmic gods are satisfied with their own power, own light, own bliss. For them evolution is already finished. They have their own work and they don’t want to go one step higher or lower. They only want to be in a position to offer an act of service or an act of grace to mankind whenever they want to. They live and operate in the vital world, the higher vital world. They wait Above and from there they help seekers with their peace, light and bliss. In this way they shower God’s Blessings from Above, but they don’t want to touch the earth-plane; they only want to see what is happening from Above.

Because the cosmic gods and goddesses do not come into the earth-plane, they do not know anything concrete about our inner or outer life. They see our existence through their third eye, but when it is a matter of understanding anything about our diet or our material needs, they do not want and they do not care for that kind of immediate feeling of oneness with us. The cosmic gods show us concern or compassion or sometimes take us as an object of pity. But a spiritual Master himself goes through all kinds of sufferings so he cannot consider his fellow beings as an object of pity. He is totally identified with them. He who has entered into the world and played the whole game naturally will be able to act more effectively than the cosmic gods. He has come to know every rock, every corner, every heartbeat. Worldly experience gives us joy and frustration, all kinds of positive and negative things. That is why those who climb up the tree of realisation can help mankind more than those who only stay in the skies and offer their compassion-rain to us from above. Then, after staying on earth for a couple of incarnations, after knowing well what he saw inside this earth arena, he can work and offer his service from outside the world as well.

Their divinity is one thing and the divinity we shall ultimately achieve is another thing. Our transformed and liberated existence will be very different. When a human being is realised and consciously transformed, when somebody’s consciousness is divinised and flooded with Peace, Light and Bliss, at that time he brings down the highest Truth from above into the heart of the earth-plane. He becomes a direct, conscious channel of God to fulfil the Divine on earth. His sincere cry is to transform the entire earth-consciousness. He becomes one with humanity and feels that until the earth-consciousness is fully illumined, his role is not over. The thousands of cosmic gods and goddesses, on the other hand, are able to deal with relatively few human beings. Unlike the cosmic gods, the realised Master will touch the earth-consciousness and try to mould and perfect it the way God wants him to.

From:Sri Chinmoy,The Dance of the Cosmic Gods, Vishma Press, 1974
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