1. Dedication



Is God's Satisfaction

In Heaven's soul


In earth's heart.


2. Surrender


The finite surrenders

To the Infinite

Not because the Infinite

Is all-powerful,

But because the Infinite

Is all-love;

Plus the Infinite

Is the yet unrecognised reality

Of the finite itself.


3. Consciousness



Is the bridge between

Earth's aspiration-cry


Heaven's satisfaction-smile.


4. Purity



Is the supreme necessity

To grow into




5. Light



Is oneness-perfection

In Eternity's Height,

Infinity's Length


Immortality's Depth. ```

6. Cosmos


The divine in us

Is not only conscious of everything

That exists in the cosmos,

But also embodies everything

That is inside the cosmos.

Something more,

The divine in us

Is the cosmos,

The entire cosmos,

Itself. ```

7. Consistency



For a divine purpose

Is a continuous forward movement

Along Eternity's road toward





8. Courage


The human courage

Wants to break.

The divine courage

Wants to sail.

The supreme Courage

Wants Perfection-manifestation

Here on earth.


9. Peace



Is in minimising and diminishing

The desire-life


Increasing and fulfilling

The aspiration-life,

The life divine.


10. Life


The animal life

Finds satisfaction

In destruction-night.

The human life

Finds satisfaction

In temptation-day.

The divine life

Finds satisfaction

In the aspiration-moon,

The liberation-sky


The reality-sun. ```

11. Worship


We worship Someone

Who is not high above our heads,

But who is inside the very depth of our hearts,

And who loves us infinitely more

Than we love ourselves.

Not only that,

He alone loves us






And nobody else,

Not even we ourselves. ```

12. Devotion



Is the magnet

That pulls us towards the ecstasy-height,

The height that makes us see and feel

What we truly are:

Unmanifested divinity. ```

13. Detachment



Does not mean negligence.


Does not mean lack of concern for humanity.

True detachment means

Not to try to influence the world,

Convince the world

Or guide the world

In one's own way,

But to allow the world to grow

In God's way,

For in each individual

There is a spark of divinity.

Let divinity act

In and through each individual —

Seeker or non-seeker —

For the Inner Pilot knows best

How to operate

In and through each human being.


14. Humility



Is the mental clarity in us,

The vital reality in us


The physical divinity in us.


Is the most fruitful

Consciousness-reality in us. ```

15. Union



Is God-Vision in us.


Is God-Reality in us.


Is God-Satisfaction in us. ```

16. Simplicity


In the divine ladder


Is the first rung,


Is the second,


Is the third,


Is the fourth and highest.


17. Transformation



Of the body-consciousness

Has been a dream of the Supreme

For millennia.

This transformation

Of the body-consciousness

Will be the real Reality,

The perfect Perfection-Reality

On earth.


18. Work


To work under compulsion

Is to eventually revolt.

To work because that is the only thing

That can give us satisfaction

Or bring about our perfection

Is to become conscious and constant friends

Of our eternal Pilot Supreme.


19. Love


We love God

Because He is great:

This is what our desire-life

Has taught us.

We love God

Because He is good:

This is what our aspiration-life

Has taught us.

As long as we remain in the desire-world,

We shall love God

Because He is all-powerful.

The moment we enter into the aspiration-world,

We love God

Because He is all Goodness,

All Kindness,

All Compassion

For us.


20. Delight


Delight is our source,

Delight is our course


Delight is the all-illumining,

All-fulfilling force

In us,

With us


For us.


21. Sincerity



Is not the seed.


Is the fruit

Of God-action

In us,

Through us


For us.


22. Patience



Is not helpless surrender

To one's fate.


Is one's secret and sacred

Undying cry

To see the face of satisfaction-light. ```

23. Manifestation


Sincere aspiration itself

Is God-manifestation

For God-revelation


God-satisfaction in us.


Is Perfection supreme


Perfection supreme

Is Reality absolute. ```

24. Silence and sound


In silence

We grow and glow;

In sound

We love and serve.


Is the tree.


Is the fruit.

If there is no tree,

There can be no fruit

And if there is no fruit,

There is no need for a tree.

Silence and sound both

Are of paramount importance. ```

25. Dynamism


Dynamism of the soul

Is the illumining discovery

Of the seeker in us.

Dynamism is not aggression.

Aggression is the precursor of destruction.

Dynamism is God-enthusiasm in us

For God-realisation,




God satisfaction.


26. Joy


Joy is our progress.

Progress is God's Choice.

God's Choice is our inner Immortality's





Voice. ```

27. Soulful invocation


A soulful invocation

Of God's Presence

Brings God's immediate Satisfaction-Smile

To the seeker's promise-heart. ```

28. God's Feet


God's Feet do not kick us.

God's Feet only shelter us,

And show us the goal.


God's Feet walk on our behalf

And reach the goal for us,

And bring the infinite Light,

Peace and Bliss

To offer to us,

For our own use. ```

29. Patience



Is not forced surrender

Or helpless surrender

To the reality-existence.


Is the secret of secrets

That allows God's Hour to dawn

According to God's own Will.


Means allowing God to arrive

Before our heart's door

At His own time. ```

30. Family


In a human family

We quarrel and struggle

Because we feel that each one

Has to survive

For his own earth-satisfaction.

In a divine family

We strive devotedly and soulfully

Because we feel that each individual

Is responsible for the collective satisfaction

And collective perfection.

In a divine family

God plays the preparation-role,

The perfection-role,

The satisfaction-role.

The divine family

Is the only thing

That God desperately needs

Here on earth. ```

31. Gratitude-flower


Lord Supreme,

Make my heart gratitude-flower

Not for my satisfaction,

But for Your Satisfaction

In and through me.

Lord Supreme,

Make my heart gratitude-flower

So that You can grow and glow and flow

In my universal Reality

Inside Your Dream-Boat —

The Dream-Boat You have made of me

And, at the same time, for me.


32. God-Realisation


My desire-life tells me

That I do not need God;

What I need is God's creation.

My aspiration-life tells me

That I do not need God's creation;

What I need is God alone.

My surrender-life tells me

That I need only the thing

That God wants me to have,

For His constant Satisfaction. ```

33. Supreme's Justice


The human in us will never know

What the Supreme's supreme Justice is.

The divine in us always knows

What the Supreme's supreme Justice is.

The Supreme's supreme Justice

Is Forgiveness-Light

In order to prove the Supreme's


In His eternal Perfection-Height.


34. Love


The animal love in us

Is the dance of destruction.

The human love in us

Is the song of temptation.

The divine love in us

Is the game of perfection.

The supreme Love in us

Is the satisfaction of constantly

Self-transcending heights

Of Delight. ```

35. Surrender


There was a time

When I surrendered out of fear,

But that surrender only made me feel

How useless, hopeless, worthless

I was.

But now I surrender to whom?

To the real in me,

To the Supreme in me,

To the Inner Pilot in me,

To the divine Lover


To the divine Beloved in me.

Now my surrender is not imposed.

Now my surrender is my expansion.

Now my surrender is the song

Of self-illumination,




In me. ```

36. Delight


There are two oceans in front of me:

The ocean of night


The ocean of delight.

The ocean of night tells me,

"Child, I shall give you

What you need.

Come and take it from me."

The ocean of delight tells me,

"Child, I shall give you

What I am.

Even if you do not care for

What I am,

I care for you.

I shall always care for you

And wait for you,

For your God-Hour,

For it is I who have to make you feel

That you are of the Source

Which is Delight


You are for the Goal

Which is equally Delight."


37. Truth


A painful truth

Is worse than a lie.

Truth that hurts,

Truth that destroys,

Is no truth.

Truth that illumines,

Truth that reveals,

Truth that perfects,

Truth that transforms the animal in us


Satisfies the human in us


Fulfils the divine in us

Is the only Truth. ```

38. Discipline


The discipline of the body

Culminates in glorious awareness.

The discipline of the vital

Culminates in glorious dynamism.

The discipline of the mind

Culminates in glorious clarity.

The discipline of the heart

Culminates in glorious oneness,

Inseparable oneness

With the world of inner aspiration


With the world of outer dedication. ```

39. Song


The song that carries me

To the world of depression-frustration

Is the song of my desire-life.

The song that carries me

To the world of salvation-liberation

Is the song of my aspiration-life.

The song that carries me

To the world of God-satisfaction

Is the song of my self-giving,

Constant self-giving. ```

40. Bliss


Sweet is bliss

When I see the Face of my Beloved

The way I want to see it.

Sweeter is bliss

When I feel the Heart of my Beloved Supreme

The way I want to feel it.

Sweetest is bliss

When I see His Face


Feel His Heart

The way my Beloved Supreme

Wants me to. ```

41. Courage


The supreme courage lies

In demanding and commanding the mind

To live in the oneness-love of the heart.

The supreme courage lies

In demanding and commanding the vital

To live in the heart of the illumining mind.

The supreme courage lies

In demanding and commanding the body

To live in the vast receptivity of the dynamic vital.


42. Sacrifice


When I sing the song of duality —

You as an individual,

I as an individual —

The song of sacrifice I sing.

When I sing the song of oneness-reality,

There is no sacrifice,

For in the realisation of oneness-light,

There can be no sacrifice,

Only the song of transformation,

Constant transformation.

The lower and the higher

Fulfil each other.

The lower in me fulfils the higher

By serving the higher.

The higher in me fulfils the lower

By transforming the lower.

In the real fulfilment of one's total existence

There is no sacrifice;

It is only the game of



Oneness-dance. ```

43. Faith


With personal effort we start.

With personal faith we continue.

With divine faith we complete the game.

With supreme awareness of constant God-faith

In us and for us,

We eternally remain the chosen instruments

Of the Absolute Supreme

In His Heart of Divinity


In His Life of Infinity


In His Dream of Eternity. ```

44. Humility



Is the purity-eye in us.


Is the beauty-heart in us.


Is the reality-soul in us.

With purity-eye we measure the distance

To our Goal.

With beauty-heart we run the fastest

Towards our Goal.

With reality-soul we eventually become

The Goal itself. ```

45. Gratitude


In the life of aspiration and dedication

The gratitude-deer always runs the fastest,

Always achieves the most,

Always becomes the perfection-satisfaction

Of the highest


Most fulfilling and fulfilled

Supreme in us.

Gratitude is not a human achievement.

Gratitude is a divine treasure

Granted to us

By the Inner Pilot within us,

The Absolute Supreme.


46. Oneness


When I aspire,

I know my oneness-role

With aspiring humanity.

When I serve,

I know my oneness-soul

With smiling Divinity.

When I become gratitude-perfection,

I become the oneness-goal

Of the Divine within


The Divine without.


47. Willpower



Is the soul's light within us.


Is the hero divine within us.


Is the self-giving love in us

For the Reality in us.

And the Reality in us

Is the Inner Pilot,

The Supreme. ```

48. Oneness


What we call consecrated oneness

In the morning,

We call that very thing

Inseparable oneness

In the afternoon.

What we call inseparable oneness

In the afternoon,

We call that very thing


In the evening. ```

49. Perfection



Smiles at justice-light.


Laughs at injustice-might.


Fulfils itself in compassion-delight. ```

50. Independence-day



Is not the day of equality

But the day of

Human life's equanimity


Human heart's beauty. ```

Editor's preface to the first edition

The poems in this book were composed spontaneously by Sri Chinmoy from words given by his disciples at various Centres.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Dedication-Drops, Agni Press, 1976
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