Scene 1

(The home of Ratan and Rohini. The Master has come to visit them and is playing with their daughter, Rula.)

MASTER: Rula, Rula, today you look so pretty. I see a necklace of pearls around your neck. You look so beautiful, so beautiful.

RATAN: Oh Master, it is all due to your grace. We had little money, little material prosperity before you came into our lives. Our wealth is all due to your grace.

ROHINI: We depend entirely on you, Master. It is your grace that has made us rich. It is your grace that has made us happy. It is your grace that will help us accomplish everything we wish to accomplish here on earth. We are so grateful to you. We shall do everything, everything, everything for you, Master.

(Master blesses the couple.)

MASTER: I am indeed proud of both of you. (To Rohini.) Please make me a most delicious meal today. I have not had the pleasure of eating one of your meals for a long time. You feel that I am a great Master, but I feel that I am a great eater.

ROHINI: Master, you eat our food, which takes an hour or two to prepare; but the food that you give us would have taken us centuries to get without your help. There is no comparison between your food and ours. When we eat your food, our life becomes constant gratitude to you. Where else can we get Peace, Light and Bliss if not from you?

MASTER: That is true, but we need each other. The disciple needs the Master, and the Master needs the disciple. (To Ratan.) I shall go out for a walk with Rula. We will be back in half an hour. In the meantime, please help Rohini prepare the meal.

ROHINI: Master, I shall do my best to make a most delicious meal for you. If you like my food, what more do I need on earth? For my Master to say that he likes my food means that I possess Heaven right here on earth.

(Master smiles. Ratan and Rohini bow to him with folded hands. Exeunt Master and Rula.)

From:Sri Chinmoy,The disciple illumines the Master, Agni Press, 1973
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