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The Dance of Life, part 1

1. I butchered your ignorance

When I thought I was the doer

Of all my deeds,

I turned to mist.

I died.

I became the emperor of giant failures.

My soul came to the fore,

Consoled my visionless ignorance.

God made His Appearance supreme.

“You fool, be not wedded to impossibility’s lifeless beauty.

I waste not a leaf.

I butchered your ignorance wild for you

To equal My Transcendental Throne.”

2. She was the supreme Authority

She was a woman of exquisite beauty.

Her career she started

As the Queen of the universe.

She was the supreme Authority

On human failure


Perfection divine.

3. When I say

When I say,

“God is powerful,”

The world is ready to endorse my view.

When I say,

“God is considerate,”

The world hesitates to endorse my view.

When I say,

“God is impartial,”

The world endeavours to negate my view.

When I say,

“God is merciful,”

The world devours my view.

4. When I insulted

I insulted God.

In return

He infused wisdom-light

Into my eyeless mind.

I insulted the world.

In return

The world landed death-blows on me.

I insulted my inner strength.

In return

It compelled my fall:

A clean-cut forest tree.

5. The result of world-acceptance

He was a stalwart spiritual figure.

Above blemish he always was.

He loved the world deeply and unconditionally.

No response.

He dispatched his frustrated

Failure to the other world.

He fought and fought

Against his own solid realisation

Until he passed


The curtain of eternity.

The realisation read:

“In your world-acceptance

You fostered in your life-breath

A venom-snake.”

6. In the grand old days

In the grand old days

My thought was my life’s sole pole-star.

My mouth and my heart,

In forms they were two


In spirit they were one.

I saw God, my All.

He embraced me.

He needed my love.

I demanded His Love.

His Love nullified all my

Vainglorious power in a twinkling.

My love developed into

A hushed silence.

In that silence grew a seething


My death in God’s Immortality


God’s Immortality in my death

Bloomed in excellence supreme.

7. Pretence no more

I live in a zone of silence

To decipher my hostile past.

No, my life is not

A speck of dust

Flawed and doomed to nothingness.

Useless words I pronounced.

Therefore suicide I committed

Time and again.

In my life from now on


The essential is permissible.

No more shall I pretend to be

What I am not:


8. Desire-Sun, Aspiration-Moon

Desire-Sun makes me tremble.

Aspiration-Moon makes me dream.

O Desire-Sun, in you

I have my silent death.

O Aspiration-Moon, with you

I have my endless Life.

9. At last I shall listen

My past is heavy with

The lifeless


A frightened thought

My fast-approaching future


I have the body and soul

Of hope completely in my


I shout at the top of my lungs.

My soul embodies the weight of


At last I am now learning the art of listening

To God’s


“Son, in your soulful silence is

My fruitful message,

My All.”

10. I cry and smile

I grant my seconds

No respite.

Always in tornado-motion,


My heart’s Cry, my soul’s


Are my birthless teachings


They shall cover the world,

They shall.

I foresaw the thirst and hunger of the


And here I bring the remedy:


I cry with man


Smile with God.

11. In the core of Silence

Yes, I was deported

To a distant

Land uncharted

By the eyeless hunger of ignorance-sea.

A wait-and-see attitude


To breathe within my

Reality’s throes.

Burning with impatience-noon

My dauntless vital horse

Freed me from the sea

Of ignorance unplumbed.

And now, here I remain,


In the snow-capped core of


Alone, all alone, unchallenged,


Eternity’s pride, Lord eternal


12. A symbol of promise

Every life is a rich


Of experience.

I dare declare:

We live not,


In an epoch of

Chaotic decay.

I plumb the depths

Of light

At each hush-gap.

Every life

Is a symbol of


Streaming forth from a realm


No one is a stranger, unwanted


Where Love blossoms for the One

And Truth for the many.

13. The Truth-Emperor of Love


My earth-pilgrimage shall


Today, today I shall


With my clarion call


The slumbering universal


I saw the light of


With a world-message:


Man is the Truth-Emperor of


14. Children of the Himalayan caves

The Master said in public:

“My hope and my faith

Are centred in my young disciples.”

The old disciples groaned:

“Master, good-bye.

We are leaving you for good.”

The Master then said:

“My real disciples are those

Who have denied themselves.”

The young disciples roared:

“Master, we are leaving you, immediately.

We have done so much for you.

Your shameless ungratefulness

Deserves us not.”

Who remained?

Only children, Children of the Himalayan caves

For the Transcendental Palace.

15. I am happy

I am happy


My mind has forgotten how to


I am happy


My heart has forgotten how to


I am happy


My life always knows how to


16. How I deal with God

I steeled my nerves to brave God.

I strengthened my will to capture God.

I stilled my mind to welcome God.

I emptied my heart to treasure God.

17. Hide-and-seek

Every minute inspires me

To attempt.

Every hour perfects me

To ascend.

Every day illumines me

To reach.

In my attempt,

I have come to learn what I can be.

In my ascension,

I have come to learn who I eternally Am.

On my arrival,

God and I shall stop playing our age-long



18. The story of my common sense

When my common sense

Was fast asleep,

I lived in the animal kingdom.

I felt and filled my hungry abyss.

When I surrendered

My common sense to my Inner Pilot,

Peace-sea, sun-world, love-Heaven

At long last

Discovered their permanence

In my God-hunger supreme.

19. Magnificent disaster

All my youthful hopes of blazing noon

Are smashed by calamity’s giant strokes.

No ray of life to sustain my inner faith.

Grim necessity dare not command me

To sustain my outer belief.

I loved the throes of the human world.

Indeed, a fatal love!

My reward is a magnificent disaster

Of a universal tornado-character.

20. In my heart-dawn and soul-sun

I loved my life’s morning walks.

Hope-beauty led my eyes and guided my steps.

I love my life’s midday runs.

Reality’s naked life

Has sent uncertainty into destruction-exile.

I shall love my life’s evening stumblings.

Life divine shall embrace the abyss of science.

Evening does not mark the end.

Evening is the precursor of a purer

Dawn and a brighter sun.

In my Heart-Dawn, my preparation shall begin.

In my Soul-Sun, my perfection shall bloom.

21. Each thought

A vivacious infant,

Each thought

In the vital world.

A helpless orphan,

Each thought

In the physical world.

A doubting youth,

Each thought

In the mental world.

A growing God,

Each thought

In the psychic world.

22. Visions of the emerald Beyond

No more am I the foolish customer

Of a dry, sterile, intellectual breeze.

I shall buy only

The weaving visions of the emerald Beyond.

My heart-tapestry

Shall capture the Himalayan Smiles

Of my Pilot Supreme.

In the burial of my sunken mind

Is the revival of my climbing heart.

In the burial of my deceased mind

Is the festival of my all-embracing life.

23. Where is it?

Heaven cries out: “Where is it?”

Earth cries out: “Where is it?”

God cries out: “Where is it?”

Man smiles and asks: “What is it?”

God, earth and Heaven cry:

“Gratitude, your gratitude.”

Man says: “O earth, your choice deserves it not.

O Heaven, Your voice retains it not.

O God, Your Forgiveness needs it not.


24. Frustration-night dethroned

Man’s untiring groans of

Sharp accusation

Pierce the compassion-canopy

Of Heaven’s life.

Heaven says:

“Man, what can I do?

Yours are the talents that jump and run

Below the lowest standard of recommendation

At every place, always.

Break asunder your eternity’s lifeless isolation.

Lose your existence in the many and become One.

Your tenebrous frustration-night

Shall be dethroned by the ocean-deep delight

Of Victory’s Crown.”

25. In my hermit heart

In my hermit heart

I dread noise and love silence.

I have wrestled with heavy doubts

And now I wear victory’s crown.

The length of my aspiring life

Is increasing fast, very fast.

The length of my desiring life

Is becoming slender, very slender.

Soon it will perish in the abyss

Of lifeless nothingness.

In my hermit heart

God’s Compassion is invoked by me to sing,

God’s Love is invited by me to play.

My heart of gratitude,

My life of surrender

Will watch them sing and play.

26. Vision-skies

The body

Loves to be swayed by the wind of emotion.

The vital

Loves the prickings of desire.

The mind

Loves the confines of the finite.

The heart

Loves to be in the galaxy of saints.

The soul

Loves the life of unhorizoned vision-skies.

27. Destruction-tree

I insulted

Danger, disaster and destruction


They answered

Me with a shower of arrows


I saw

Into the hollowness of their wild


I shall

Uproot danger-disaster-destruction


With the easy

Ease of removing seedlings.

28. The Kingdom of self-delusion

It took me a long time

To settle up all my accounts

With hope.

Hope-flames gave birth

To the body of immortal

Frustration-chaos in me.

O hope!

Before you were born,

I ruled the Kingdom of dust and stone.

And now with you,

I rule the Kingdom of self-delusion.

I am the King, the present saviour,


The presence of certainty’s smile.

29. I long to be one

I long to be one

With the Dust of Your Feet.

I long to be one

With the Smile of Your Eyes.

I long to be one

With the Love of Your Heart.

I long to be one

With the Oars of Your Boat.

I long to be one

With the Glow of Your Promise.

I long to be one

With the Flow of Your Life.

I long to be one

With the Victory of Your Banner.

30. My God-becoming

His Compassion is

The cure of my body.

His Vision is

The cure of my soul.

My life owes

To His creative Will within me.

My earthly role owes

To His ceaseless sun-vast Smiles.

My Heavenly goal will owe

To Him for my permanent God-becoming.

31. When the gods came to me

When the infernal gods came to me,

They brought with them their fatal love.

When the oriental gods came to me,

They brought with them their soaring love.

When the occidental gods came to me,

They brought with them their glowing love.

When the supernal gods came to me,

They brought with them my long-lost forgotten self.

32. O failure's broken wings

O resplendent Sun,

Your core, my only haven.

O unceasing sigh,

My breath, your only haven.

O Victory’s golden wings,

Do carry me into the skies of nectar-love.

O failure’s broken wings,

In me you have your perfect solace.

33. Bubbles of human philosophy

My mother’s ageless grace

Waves in my heart’s starry skies.

My father’s ageless face

Smiles inside the bubbles

Of my human philosophy.

34. I love

I love the music of silence.

I love the breath of rottenness.

I love the bliss of angels.

I love the body of chaos.

O silence, you are my all.

O rottenness, you need

My constant attention.

O angels, my soaring

Hope shakes hands with

Your glowing smiles.

O chaos, you prove to the

World at large

The boundless power

Of my endless patience.

35. When I love

When I love the steps of my thoughts,

My life becomes a series of calamities.

When I love the flights of my will,

My life becomes a series of daring visions.

When I love the boat of my life,

My life becomes the divine compeer

Of perfection’s heights.

36. Hope-boat and life-boat

My hope-boat is plying

Between uncertainty and frustration.

My thought-boat is plying

Between disaster and destruction.

My will-boat is plying

Between silence and sound.

My life-boat is plying

Between beauty’s Shore and duty’s Goal.

37. My disappointment and my God-appointment

No more shall I speak

In self-defence.

My disappointment in the world

Is hastening my God-appointment.

Broken are my teeming earthly bonds.

Illumined is my climbing Heavenly heart.

38. Great is he, great is she, great is God

He is great.

He negates his train of passion

By voluntarily enjoying it.

She is great.

She negates her stream of insecurity

By voluntarily cherishing it.

God is great.

His Compassion forgives man and woman.

God is great.

His Love hides them soulfully.

God is great.

His Light liberates them unconditionally.

39. The collector

Man’s mind is an eager searcher of space.

Man’s heart is a torch-bearer of God’s Grace.

Man’s soul is the transformer of human contempt into divine praise.

Man’s God-life is the collector of the broken ones, the forsaken and forlorn.

40. My mind's sunset and my heart's sunrise

O my mind’s sunset,

Behold, my heart’s sunrise.

O my heart’s sunrise,

You are travelling towards Light.

Light shall unveil

Your Beloved, The Beloved.

O my mind’s sunset,

Your vision has totally failed.

Wonder and wander no more,






41. I need

The human in me

Needs Crucifixion-night.

The Divine in me

Needs Ascension-day.

The Immortal in me

Needs Perfection-noon.

And whom do I need?

I need God.

I need Ishwara.

I need Adonai.

I need Lord.

I need Ahurmazda.

I need Allah.

I need Amitabha.

Many more, all, all

Inside the boundless Net

of the Absolute Supreme.

42. I do the impossible, how?

I have decided what I want.

I shall listen to the voice within.

I believe

It is all-loving, all-fulfilling.

I know

It is all-loving, all-fulfilling.

And it is exactly so.

My belief is my power.

My knowledge is my power.

I do the impossible because

My life of constant surrender

To the Will of the Supreme

Has taught me how.

43. My relationship with books

I don’t read a book.

I study it!

I don’t study a book.

I love it!

I don’t love a book.

I just become it!

I know there is only one book:

God’s Reality.

I know there is only one reader:

God’s Vision.

I know there is only one enjoyer:

God the eternal Child.

44. Another beggar

There is something.

What is it?


I had it.

There is something.

What is it?


I am achieving it.

There is something.

What is it?


I don’t have it.

I need it.

Like me,

Another beggar needs it.

Who is He?

He, the Father of the Big Heart.

He, the Son of the Big Eye.

45. Two smiles

O height of understanding,

I want you not.

O height of becoming,

I want you.

O height of oneness,

I am you.

In me you see the smile of


In you I see the smile of


Here eventually becomes.

Now eternally is.

46. To see the face of joy

To see the face of joy

He went along with the world.

No joy.

To see the face of joy

He adapted himself to wishes of others.

No joy.

To see the face of joy

He allowed others to out-talk him.

No joy.

To see the face of joy

He fasted for two long weeks.

No joy.

To see the face of joy

He denied himself even an iota of human love.

No joy.

To see the face of joy

He entered into the zone of silence.

No joy.

Finally a little bird whispered:

“Joy on earth no longer is.

Prepare yourself for the world Beyond

Where joy is married to Eternity’s Life.”

47. The miracle maker

His is the life of a miracle-maker.

He started with himself.

Himself he loved.

Himself he caught.

Himself he taught.

He has started teaching.

Nobody passes through him unchanged.

His life is a constant movement upward and inward.

Doctrine he has none.

His Heavenly beauty and God

Live under the same roof.

His earthly duty and God

Live in the same room.

48. In His shadow

I wish to live in His shadow.


Because His heart of deeds

Gets priority

Over His mind of thoughts.

I wish to live in His shadow.


Because His one single smile

Is fraught with more meaning


All the sermons of the world collected together.

I wish to live in His shadow.


Because His Silence is the Source

Of my countless freedom-deeds.

49. She

To think of Her

Is to become a chosen instrument of God.

To meditate on Her

Is to reach the heights of Paradise unchallenged.

To see Her

Is to sit on Infinity’s Transcendental Throne.

To feel Her

Is to become Immortality’s Bliss.

50. The date of his birth is controversial

The date of his birth is controversial.

The soul of the earth says:

“He was born on August 27, 1931.”

The heart of the earth says:

“He was born on August 30, 1931.”

The vital of the earth says:

“He was born on August 27, 1936.”

The mind of the earth says:

“He was born on August 27, 1938.”

The body of the earth says:

“He was born on August 27, 1950.”

God says:

“He was born twice:

Once before the beginning of Life

in the Heart of Silence,

Once after the end of Death

in the Head of Sound.”

From:Sri Chinmoy,The Dance of Life, part 1, Agni Press, 1973
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/dl_1