Scene 1

(Madras. Vivekananda is in his room.)

VIVEKANANDA (to himself): Not to satisfy my mental curiosity have I decided to sail for America. No, not to make a noise in the world. My Master’s silent blessing has kindled the inspiration-fire in me to share his light with the soil and soul of America. No country is superior in all spheres of life. As regards spirituality, the Americans are far inferior to us, but their society is far superior to ours. The East has become lost by moving away from materialism; the West, by keeping clear of spirituality. I deeply feel that a happy marriage of the two is the supreme need of the world. Life without spirituality is as poor as life without material power. Hence the East must be surcharged with the dynamism of the West, and the West must be inspired with the ancient wisdom of the East. We will teach them our spirituality and assimilate what is best in their society. Sri Ramakrishna has synthesised most of the major world religions by his direct and immediate realisation of the Truth in each of them. He has pierced the core of each religion, extracted its essence and become the perfect embodiment of that particular path to the Supreme. His precepts are couched in the simplest language, in words that fly straight into the hearts of the people. The blessings that not only India but the entire world has received and will receive from him, from his unique universal sympathy, stand matchless. I look upon the world as my dear Motherland, and upon mankind as my true brothers and sisters. Come what may, to serve them with my Master’s soul-stirring message is my cherished religion.

But now, on the eve of my departure for America, I have decided that I will cross the seas only after receiving some concrete indication from my Master. I am sure my Thakur would sanction my going to America were he still alive. But let me wait for a sign from him.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Drink, drink my Mother’s Nectar, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973
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