Scene 1

(Sarada Devi with some of her close disciples.)

SARADA DEVI: I am so anxious to see my Naren. I am told that he will be here soon. You know how hard he has worked for Thakur in America. Because of him Thakur will be well known all over the world. I am so proud of my Naren.

FIRST DISCIPLE: Mother, it is all your Grace, all Thakur’s Grace. Because of your Grace, Naren has succeeded in America, in the West. He was nothing, absolutely nothing before he came into your life.

SARADA DEVI: No, he was everything. Thakur brought him from the highest world. Thakur gave him everything before he came into this world. And Thakur’s name is known throughout the length and breadth of the world only because of my Naren’s ceaseless dedication and aspiration.

(Enter Naren.)

NAREN: Mother, I have come. (He prostrates himself before Sarada Devi’s feet.) Mother, I shall not touch your feet, and I shall not allow anybody else to touch your feet from now on. We touched Thakur’s feet and gave him all our impurities and all our vital desires. He accepted our impurities and ignorance unconditionally and he died from them. Now I don’t want to touch your feet, and I don’t want anybody else to touch your feet. If we touch your feet I know that you will immediately take away all our sins, as Thakur did. And if you take away all our sins, then we shall lose you soon. Mother, I don’t want to lose you.

SARADA DEVI (blessing Naren): You are Thakur’s dearest son. You will forever remain his dearest son.

NAREN: Mother, many, many times I have doubted Thakur. Even the day he left the earth-scene I doubted him. But out of his infinite bounty he convinced me, on his deathbed, of who he is. Mother, I am the tiniest drop of the infinite sea of compassion which is Sri Ramakrishna. Mother, I am so proud that I have never doubted you or your realisation, even for a second. Mother, Mother, in this lifetime it is you who will be the sole object of my adoration. Only your devotees, your disciples, your children, shall be the chosen instruments of God. I feel in you the living presence of Mother Kali. I see you as the Mother of the Universe. I see you as the Goddess Supreme. I see you as our Thakur. You carry the banner of Thakur’s Light. Mother, you have kept yourself hidden. But how can you hide yourself from all your loving children? You cannot. In you is the purest and most perfect manifestation of God. In you, Mother, is my realisation.

SARADA DEVI: Naren, Thakur gave you his infinite love and infinite concern. He gave you his All. I give you, my Naren, my infinite joy and my infinite pride. I give you my All.

(Naren sings.)


He karuna sindhu

ami taba bindu

charan tale thai

nitya jena pai

jani janani jani

tomai ami hani

ananda indu



(O Ocean of Compassion,

I am Your tiniest drop.

At Your Feet my haven I always seek.

I know, Mother, I know,

You I strike, You I hurt,

O my Moon of Light-Delight.) ```

From:Sri Chinmoy,Drink, drink my Mother’s Nectar, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973
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