Question: My mind tells me that it is unsatisfied; it tells me that it needs more knowledge, such as schooling. Will this interfere with my spiritual life?

Sri Chinmoy: In your case, it will definitely interfere with your spiritual life. Unfortunately, already your mind is an obstacle to your fast inner progress. You have a beautiful soul, a really good soul, but your mind is standing in the way of your very fast progress. If you study in school, it will only add more confusion to your mental understanding. Please try to go far beyond the domain of mental knowledge and remain inside the heart, which has spontaneous knowledge of the universal Light and Truth. In some cases, definitely it is advisable to cultivate more light in the mind, so that the heart and the mind can go together. But in your case, it is not necessary; it is absolutely unnecessary, redundant, to go to school. In your case, the process has to be different. Your mind has to totally surrender to the heart’s oneness-reality, to the heart’s oneness-reality with the Supreme’s infinite Light and infinite Delight. Only live in the heart for the soul, for the Supreme. Then you will get boundless joy every day in all your multifarious activities. Live in the heart, for the soul. This will be your schooling.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Dipti Nivas, Agni Press, 1976
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