The meeting:

Princess Diana enters the room at three minutes past two, dressed in a very smart pink suit. Sri Chinmoy and Mrs. Bhavani Torpy stand up. Princess Diana graciously welcomes her guests.

Sri Chinmoy presents Princess Diana with four beautiful roses.

PRINCESS DIANA: Thank you very much. They are beautiful! Thank you. That is very kind.

SRI CHINMOY: With these beautiful flowers, I bow to your illumination-soul, I bow to your compassion-heart, I bow to your dedication-life.

PRINCESS DIANA: They are lovely! Thank you very much. I am sorry to keep you waiting. I am about to fly off to Pakistan in a moment to visit children suffering from cancer. Unfortunately, the plane will not wait for me. Please, please sit down.

Mrs. Torpy asks if she can take four or five photographs for Sri Chinmoy's private collection, and Princess Diana agrees. The camera is a new model that is silent and does not use a flash, hut it does not work. So Mrs. Torpy begs permission from the Princess again, and takes some pictures with another camera that Sri Chinmoy has with him.

The Princess is concentrating intensely on what Sri Chinmoy is saying. After Mrs. Torpy has discreetly taken two photographs, the Princess puts up her hand.

PRINCESS DIANA: Let us take more outside where the light will be better.

SRI CHINMOY: May I be allowed to meditate with you for a minute?

PRINCESS DIANA: Yes, please do! That would be very nice. I do not have the patience to meditate on my own.

Sri Chinmoy meditates with Princess Diana for a few minutes, closing his eyes and folding his hands. The Princess folds her hands on her lap while she meditates.

During the conversation that follows, the Princess is very happy, and she often has a smile on her face and in her blue eyes. She is very eager and anxious to hear what her guest has to say.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Diana, Princess of Wales. Empress of the World, Agni Press, 1997
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