Mother Teresa

I am very sorry to hear about the sudden death of Princess Diana. All the sisters and I are praying for her and all the members of her family to know God’s speed and peace and comfort in this moment.

She helped me to help the poor, and that’s the most beautiful thing. She was very much concerned about the poor and her attitude towards the poor was good. She was a very great friend in love with the poor ... that is why she came close to me. She came to Calcutta. She was taken to Shishu Bhavan [an orphanage] where we have children for adoption. We are fighting abortion with adoption. She was anxious to do something for the poor.

We never talked about her divorce. Most of the time we talked about how to love God and ask God to help us to love the poor.

It will be a loss for the family. She was both a mother and a wife. They will miss her very badly. That is the normal way. She was a very good wife and good mother of beautiful children, so they will miss her a lot.

Mother Teresa, August 31st, 1997

Mother Teresa offered two special messages about Princess Diana on August 31st. One message was for the Princess’ family and the other was for the press. The following day, Sri Chinmoy requested her to offer a third message which could be read at the United Nations. Mother Teresa’s response by telephone was:

“How wonderful that Sri Chinmoy is holding a prayer service at the United Nations for Diana! She used to come to our Missionaries of Charity here in Calcutta. She visited Kalighat and all of our places. Pray for Diana, pray for the reposal of her soul. I am praying for Diana.”

September 1st, 1997

From:Sri Chinmoy,Diana, Princess of Wales. Empress of the World, Agni Press, 1997
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