God's choice hour

Princess Diana met with Mother Teresa in the middle of June. Then within a few months both of them had left the earth-scene. This meeting of theirs definitely happened at God’s choice Hour. It could not have taken place if God’s Hour had not struck. Mother Teresa lived most of the time in Calcutta, Princess Diana lived in London and I live in New York. See how God united us because of our love for Him! If we love God, if we pray and meditate, then God brings everything together; He does everything for us.

God brought us together. Mother Teresa was at the end of her life and Diana was in the prime of her life. I came in between, like a devoted bridge between the two.

The mind can never comprehend the inner realities, such as God’s Hour. The mind is very limited; it is only a collector of information. Real knowledge and wisdom come from prayer and meditation, not from books. When we remain in the mind, it is like being encaged; we cannot go beyond it. But when we are in the heart, it is like being outside in a beautiful garden.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Diana, Princess of Wales. Empress of the World, Agni Press, 1997
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/dpw