Question: I was actually thinking more in terms of rebirth. How can I become like a child again and accomplish this spiritual rebirth?

Sri Chinmoy: This rebirth must take place in the mind, in the body and in the vital. It must take place in the innermost, unconscious part of yourself, that part which was engulfed by ignorance, imperfection and limitation. When this spiritual rebirth takes place and you feel the dawn of a new consciousness in yourself, please try to become that consciousness and give it to your Master and to the Supreme, as you would offer a flower. When you are giving the flower, feel that it is not something you have plucked from a tree, but that it is your entire being which you are placing at the Feet of the Supreme. Then you will see this flower blooming petal by petal, and you will bloom inwardly with your inner fragrance, like a child. Deep within yourself a child will be growing and your outer age will disappear from you. But this will happen only when your aspiring consciousness has full mastery over your body, vital, mind and heart and has made your whole existence into a flower which you have offered at the Feet of the Supreme. It is inevitable for each being who has entered into the spiritual life to have a spiritual rebirth in this life. Everyone must feel that he is a conscious, dynamic instrument, a child of the Divine. Everyone has to feel this Truth and become this Truth. When it is done, the child is no longer a child; he becomes Divinity itself. And then God-realisation is not only possible but inevitable. Only a child has the right to be in the lap of the Father, and the Father is eager to have the child in His lap. He is proud of having the child and the child is proud of having the Father.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Death and reincarnation: Eternity's voyage, Agni Press, 1973
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