I am helpless

O Lord Supreme, I am helpless. You have given me the eyes to see and the heart to feel, but You have not given me the arms to do the needful, to change what I see and feel has to be changed.

You have Your sons and daughters. Your sons have made such friendship with impurity that I find it impossible to put an end to their friendship. Your daughters have made such friendship with insecurity that I find it impossible to put an end to their friendship. What is worse, Your sons not only unconsciously, but also consciously, even deliberately, throw their poison, their impurity, into the aspiring hearts and lives of Your daughters. Your daughters consciously and deliberately throw their insecurity-ant into Your sons’ lives. When impurity enters into Your daughters from Your sons, the limited purity of Your daughters disappears. When the insecurity of Your daughters enters into Your sons, Your sons’ limited courage disappears. This does not mean that women have no impurity; they do have impurity, but in comparison to men they have less. And men do have insecurity, but in comparison to women, they have less.

Your sons feel that aggression — physical, vital and mental — is man’s proper role. Your daughters feel that frustration — physical, vital and mental — is woman’s proper role. Man’s aggression destroys the mind before the mind is aware of aggression’s attack. Man’s aggression destroys man’s vital the moment it enters into the vital. Man’s body is destroyed the moment it hears the very name of aggression. Man’s heart is destroyed at the very sight of aggression. Yet Your sons like aggression, love aggression and have become inseparable friends with aggression.

Your daughters enjoy frustration more than anything else in their life. They are frustrated because their teeming desires are not fulfilled; they are frustrated because their desires are fulfilled. When their desires are not fulfilled, they feel that they are beggar-women. When their desires are fulfilled, they feel that God is giving something more important to other human beings, but because they have desired and asked for the wrong things, they are now in the frustration-world. They feel that they should have asked for something else; they should have made a correct choice. Or they should not have had any desire; then there would have been no frustration. Because they asked for the wrong thing, they feel miserable. Because they asked for anything at all, they feel equally miserable. Again, if they had not asked to have their desires fulfilled, they would have felt miserable. So frustration is their lot. When they have their desires fulfilled, they are frustrated. When they do not ask You to fulfil their desires, they are also frustrated.

Everything needs a place, either for its safety or just because everything has a supreme need for a place to rest, to have perfect shelter. Men find a safe place for their aggression inside women; women find a safe place, a resting place, for their frustration inside men. Man offers his aggression-injection to woman’s heart and woman offers her frustration-injection to man’s life.

My Lord Supreme, I am helpless because I see the impurity-flood and the cannon-shot of aggression of Your sons; and I am helpless because I see the insecurity-river and the frustration-panther of Your daughters. These discouraging, destructive and deplorable qualities, nay, capacities, of men and women are destroying Your sons and daughters right in front of my compassion-vision and my realisation-reality.

O Lord Supreme, if I ask You, request You, to give more capacity to the men and women so that they can overcome their shortcomings, You just tell me that You have already given them the necessary capacity to conquer these unaspiring, discouraging, destructive forces. You have already given them the capacity, O Lord Supreme, but do me a favour: give them more capacity, not because they deserve it, not because they themselves feel the need of it, but because I feel that I am unable to help them. I tried with them, I prayed for them, but I could not help them. At that time weakness was their conscious and unconscious strength. But there shall come a time when they will have no weakness whatsoever.

I was the inspirer, I was the server, I was the lover of this new vision that has the power in it to change the face of the world. Vision without power is no vision. What good is it to see when you cannot change? Again, if you don’t see what you have to change, what are you going to change? It is good to see, it is better to change, and it is best, after you have made the change, to prolong this change, this perfection, indefinitely and eternally.

My Lord Supreme, You have given me the vision to see Your creation as it is. But do go one step ahead and give me the capacity and power to change the face of the world and fulfil You in Your own Way.

My Lord Supreme, this is the way one aspect of me has observed Your creation. But the lover in me observes Your creation in a different way. Since You have created the world, since it is Your creation, I am a hundred per cent one with the weaknesses of Your sons and daughters, with my loving concern-heart, serving life-breath and illumining soul-beauty.

EA 36. 14 July 1977, 12:45 p.m. — Sri Chinmoy Centre, Jamaica, New York.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Everest-Aspiration, part 2, Agni Press, 1977
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/ea_2