Disobedience is the order of the day

Disobedience is the order of the day. No matter what I do, no matter how many times I write about disobedience, no matter how many times I speak about disobedience, it seems that disobedience from the disciples will never end. Even yesterday I spoke about disobedience, about what happened when Adam and Eve disobeyed God. Then later, when we were on the bus, I asked you people to sing. There was not even one enthusiastic singer. I blame the leader of your group one hundred per cent. If the leader does not have the necessary obedience and enthusiasm, then it is a really painful shock. I won’t blame anybody else if you go to sleep or do not show interest. But from the leader if there is no enthusiastic movement or approach to the rest of the members, then I feel very sad. And from the members also there should have been two or three to come and inspire the leader to sing. Now, I am the supreme leader. When I say, “Do something,” if the disciples don’t agree, or go to sleep, then I will take care of them in my own way. But the leader that I appoint also has to be responsible.

On the one hand I am taking you people here, there, elsewhere. You don’t get time to practise and I am sorry. But again, I feel that these things are absolutely necessary to spread my light. Yesterday quite a few people came to our concert. They were extremely receptive. In the bus you had plenty of time to practise, but whatever pleases you, you do. What pleases me, you had no time to do. For one hour or so you entered into the entertainment-world. That is what you did.

When I take your time away and you cannot practise, I compensate. But when I ask you to sing, at that time you are tired, unwilling, exhausted. You may think that this is nothing; Guru will not take it seriously. But I will take it seriously even if I ask you to budge an inch and do not give any rhyme or reason. If you do not do it, then it is recorded on the tablet of my heart. You don’t think that I am asking you to do something important; I am not asking you to jump off the Empire State Building to show the world that you are obedient. To do something striking in order to show your obedience is easy. But real obedience has to take place at every moment, in every action. If I request that you move an inch, please feel that this request is of paramount importance. It is as if I have asked you for everything. The mind will say, “This is easier than the easiest. Therefore, if I don’t do it, no harm.” But if you do not do something extremely easy, will you do something very difficult?

From now on I want you people to take any request from me as a divine command. I have had enough sad experiences. Even when I ask you to do something in a light vein, you have to do it. From now on, no matter who the disciple is, if I make a mere request, do it. Otherwise, your disobedience in the inner world will be digging your own grave. From now on, please take my request as a divine command, coming consciously from the Absolute Supreme. Otherwise, I will be very sad and disturbed. For yesterday’s disobedience I blame your leader one hundred per cent. I won’t blame others, because the leader is my representative in a specific field. I don’t know what I shall do with you people in the future if I see disobedience reigning supreme in your lives. So please, please, do not disobey me.

You do not know who I am. Unfortunately or fortunately, I know who I am. If I know who I am to you, to God, to the entire world, I have to behave to you in that way. If you are prepared to sing with me and dance with me, then when I say, “Sit down,” you have to do it. This kind of obedience you need.

This applies to all of you. I show you tremendous love, affection, concern, everything. Even your stupid mind will sometimes believe it. The other day I gave a talk on how I will use my Justice-Height, and not my Compassion-Light. I ask you in this life to do or not to do only one or two things. When I ask you two, three, four times not to do something, afterwards I will become very strict. I will give you a last warning, and if you still disobey me, then I will ask you to leave the Centre. It is very, very painful for me to ask people who have been with us for many years to leave. But only for one reason do I ask people to leave the Centre, and that is disobedience. I will accept or tolerate almost anything that you do except disobedience, because disobedience is just like standing against me. There are two armies fighting. When you openly disobey me, you go to the enemy’s side and fight against the Supreme, against the Supreme’s Will.

Please, please, I beg of you, never disobey me, especially when it is a matter of your emotional life and vital life, which is your immediate destruction. If you disobey me in any aspect of life, at that time I forgive you, but when it is emotional life, I ask you not to do it, especially on the outer plane. On the inner plane you may say that you didn’t get the message. But on the outer plane once I tell you, then you can’t deny it later on.

So to all of you I am saying: please, please do not disobey me. If you disobey me, you are revolting against the Will of the Supreme in me. If you stay outside the Centre, you can enjoy yourself and do whatever you like. But when there is a rebellion inside our sweet little family, I will not be able to put up with it. I have asked two disciples to leave the Centre. My heart breaks, but I abide by the Will of the Supreme. I have no other means to deal with those people. Tomorrow may be your turn if you disobey me. I have to be very strict with you people on the basis of my own oneness with the Supreme. Then there is no father, no mother, no brother, no sister, no son. If I ask you to do something and you don’t do it, then the same kind of fate will befall you tomorrow.

One aspect of mine is singing and dancing with you people. I am your constant friend, your eternal friend. Again, I may have to ask you to leave the Centre, to leave our sweet little family, so that you will not have any conflict between your spiritual life and your outer life. If I have given a warning to any of you here, please take it as the last warning. Then, if you go on disobeying, you know what will be your fate. So be careful, be careful, be careful. If you do the right thing, you are absolutely a jewel inside my gratitude-heart. But if you disobey me, your disobedience will take you people far, far, far away from me. Then you will be totally lost — totally! — and my presence will be sadly missing from your lives.

EA 60. 18 July 1977, 6:55 a.m. — Jamaica High School track, Jamaica, New York.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Everest-Aspiration, part 3, Agni Press, 1977
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/ea_3