The purpose of human life

The purpose of the animal life is the quest for individuality and separativity. The purpose of human life is the quest for unity, and not a sense of separativity. The purpose of divine life is the quest for perfection — perfection in the inner world, perfection in the outer world, perfection in God’s entire creation. The purpose of the Supreme’s Life is the quest for satisfaction, the satisfaction that nourishes the body-reality of His creation and the soul-reality of His ever-transcending Vision.

Animal life is always hurtful. Human life is always doubtful. Divine life is always soulful. The Supreme’s Life is always fruitful.

The animal life tells me that by fighting I will get everything. The human life tells me that by becoming clever I can get everything. The divine life tells me that by giving everything I shall become everything that I want to become and, something more, that I shall please God in His own Way. The Supreme’s Life tells me that by oneness-spreading I shall not only become everything, but I shall be able to offer my all-becoming gift as a boon to the aspiring mankind.

EA 74. 18 July 1977, 7:40 p.m. — in transit to Connecticut Sri Chinmoy Centre.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Everest-Aspiration, part 3, Agni Press, 1977
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