Dreaming and planning

Are you sleeping? Then sleep. Are you dreaming? Then wake up. Are you planning? Then look up, look around.

If you are sleeping, then sleep; I have nothing to do with you. If you are dreaming, then I must say that I do have something to do with you. If you are planning, then I have everything to do with you.

He who is sleeping does not know what he has and what he is. But you are not sleeping; you are dreaming and planning. So you know what you have and what you are. Again, you have to know that your way of dreaming and my way of dreaming, your way of planning, and my way of planning, are different.

When you dream, you enter into a world which is constantly shaping and moulding a new world. You enter into the planning world, where you want to see the beginning, middle and end of your creative process. But if you become a genuine seeker, you will see that the creator in you and the preserver in you will never meet with an end. There is no end to their creation and preservation. Only they will meet with an ever-transcending reality.

Although your way of dreaming and planning and my way of dreaming and planning are not the same, still you have something and I have something. Your thing is not efficient. It is not effective. It is not perfect. But mine is efficient, effective and perfect. Therefore, I requested you or commanded you to wake up, to look up and look around.

If you have a hand, then you can think of somebody else also having a hand, although your hand may not be as powerful as his hand. If you have an eye, then you can feel that somebody else also has an eye. But your eye may not be as beautiful or as blessed with vision as his eye. If you have finite awareness, finite achievement, then you can be aware of the infinite possibilities of somebody else.

As a genuine seeker, you can know that your dream state is only the precursor of the reality state which somebody else has; you can know that your planning state is only the beginning or the precursor of a state that is far beyond what your mind can see, feel and achieve.

But you have something; therefore, you are bound to be given more. If you have nothing, then you will be given nothing. If you have a little bit of life energy, the doctor will inject the medicine. But if you are totally gone, the doctor is not going to give you any medicine. If you have a little hope, or if the doctor has a little hope in you and for you, then the doctor will apply medicine.

In your life’s journey, if you have an iota of aspiration, then only God will give you infinite aspiration. You are trying to realise God with your planning mind, in your own way. So God says, “Poor fellow, he is at least trying. Let Me show him the right way, the most effective way.” At that time, God shows you His Plan, but unlike the planning you do with your human mind, He shows His ever-transcending Vision.

When you give to God your way of doing something, God offers you His Way of doing that very thing. A child gives to the father a penny or nickel that he finds on the street. That is his only achievement, his only possession, and he gives it to the father. The child could have kept it hidden and used it to buy a piece of candy, but he gave his entire possession to his beloved father. The father feels that the child’s treasure is infinitely more valuable than millions of dollars. Then he gives the child a five dollar bill.

If you can give your own human dreams unreservedly to the Supreme, then you will get His Reality-world. If you give for the sake of your own joy, your Father’s Oneness-Heart with you will always grant you infinitely more than you need and deserve. For His Satisfaction lies only in giving, in making you His Eternity’s friend, co-sharer, partner and compeer of His Infinity’s Light and Immortality’s Delight. So if you give what you have in your dream-world, He will give His Reality-world. If you give what you have in your mental-planning world, He will give you His direct Vision-world. He will give immediately His direct Vision-world, which will blossom into Perfection and Satisfaction-world.

EA 99. 20 July 1977, 5:20 p.m. — Sri Chinmoy Centre, Jamaica, New York.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Everest-Aspiration, part 4, Agni Press, 1977
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/ea_4