Question: When you say "God-realisation," what does it actually mean? How are we supposed to grow into it?

Sri Chinmoy: One has to realise one’s own Highest. Now, as human beings we feel that the infinite peace, infinite light, infinite bliss and the infinite divine power are all sheer imagination. We are in the finite, quarrelling and fighting. We are victims to doubt, fear and negative forces which we feel are quite normal and natural. Peace of mind is a far cry. We do not see peace of mind here. We do not see a peaceful atmosphere around us. There is no such thing as peace, light or bliss around us. But, when we talk of God-realisation it means that our inner existence is flooded with peace, poise, equanimity, light and so forth. Now, according to unaspiring people, this is something vague, a fantasy of our imagination, a chimerical mist. But those who practise meditation go deep within and see that there is real peace, light and bliss. It is not merely imagination. It is absolutely real. They get enormous, boundless inner strength, and they see that doubt can be challenged and conquered. Now we are victims to doubt. Each moment we are killing ourselves with this slow poison. Moreover, we cannot love anything. We cannot love anyone. We cannot love ourselves. But once we have achieved God-realisation, there can be no shadow of doubt. It is all certitude. It is all love. It is all illumination. It is all bliss.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Earth’s cry meets Heaven’s smile, part 2, Agni Press, 1974
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