Question: At your Centre, if you set one up here, will it be somewhere that people can come at intervals and discuss spiritual matters and meditate? What sort of meetings do you have at the Centres existing now?

Sri Chinmoy: Let us speak about our New York Centre, which is our main Centre. We have a few Centres: New York, Puerto Rico, Connecticut, Miami and the West Indies; but I stay most of the time at the New York Centre.

On Thursdays my disciples come to my place. There I hold a very high meditation. That is to say, during that meeting I don’t speak. The disciples come in and for about two hours, sometimes more, they meditate in front of me. Very often, I ask them to come to the front of the room in groups of ten or twelve at a time. They sit in front of me, and I enter into my highest Consciousness. Then I enter into them. I enter into each individual soul, and I see what each soul wants me to offer. Whatever they want I offer them in utmost silence. If they want peace, they get peace. If they want light, they get light.... There is no talking at all. The disciples receive according to their inner receptivity. Some may be extremely receptive while others are not so receptive. According to their receptivity they receive whatever I bring down from above on Thursdays.

On Sundays I give a short talk on the spiritual life, on meditation, Yoga and so forth. Then the disciples ask me questions. Often I go to the universities to give talks, and my students also attend these. On Sundays, in order to convince the minds of the disciples of the reality of what they are doing on Thursdays, I give talks. I answer their questions. We may meditate and get inner joy. But then when we re-enter the physical mind we are frustrated, we doubt ourselves. We ask, “Was it proper meditation or was it all mental hallucination?” After meditation we start doubting ourselves. But, if the seekers of the truth listen to the spiritual Master, then their doubts disappear. Their mind is also convinced that their meditation on Thursday was something real, genuine, and not hallucination. That is why I hold meetings on Sundays where these things can be discussed.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Earth’s cry meets Heaven’s smile, part 2, Aum Press, Puerto Rico, 1974
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