Question: In your talk you said that human love is an express train, destination: frustration; and that divine love is a local train, destination: Illumination. How is it that human love has not been given a divine consciousness or dimension?

Sri Chinmoy: Unfortunately it has not been done. Why? The answer only God can give. In human love we are binding, we are limiting ourselves. But the divine love does not limit us, does not bind us.

North is north. South is south. When we stand facing the south, we cannot say, “Why is it not north?” It is not north. It is south. We know that this is north; this is south. Similarly, we know what human love is. We experience it in our daily life. We also experience divine love in our spiritual life. Those who meditate, those who aspire, experience divine love.

We cannot ask why darkness is not light. They are two different things. However, we see that the Divine can enter into the undivine and change the undivine into the Divine. Light can enter into darkness. Similarly, Infinity can enter into the finite, Eternity into the fleeting second, Immortality into mortality, to transform them.

In the human, divinity is there. In the human body the divine soul exists. Let us use the soul, which is divine. This soul is within us. When we try to offer our identity, let us try to offer our identity as the soul. If I can say, “I am the soul and I am not the body,” then I can get a glimpse of inner and outer freedom. I said in my talk, “I am the Knowledge. I am the Knower. I am the Known.” If I can say, “The soul is within me. I am the soul. I am not the body,” then I can go very fast towards the Goal. But, if I say that by experiencing human love and human pleasure I will get divine fulfilment, then I am fooling myself.

Whenever we want to do something divine, we have to use the divine method. If I want to learn English, I will go to an English professor. I won’t go to a history professor. I know that he will not be in a position to teach me English. So, in the spiritual life also, if you really want to have the divine truth, you need the divine aspiration within your heart. It is through aspiration that the human love can be transformed into the divine love.

Human love, undoubtedly, will one day be transformed. But if human love claims that by following the human method it will be able to compel the divine truth, divine light to reveal itself, then it is impossible.

Let us take aspiration as a dynamic push from within. This inner push will be met by a pull from above. This pull is God’s Compassion. Man’s aspiration and God’s Compassion together transform man into perfect Perfection.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Earth’s cry meets Heaven’s smile, part 2, Agni Press, 1974
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