Question: How can imperfection be removed quickly?

Sri Chinmoy: Imperfection? On which plane? If it is in the mind you have to apply one type of treatment, but if it is in the body, you have to apply a different type. But the general rule is that if you feel some imperfection in yourself, please do not think of it as something that is part and parcel of your life. You have to think, on the other hand, that you are perfection itself. For some time, you have to think, "No, I am not this imperfection. I can never be. I am God's child. How can I ever be imperfect? It is something quite wrong." Go on thinking in this vein for a few days. Then your thinking will be transmuted into feeling. First you will be thinking with the mind, "No, I cannot be that." Then you will feel, "No, I cannot be imperfect. I cannot bind God's child." Then you create, within yourself, a kind of oneness with perfection: "I am all perfect." First you are thinking, then you are feeling that oneness. You will become one with perfection. When you have become one with perfection, will you dare to say that you are imperfect?

Those of you who ask me questions, if my answers are not satisfactory or do not serve you satisfactorily, do tell me. I can try to throw more light on it if you feel that it is not convincing you. I will try my best to convince you, but I may not be able to succeed.

What about sickness?

Sri Chinmoy: There are various reasons for sickness. The main reason is a very material one. A certain internal imperfection or dislocation develops in our organs or our cells. It is natural and it occurs with all living things. Very often, due to that, we fall sick.

The second reason is that certain chronic diseases or fatal diseases may come to us owing to our previous wrong actions.

Then again there is another reason which is deeper still. That is that God wants to give you that experience. You may not have done anything wrong in your life; you may not be responsible in any way, but in this life, you are getting the experience. Why? Because God wants you to have the experiences of poor, suffering humanity.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Earth’s cry meets Heaven’s smile, part 3, Agni Press, 1978
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