Question: It is very easy for us to conceive of God in the Infinite and the ultimate. But how can we see God in our everyday life, in our relations with people, in our activities with people? How can we see God here, the Divine here?

Sri Chinmoy: When you look at others, you feel that they are all monkeys and all imperfect. True. The idea is coming to you that you want to see God in Sevananda, but when you speak to Sevananda, he says something nasty to you. At that time, you say, "How can I see or realise God in him?" This is wrong, but the very idea which has come to you, that you want to see God in Sevananda is the first step. Then what do you see? When you speak to Sevananda, you may use your outer eyes. You see him, his features. But try to feel and try to do one thing. Do not give any importance to your eyes catching his eyes; that is to say, do not allow the eyes to meet together. But feel that there is something which will really connect both of you. If the physical eyes meet together, immediately there will be some confusion. If you want to appreciate something of his physical nature, immediately you will be disappointed because you will see perhaps that he has not combed his hair properly or he has not taken a shower. Something, something will bother you because you are trying to see perfection in him. Poor fellow, he is not perfect, according to your judgement or according to your standard. So how can you see God in him? Don't try to see God. Only use your heart to identify yourself with him. When we stand in front of someone, we never think that we ourselves are imperfect. Always the other one is imperfect and "I am perfect". This is our constant feeling.

You stand in front of twenty persons. When humility comes forward for a second, you may feel that you are imperfect; otherwise twenty-three or twenty-four hours a day at least, you will think that you are perfect and others are imperfect. Why? Because the mind is playing its role. But if the heart plays its role, immediately it will see only oneness. The heart does not see defects. In oneness we do not see any defects. No. No matter how ugly my nose is, because I am one with it. I will feel that it is as fine as any other part of me. My eyes, my hands, my nose have all become part and parcel of my existence. I represent my nose and my nose represents me. This way, I cannot separate myself from it. When I use the heart, I see that even my little finger is equally important in my body. Here and everywhere I feel the message of oneness.

So use your heart and you will see God in all human beings. Sevananda is your friend, but there may be some people who are your enemies. You will see even in them the living presence of God because you are using an instrument within you which is bound to act like a magnet and that is your heart. Use the heart and you will see, you will feel, that God is in everyone; in addition, you will feel something more, that you are all the time for them and of them. When you use the heart, first feel your oneness with them. Then as soon as you have established your oneness, you are bound to feel that you are no different from them. When you establish your oneness with God, you are bound to feel that you are of God. If you have not created or established your oneness with God, you can never feel that you are of God. Somebody else is of God, but you are not of God. You are of something undivine; this kind of ignorance will come to your mind. But once you have established your oneness with God, you will know that you are of God. That means that you are of light. And once you feel that you are of light, the next moment you have to feel that you are for light. The reason for this is that in this world, as soon as we know the source, we try to fulfil the source in its own way.

Always try to identify with something vast that God has already given us. The sky He has given us. The ocean He has given us. Cosmic nature He has given us. Anything that immediately gives us the feeling of vastness must be brought to our physical consciousness. Then I assure you that your heart will become large, magnanimous, boundless and supremely fruitful.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Earth’s cry meets Heaven’s smile, part 3, Agni Press, 1978
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