Ego and self-complacency

Question: Guru, how can I silence my ego?

Sri Chinmoy: The ego that you are speaking of is your little ego. The ego that binds you, the ego that wants you to bind others, is called the little ego: “I”, “my”, my family, my relatives, my intimate world. But instead of thinking of that ego, think about the big ego, the divine ego. “I am God’s son. I am God’s daughter. God is universal. If my Father is universal, I am also universal. It is beneath my dignity to confine myself to any individual or to a few people. I shall offer myself to all humanity. That is to say, I shall serve God in humanity. I can do only the divine thing. Anything that is undivine, I cannot do because for me God is all divine.”

When you are consciously one with something vast, infinite, then the little ego automatically disappears. So every day think of your oneness with God. The father may be a millionaire, and the child knows that when he grows up, the father is bound to give a million dollars to him. But right now, the child cannot have it because he is not mature enough. He will ruin everything. Since you are a child of God, everything that God has and God is, belongs to you. But right now you are not mature, so you cannot use it.

You have entered into the spiritual life and you are crying for infinite Peace, Light and Bliss. These are not vague terms. Eventually they will be at your disposal. Then this little ego, which wants to be satisfied with a penny or a nickel, will automatically go away. When infinite Peace, Light and Bliss dawn on you, at that time you will not try to possess anything. Your little ego will disappear in your oneness with the Supreme.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Ego and self-complacency, Agni Press, 1977
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