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Eternity's Silence-Heart

1. Save time, choose time

My soul chose time

For my God-realisation.

I am choosing time

For my Light-manifestation.

2. The heart of a God-lover


You were the proud arms

Of a conqueror.


You are the proud eyes

Of an emperor.


You will be the surrendered heart

Of a God-lover.

3. You have broken the law

You have broken

Both God-Law



You have broken God-Law

By speaking to ignorance-night.

You have broken man-law

By unreservedly mixing

With ignorance-height.

4. The Delight of God-Life

The Vision of God-Light

She was.

The Light of God-Soul

She is.

The Delight of God-Life

She will become.

5. Birthmark

Some are born with aspiration-seed.

I am born with desire-tree.

Some are born with realisation-flower.

I am born with suspicion-fruit.

6. Each has a way

Heaven has a way

Of crushing my pride.

Earth has a way

Of increasing my folly.

God has a way

Of magnifying earth-capacity



7. In my case

In your case

You do not flourish;

Yet you have no complaint.

You are divine.

In his case

He does not flourish;

Therefore he complains.

He is human.

In my case

I unmistakably flourish;

Yet I constantly complain.

I am an animal,

Alas, alas!

8. When I live in the heart


I live in the mind

I think I know

More than I really know.


I live in the heart

I know I am loved

More than I really love.

9. Nothing dies

Nothing dies,

Not even a fleeting second.

A fleeting second lives

In the silence-heart

Of Eternity





10. Planet sun, inner sun

The planet sun

Grows old and cold.

The inner sun

Remains birthless and deathless.

My body-life

Is under the planet sun.

My soul-life

Is within my inner sun.

11. Doubt-role

Do you know

Why You hate yourself?

You hate yourself


Doubt plays the most blighting role

In your subconscious.

I am sure sooner or later

You will know it.

And then you will admire

My wisdom-light.

12. Fear-role

Do you know


He hates himself?

He hates himself


Fear plays the most damaging role

In his unconscious life.

I am sure sooner or later

He will feel it,

And then he will admire

My wisdom-light.

13. Falsehood-role

Do you know


I hate myself?

I hate myself


Falsehood plays the most dangerous role

In my conscious life.

I am sure sooner or later

You and the whole world

Will know it.

And then you will admire

My confession-might.

14. The Supreme's Perfection-Dream

Fame is the flow

Of the mind's uncertainty-river.

Success is the noise

Of the vital's life-deafening drum.

Progress is the glow

Of the Supreme's Perfection-Dream.

15. Your life


Your life was your

Incessant expectation.


Your life is your

Incessant frustration.


Your life shall be God's

Incessant Compassion.

16. I marvel


I marvel at your patience-tree.


I marvel at your sincerity-flower.


I marvel at your forgiveness-height.


I marvel at your gratitude-depth.

17. A God-failure

When I remove my earth-divinity

I am a God-failure.

I see it


I ignore it.

When I remove my Heaven-reality

I am a God-failure,


I deny it.

When I remove my God-necessity

I am a God-failure.

I don't deny it.

18. We love flatterers

You love flatterers,

But you don't realise it.

He loves flatterers,

But he does not admit it.

I love flatterers,

But I cleverly manage

To hide it.

19. Spending my time

I have spent

Most of my time

Looking and dreaming.

I am spending

Most of my time

Looking and crying.

I shall spend

Most of my time

Looking and smiling:

Looking at the vision-tree,

Smiling at the realisation-fruit.

20. No limit

There is a limit

To my ignorance-dream.


There is no limit

To my divinity-scheme


My perfection-gleam.

21. Soul-life


I see it as an obscurity-life.


I feel it as an opportunity-life.


I know it as a prosperity-life.

22. An unknown man


I was an unknown man;

Yet I was really happy.


I am a known man;

Yet I am unmistakably unhappy.

23. Conscience of freedom

Conscience of freedom

My Heaven-life is.

Freedom of conscience

My earth-life needs.

24. Yet you starve

Emotion of the inferior man

You see and forgive.

Emotion of the superior man

You see and hide.

Emotion of the equal man

You see and expose.

Your own emotion you feast on,

Yet you starve.

25. Something more

God guides me


I guide mankind


I do something more:

I love God


26. Soul-light, silence-life

Abundant soul-light:

That is what you have,

Do you know that?

Perhaps you do not know.

Abundant silence-life:

That is what you are.

Do you know that?

Perhaps you do not know.

27. Don't feel embarrassed

Don't feel embarrassed

At your fear of him.

Even the loftiest mountains

Tremble before him.

Don't be proud

Of your friendship with him.

Even the feeblest ant

Dines with him regularly.

28. Darkness and light

Darkness wants

To devour light.

Light wants

To transform darkness.

God says to darkness:

"Darkness, stop!"

God says to light:

"Light start!

Lo, you have won the goal."

29. Four faces of God









30. Three things I like

There are three things in him

I like unreservedly:

The sound of his voice,

The beauty of his choice,

The power of his noise.

31. My will

My will to survive

Feeds the weak man in me.

My will to thrive

Feeds the strong man in me.

My will to strive

Feeds the divine man in me.

32. Then and now

He was good;


He was always accessible,

Always reasonable,

Always amiable.

He is now great;


He is inaccessible,




33. My God

My God in Heaven

Watches me.

My God on earth

Perfects me.

My God in my love-surrender-life

Immortalises me.

34. Three inner messages

My aspiration tells me

That you are a chosen son of God.

My intuition tells me

That you are a good friend of God.

My realisation tells me

That you are none other than

God Himself.

35. The garment of life


Is the garment of life.


Is the body of life


Is the heart of life.


Is the soul of life.

36. Embrace, ascend and claim

Embrace the grass

Of humility.

Ascend the hill

Of divinity.

Claim the sun

Of immortality.

37. You certainly can

You desire temptation.

How can you deserve

My Compassion-Light?

You desire aspiration.

How can you not deserve

My Perfection-Height?

You can,

You certainly can.

38. Four lives

My society-life

Is proud but empty.

My solitude-life

Is sweet but empty.

My service-life

Is beautiful but empty.

My gratitude-life

Is not only soulful but also fruitful.

39. Earth-life, Heaven-life

My earth-life

Is the oblivion of human love.

My Heaven-life

Is the remembrance

Of God's blossoming Light


Immortality's Delight.

40. What we have

What you have

Is opinion-flood.

What he has

Is conviction-sea.

What I have

Is realisation-flame.

What God has

Is Perfection-Sun.

41. Gratitude


Is my friend;


Heaven-pride I have,

God-Smile I am.

42. He loved

He loved himself;


He was compelled to live

In the cave of Eternity.

He loved humanity;


He was invited to live

In the house of Eternity.

43. Tomorrow I shall believe


I believed in God-Compassion.


I believe in earth-aspiration.


I shall believe

In my life-perfection.

44. No humour, no rumour

There is no humour

In hell.

There is no rumour

In Heaven.

There is no power

On earth.

45. He emptied his earth-glory

He emptied his earth-glory


His God-realisation.

He emptied his God-realisation


His God-manifestation.

46. False alarm

False alarms of love


The beginning of his life.

False hope of love

Is ruining

The evening of his life.

47. Three enemies

I had an enemy:


I have an enemy:


I shall have an enemy:


48. O dream of my joy

O dream of my joy,

I needed you.

O joy of my dream,

Earth needs you.

49. Hope

I hoped to be

My Pilot's Heart;

I unmistakably hoped.

I hope to see

My Pilot's Face;

I unreservedly hope.

I shall hope to touch

My Pilot's Feet;

I shall unconditionally hope.

50. Found among Light-thieves


I was found

Among Light-thieves.


I am found

Among Light-distributors.


I shall be found

Among Light-owners,

The real owners.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Eternity's Silence-Heart, Agni Press, 1974
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/esh