Part VI: Education-light


Everything has its own origin. Einstein felt that the education-world begins with the mother. In an unmistakable manner he points out the responsibility of the mother and declares that the mother can offer something eternally fulfilling: peace. “Education should begin in the cradle. Mothers throughout the world have the responsibility of sowing the seeds of peace into the souls of their children.”

Education means either to learn or to unlearn. Normally when we use the term “education,” we mean that we are going to learn something. But this is not always the case. Proper education offers both learning and unlearning. What we learn with the earth-bound mind is nothing more than limited knowledge. This knowledge is not and cannot be our eternal friend. It cannot help us all the time; it cannot save us from stark danger; it cannot illumine our deep-rooted subconscient and inconscient realities. Einstein’s comment on education is supremely illumining: “Education is that which remains when one has forgotten everything he learned in school.”

It is not knowledge but wisdom that is our constant helper and constant saviour. This wisdom dawns when we surmount the barriers of the human mind. This wisdom dawns when we conquer mind-produced worry, anxiety, meanness and jealousy. This wisdom dawns only when we unlearn the unnecessary messages of the unhealthy, critical, cynical and strangling mind.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Einstein: scientist-sage, brother of atom-universe, Agni Press, 1979
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