Only an enlightened soul knows another enlightened soul. On the strength of their inner awareness, inner oneness and inner cry for humanity’s goal, they disclose to the world what true wisdom is, who embodies it and how it can be achieved. India’s Prime Minister Nehru saw that the emperor-scientist was the wisest and greatest man. When Einstein died, Nehru sadly reflected, “The wisest and greatest man among us has passed away. Not for many years will we fully appreciate that wisdom and greatness. But he has tried to show us the way. Those who have the responsibility for leading nations have a tendency to think only of their own societies. But Albert Einstein has been telling us that we can no longer live in separate worlds. It is that concept of a unified world which all of us — leaders and citizens — must now create and serve.”

Einstein’s supreme height was expressed eloquently and unmistakably by a colleague of his in Berlin, Professor Ladenburg, who said, “There were two kinds of physicists in Berlin. On the one hand was Einstein, on the other all the rest.” Indeed, Einstein had a huge boat, while other scientists had to be satisfied with rafts.

President Eisenhower, the indomitable soul born in a freedom-loving country, frankly, unreservedly and convincingly offered his personal opinion about the founder of the atomic age: “No other man contributed so much to the vast expansion of twentieth-century knowledge.”

Einstein’s physical death prompted this immortal utterance from the supreme cellist, Pablo Casals: “After Einstein’s death it is as if the world has lost a part of its substance.” Pablo Casals again offered his gratitude-flowers to the supreme scientist when he said, “I was perpetually grateful to him for his protest against the injustice to which my homeland was sacrificed.”

What the supreme playwright George Bernard Shaw said about the supreme scientist should be imprinted in letters of gold in the hearts of all creation-loving and Creator-fulfilling humans: “There are great men who are great among small men. There are great men who are great among great men, and that is the sort of man that we are honouring tonight. Napoleon and other great men of his type were makers of Empire. But there is an order of man who gets beyond that. They are makers of universes...”

From:Sri Chinmoy,Einstein: scientist-sage, brother of atom-universe, Agni Press, 1979
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/ess